Friday, January 23, 2015

Neo-Fascism on the Politics of Victimology: Victimology Is Not the Problem. Consideration of Our Victimology vs Other Victimology. Part 2.

Murder of Jane McCrea
Hannah Duston Killing the Indians

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Topics Discussed: amorality of creative genius, paradox of addiction acquirement, poison of pop culture, dangers of being a rightwing artist or intellectual, Jewish game of 'good cop' and 'bad cop', Jared Taylor, Shifting Grand Strategies, Ross Douthat.

This is why the Right currently looks worse than the Left and why the white gentiles look worse than Jews. As Liberals command the elite institutions, they get to decide how the game is played. So, it’s permissible for those on the Left to dig up all the controversial stuff on the Right and go on the attack REGARDLESS of the talent involved. So, suppose there was a great author or composer of the Right who held controversial views that are deemed beyond the pale today. It doesn’t matter how great he was as a writer, thinker, musician, or artist. He is tainted as a scum of the earth for his unspeakable views. But the same is not availed to critics on the right against people of talent on the Left. Under the rules established by Liberals, nothing on the Left can really be considered beyond the pale. Sure, most Liberals will say Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot were monsters, but even hardline communists are still not seen as necessarily evil — just overly zealous, misguided, or low-in-character than wrong in morality. So, Jean-Luc Godard isn’t excoriated for WEEKEND(a Maoist film that calls for the Khmer Rouge program for Europe), and Alexander Dovzhenko isn’t denounced for EARTH(a film that waxes poetic about the forced-collection of agriculture in Ukraine that would end up killing millions) in the way that D.W. Griffith has been for THE BIRTH OF A NATION. Even artists who were hardline Stalinists or Maoists are forgiven for their extremism or even praised for their commitment — misguided though it may have been — ,whereas there is no forgiveness for artists who espoused ‘racist’ or ‘antisemitic’ views. Hollywood Stalinists of the 40s and 50s are hailed as heroes and saints, whereas Elia Kazan is still defamed as a ‘rat’.
But then, artists who were ‘sexist’ or ‘homophobic’ in the past are forgiven — especially if they were on the Left — since it was routine for most artists in the past to hold views on the sexes and homosexuality that would now be considered taboo. Indeed, consider how even most films made by Liberals — and even homosexuals — treated homosexuality as a kind of sickness, weirdness, or perversion up to even the 1980s. Even in the 60s, Susan Sontag stirred up controversy from many Liberals and Leftists for openly discussing the issue of homosexuality in her piece in Partisan Review called ‘Notes on Camp’. So, for tainted artists/intellectuals of the Left, their greatness as artists or thinkers is thought to redeem their flaws of character and lapses in judgement, and this is especially true of those who happened to be Jewish. But, for tainted men of the Right, their greatness as artists or thinkers cannot shield them from endless condemnation and abuse from not only Liberals but from mainstream Conservatives as well whose main agenda isn’t to fight for conservative values but to prove to Liberals — especially Liberal Jews and their secret allies the Neocon Jews — that they’ve been cured of all the ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘antisemitic’, and now even ‘homophobic’ sickness and are now ready to be accepted and adored as ‘good Conservatives’ who are only committed to safe causes like reducing taxes for billionaire Jews, waving the Zionist flag, weeping before the MLK memorial, hating on ‘anti-Semites’ even more than the Left, and even bending over to the homo agenda. Genius can redeem even the worst leftist or Jew but no amount of genius can redeem the beyond-the-pale figures on the Right, especially if they said unkind things about Negroes and especially Jews. Who has established such rules? Liberal Jews, of course, and with the scales of justice tilted in this manner, there’s no way the Right can fight fair and win. Even vicious and nasty Jews who’ve said awful things about white gentiles, Christians, Muslims, Russians, Iranians, and Asians have high positions in government, media, and academia. But what about someone with even mildly critical views of blacks or Jews? He or she will be a total checkup, and if he or she is deemed to have a single unkosher wart, he or she will effectively be axed and blacklisted from all elite institutions. Consider how Jewish power forced National Review to fire John Derbyshire. And consider how a Neocon Jewess by the name of Jennifer Rubin pressured the Heritage Foundation to fire Jason Richwine. It takes very little for someone on the Right to be sniffed out and burned at the stake as a heretic, but someone on the Left or someone who’s Jewish can do a lot of shit before he or she is finally ousted from his or