Monday, June 15, 2015

Google’s War on Andrea?

The Way of Google toward 'controversial' bloggers?

I’m not sure what’s going on exactly, and I hazard to guess along ‘conspiratorial’ lines, but could it be that there are some people working for Google who have configured search operations so that blogposts on my site will be difficult to find not only on the Google Search engine but on other search engines(Bing, Yahoo, etc) as well?

I’m inclined to speculate thus because Google has been known to pull stunts like that before.

Consider this:

Once this problem concerning Pat Buchanan was notified, Google ‘fixed’ the problem but without admitting any wrongdoing. They claimed it was just some glitch. Given that Google has offices all over Israel and San Francisco, it’s not surprising that Google has been blithely tolerant of such behavior. So much for "Don’t Be Evil."

To demonstrate my point, try the following searches:

1. "Andrea Ostrov Letania" "Miracle Mile"

2. "Andrea Ostrov Letania" "Yojimbo"

3. "Andrea Ostrov Letania" "Blade Runner"

4. "Andrea Ostrov Letania" "To Live and Die in L.A."

I wrote long-ish pieces on those films, so searching for the above terms should lead directly to the articles, but they simply do not show up in the searches. And it is a recurring pattern with nearly all my posts on various topics and subjects. Though Google Search will show my general blog profile, it will not go to the specific article being searched. I suspect foul play as it’s highly unlikely that this pattern, which is repeated over and over again, is purely accidental or merely a glitch.

To be sure, we can’t be 100% sure about what is going on. But if indeed some people at Google have made it difficult to find blogposts and articles written by yours truly, then it isn’t merely dirty but downright pathetic. Just consider the dynamics of the sheer imbalance of power. Google is a multi-billion dollar company with many politicians in its pocket. It has tremendous hold over the US media, information, and networking. Furthermore, Google has powerful Jewish allies all over American finance, mass media, big government, education, and just every sector. Jewish Power vs yours truly isn’t even a case of Goliath vs David. It’s like a herd of elephants vs a flea. Google’s power vis-a-vis bloggers such as myself is like globalist Zionist power vs Palestinians. It’s missiles, tanks, and jets versus rocks and bottle rockets.
With such imbalance of power in the favor of Jews and their main allies, the homosexuals(who fully support the Zionist imperialism against Palestinians), you’d think people at Google would at least welcome some measure of opposition. Google has the power to reach billions around the world in a few seconds, whereas my blogposts reach hundreds or at most few thousands of viewers. But even such total imbalance of power in its favor isn’t good enough for Google and their Jewish allies. They must control everything. They must stomp on every flea or mite with elephantine force.
If this is how Jews and homos operate, how can we expect any fair play or respect for free speech from people who think and act thus? Indeed, how petty that a company that is so massively powerful and influential pulls dirty tricks to prevent searches of a minor blogger.

If this is the way of Jews, then it only proves the point I’ve made time and time again. Though Google puts no brakes on the countless apologists of Zionism, Jewish supremacism, homosexual propaganda, and the Jewish-Homo War on Russia — all of whom have powerful backers in New York, Washington, and world capitals around the world — , it goes out of its way to make searching for articles by a minor blogger such a hassle.

What this demonstrates is that Jewish supremacists and homo-elitists cannot tolerate fair discussion or free exchange of ideas. With all the monopoly power they have in Wall Street, Hollywood Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Ivy League colleges, law firms, and Silicon Valley, they are out to control free speech and ban free discussion of the true nature of power. If Google is so paranoid of a minor blogger such as myself who is hardly known in the blogosphere, what must its future long-term agenda be regarding the free flow of ideas?

Jews and homosexuals once used to be at the forefront and vanguard of the free speech movement. Back then, we really thought they were for free speech in principle. But now, we know that their support of free speech protections had been just a ruse. They once championed all forms of free speech because they needed free speech protections themselves from anti-Jewish and anti-homosexual forces. Today, with all the power, money, and influence that they have — and with all their enemies and opponents exiled, silenced, or destroyed — , Jews and homosexuals no longer value free speech and instead invoke ‘hate speech’ — of course, they get to decide what is and isn’t ‘hate’, i.e. Zionist mass killing of Palestinians is not Hate but Russia’s ban on ‘gay pride’ marches is ‘hate’ — to intimidate, browbeat, and silence all critics of their monopoly power.

When Jews and homosexuals play like this, how can anyone trust them?

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  1. you are correct, Andrea. Every major browser, not only google, is under Jewish-sodomite control. As are most servers: one of my favorite sites, The Seductive Jewess, was killed by Wordpress at the behest of a Jewish Kabal; though it's back now in a friendly server @ And the Jews will not rest easy until every Teller of Truth is silenced and then killed. Despite their current power, though, Zion has two major problems: at least in America, the race they intend to annihilate - the Whites - are armed if not (yet) self-aware; and the Jews have "allies" (Blacks, Mestizos, sodomites, feminoids) only by way of $trillions$ in debt-issuance. Altogether, despite their current near-absolute wealth and power, I would not want to be in the Jews' shoes