her position of influence. But even then, he or she will be allowed to return to power sooner than later. What’s really amusing — though also disgusting — is that some of the biggest witch-hunters on the Right are those on the ostensible Right called Neo-conservatism dominated by nasty Jews like the Kristols and the Podherotzes. Just as it was neocon Rubin who pulled the alarm on Richwine, it was dirty Jew John Podherotz who called the PC police on conservatives with more honest views on race. Neoconservative came over to the Right not to serve the Right but to purge the Right to turn it into something like West Bank: a Jewish-occupied and dominated territory. And mainstream Conservative establishment went along with this arrangement with the expectation that if it appeased Jewish demands, the Neoconservatives would finally convince a whole bunch of Liberal Jews to change their political stripes and join the GOP and become good and decent privileged country club Republicans. Of course, there was no chance of that ever happening. Instead, the Jews played on the willful naivete of the Wasp elites who thought they were cleverly playing the Jews but were in fact being played by the Jews.
Jews can be infectious when they work on people in such manner. Though plenty of Jews can be vicious, nasty, and repugnant, they can also put on sappy nice-guy faces and make others sympathize with them. Take a look at William Kristol and Michael Medved. And especially Ben Stein. Though none of them should be trusted, they look so nice and harmless. When they smile, they look like they really like you. So, Jews have a way of warming up your heart, and I can attest to this aspect of the Jewish character from experience. As Jews had to excel as businessmen, they needed inner traits that are cunning, devious, and sharp but outer masks that are nice, charming, and harmless in the ‘would I hurt a fly?’ manner. Just look at Steven Spielberg. He’s a cunning and ruthless Jew, but he looks like an innocent little kid. Even though he’s worth billions and committed to the Jewish supremacist agenda, every time I see him in a video, I wanna bake him some cookies, give him a hug, and send him some money.
And every time I watch Ben Stein, I hate myself for holding negative views of Jews since he looks like such a nice guy, someone you want to protect and shield from all the nasty Big Dumb ‘Polacks’ who wanna steal his lunch money.
Ben Stein - Would you hurt this lovable Jew?
Hyman Roth - Trust this Jew at your own peril.
But no matter how harmless Jews may look, they are always angling to gain an advantage over you. Indeed, the combination of kindly Jewish looks and steely cunning may have been due to evolution. Consider the character of Hyman Roth in THE GODFATHER PART II. He looks like the most congenial and amiable old man in the world or th entire universe, like Yoda. But he’s as ruthless, cunning, and venomous as they come. Suppose you were a Jewish middleman and looked really mean. Based on your brutish appearance, others might be less likely to open up to you. But suppose you look like an amiable and nice person. The other party is more likely to put itself as ease and do business with you. But behind the Jewish face, his heart/mind is as cold as ice(at least when it comes to gentiles). Of course, many Jews are known for their aggressiveness, pushiness, and vileness, but if all Jews had been like this, gentiles would have been far keener about the true nature of the Jew. So, there arose a certain trait in Jews that enabled them to put on an unassuming and friendly demeanor to hide their true intention of gaining dominance over other people. Among warrior peoples, the favored physical trait was that which could scare the enemy with a single look. If you met a bunch of tough Viking warriors, just looking at their faces would have made you pee in your pants. Jews, in contrast, gained their wealth and power as middlemen operators, and so, at most times, they couldn’t just resort to angry faces and naked violence. They had to win over the warrior class to their side and make them do their bidding. Take someone like Henry Kissinger. In terms of looks, he couldn’t scare anyone. So, he used his charm and apparent warmth in the company of powerful men. Having won their confidence — and even a bit of trust — , he would work on diplomacy like a chess game to further American interests(or was it ultimately Jewish-American interests?). The Jewish way is to play ‘good cop and bad cop’. So, the nasty ‘bad cop’ Jews do all the screaming, shouting, berating, and bitching, AND the congenial ‘good cop’ Jews come to the gentiles and offer a deal that might calm the angry crazy Jew. It’s like in HOUSE OF GAMES, one guy slaps the woman and plays the ‘bad cop’ whereas the Joe Mantegna plays the ‘good cop’ and plays the role of protector... to win her trust and support in order to swindle her. Therefore, so many gentiles have fallen for this tripe — even some on the ‘alternative right’, which is why Jared Taylor thinks trashing Muslims might win him some friends among Jews.

Is Taylor stupid or just playing dumb? If Jews were mediocre, they would accept assimilation with white gentiles and support white majority rule. The problem is Jews see themselves as superior to whites due to their higher intelligence, deeper history, and stronger personalities.
Therefore, Jews are bound to reach the top in disproportionate numbers, and therefore, they will be resented by the less fortunate and privileged gentile majority. The most that mediocre people can hope to do is to join the mainstream. So, they are more likely to support the mainstream. But superior people will rise about mainstream, and their success and power make them feel nervous about all the resentful eyes of the majority. So, their best bet is to diversity the majority so that it won’t be able to unite together into a demographic fist against the Jewish thumb. This is why any long-term hope of white gentile alliance with Jews is misplaced. On this, David Duke sees the truth more clearly than the craven Taylor.

Jews think differently from most gentiles, and it’s about time that gentiles learn to think like Jews. Gentiles generally think in two modes: trees over the forest or the forest over the trees. Some gentiles get immersed in whatever they’re doing or obsessed with and fail to see the bigger picture. Other gentiles pretend to focus on the big picture as a whole. They lack the nimbleness of mind to work through the whole fabric.

Consider the dummy gentiles on the Jerry Springer Show. They are only fixated on their personal emotions and hangups, thus incapable of seeing or feeling anything else. And the audience members are only fixated on the entertainment aspect of the spectacle as they chant ‘Jerry, Jerry!’. But Jerry Springer is able to stand on stage with the gentile dummies, look down at the audience of gentile dummies, and connect how all these things come together to make a hit show from which he rakes in millions while gentile dummies all make fools of themselves as participants and spectators — in the live audience and at home.

Now, consider something like SEINFELD or CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. What makes them stand out from most sitcoms(though I don’t enjoy them and have seen just a few episodes) is that, instead of going for a series of stand-alone jokes scattered across a thin plot-line, every detail that seems random and arbitrary end up connecting in a larger design. So, everything is, at once, seemingly unique/random and inevitably integral/interconnected. There’s a pattern to the put-on. It’s like most dummy gentiles just learn to play chess by moving single pieces here and there on a trial-and-error basis, whereas smarter Jews learn to master the strategy of understanding and using an ever shifting grand designs. This is the difference between the Asian mind and the Jewish mind. The Asian mind can learn to memorize and re-enact a great chess game with all its intricate moves, but it is lost when it has to play a game on its own by finding new solutions to new strategies. The Negro’s mind is more improvisatory, but the Negro mind generally isn’t good at foreseeing any kind of grand design. Negro’s ability to improvise is moment-to-moment and instinctive. It is the Jew who has the power to be both improvisatory and calculate in terms of the grand design. This is especially difficult since improvisation and grand strategy are opposite in spirit. To improvise means to constantly shift one’s actions and playing it by ear. Having a grand strategy means to prepare and practice an elaborate plan to perfection. How can a grand strategy be possible when one needs to improvise with every new move — indeed when every new move changes the dynamics of the game plan? One cannot play chess with a grand strategy because the opponent will upend one’s plans with unexpected moves. But if one plays chess only in the improvisatory mode, one can only think few moves ahead. But suppose one’s mind could formulate new possibilities of grand strategy with every move? Such a person would have the power of Shifting Grand Strategies. He would be unfazed by new developments that upend the previous grand strategy since his mind is instantly conceiving new ones. This is why Jews often win in foreign policy. Even when they bring about a mess like the Iraq War, they find new moves to save victory from the jaws of defeat. Though the original plan for a democratic Iraq may have failed, Neocon and Liberal Zionist Jews — working across the network of government, media, academia, and foreign policy — have improvised to intervene in the Middle East in new ways so that Israel will be the only one standing while the Arab/Muslim nations all burn up in internecine strife. Jews are always thinking ahead of everyone else. It’s like even though the so-called Right Sector did the brunt of the street fighting to overthrow the Yanukovich regime in Ukraine, it had no chance of gaining power since it acted in-the-moment and for-the-moment whereas Jews were only using it to clear the previous regime in order to bring in the new regime that would be subservient to Jewish supremacist interests. Right Sector and the supporters of Yanukovich were like the guests on the Jerry Springer Show bashing one another. Just like it’s only Jerry who only wins in the end and grabs all the loot, Ukraine has essentially fallen into the grip of Jewish supremacism. Gentiles think of the then, the now, or the will-be. Jews are far keener in applying the lessons of the then to the now in order to bring forth the will-be of their. Jews have deep memory and faraway vision that informs their intensity in the present. Unlike gentiles who like to be simply ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ or ‘this’ or ‘that’, Jews are working across various modes & dimensions and connecting the dots and re-configuring the board to arrive at ‘what is good for the Jews’. And what is Jewishness but a combination of ultra-ancient-roots and ultra-modern-possibilities? It is essentially ‘fascist’ — an ideology committed to both ancient roots and futuristic vision — , and that is why Jews hated gentile fascism for it was the greatest threat to the secret of Jewish power. This is why Jews can play on both Conservatives and Liberals with such ease. Conservative gentiles think in only one mode, and so do Liberal gentiles, and so, they hate one another with the mentality of school children on the playground shouting, "you can’t play with my toy." But the divide between Liberal Jews and Conservative Jews isn’t so wide since both sides are really in it for ‘what is good for the Jews’, a mentality that goes back thousands of years. But as Jews are a demographically vulnerable minority in gentile-majority nations, Jews can’t be so candid about their true agenda, and so, some Jews pretend to be ‘liberal’ while some Jews pretend to be ‘conservative’, and so, they play all sides in order to win support from all kinds of gentiles for the interests of Jews. Just like the gentile clowns on the Jerry Springer Show think Jerry is on their side — and the audience thinks Jerry is laughing along with them when Jerry is laughing at them and making money off them — , both Liberal American gentiles and Conservative American gentiles foolishly think that Jews are on their side, when, in fact, Jew will play all sides to gain advantage in terms of ‘what is good for Jews’. This is why nothing frightened the Jews more than National Socialism that sought to end the bickering between the German Right and the German Left by creating a new order where all Germans — from the rich to the poor — would be united in pursuing ‘what is good for all Germans’ at the expense of the hostile Jewish minority elites. Jews love to divide-and-rule the gentile majorities along class lines, sexual lines, cultural lines, and national lines. This is why Jews push open borders. It is not to bring all the people together in the spirit of peace and understanding but to paradoxically bring them together to tear them apart so that they’ll be too busy fighting one another to have time and energy to unite against the Jews. And of course, a diverse people — or a mass of confused racially mixed/confused people — will be far less likely to unite to take on the alien minority elite.
Anyway, Jews are restless in applying lessons of the ‘here’ to ‘there’, the lessons of the past to the present, the lessons of one culture to another culture, the lessons of one situation to another situation. Everything is a testing ground and laboratory for Jews. They are always analyzing, experimenting, and theorizing. While most conservative gentiles study the past, their heritage, or other cultures out of nostalgia, exoticism, or some recreational interest, Jews study all the various events and realities of the world in order to formulate yet more effective ways to maximize their own wealth and power. So, what the Jews have learned from the recent events in Ukraine will surely be applied to future developments in the Israeli-Arab conflict. Of course, each event or crisis is unique and different from all the others, but there are parallels as well, and make no mistake about the fact that Jews are gaining lessons from the Ukraine crisis to prepare for the big plan in the Middle East. What are some of the parallels between Ukraine/Russia and the Middle East? Like Ukraine, the West Bank is made up of largely two ethnic groups, and Jews are helping Ukraine ethnically cleanse or crush the Russian Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine. The situation is different from the one in West Bank because whereas Ukrainians make up the solid majority of the people in Ukraine, West Bank is still overwhelmingly Palestinian. Even so, it’s the Jewish military that has the final say in West Bank, just like the ‘Western’-backed Kiev regime is using its military muscle to quell any rebellious passion among Russian Ukrainians in the east. Jews also see the Muslim Middle East like they see Russia, though, to be sure, with the fall and breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia is more homogenous and united than Jews would like it. Therefore, it would be difficult to Jews to play divide-and-conquer within Russia as they’ve done all across the Middle East. Nevertheless, the regime in Russia that holds the nation together is vulnerable since Russian economy depends pretty much on selling natural resources. Also, Russia depends on international investment and talent to run things since its institutions are corrupt and inept. And despite all the nationalist rhetoric, the relative success of Vladimir Putin has rested on the fact that the Russian economy did grow under him and he projected the pride of Russian power throughout the region. But as the Russian economy is being subverted— Jews are trying to undermine the Russian economy in the same manner they’ve done to the Iranian economy — , there could be widespread unrest in Russia, and the downfall of the Putin order will lead to the rise of the Jewish oligarches who will then swallow and lay claim to all of Russia forever. To know your Jew, just look at the face of Victoria Nuland. Why would anyone with any sense trust a vile and dirty Jew hag bitch who looks like that? She essentially has the mind of a mafia princess. It’s absolutely disgusting to think that American gentile politicians and military men must now defer to some scum queen hag like her or else be destroyed by the Jewish matrix of power that includes the media, Wall Street, academia, courts, government, and etc.
Victoria Nuland the Vile Power-Hungry Jewess
Fact of Life is that Jews are vile and vicious.
When Jewish power uses its media muscle and control over the law to force ‘gay marriage’ on state after state but there isn’t a peep of protest from the American Conservative Establishment, it should be obvious who really runs this country. American Conservatives talk big about Russia, China, and Iran, but it’s only because they are too chicken to talk back to their Jewish overlords. The American Right is like Ralph Kramden in THE HONEYMOONERS. Ralph is meek as a lamb before his boss at work but talks big about everything else at home.Where it really matters, Ralph is just a big fat pussy — like Rush Limbaugh who attacks Muslims, Russians, ‘Chicoms’, and etc, but hasn’t the guts to speak truth to Jewish power. Limbaugh used to fight homo power, but now that advertisers are threatening dramatic loss of revenue unless he ‘evolves’ toward accepting the homo agenda, he refuses even to bring up that issue anymore. Just like that craven coward Ross Douthat, Limbaugh is now discussing the ‘terms of surrender’. Dirtbag Conservatives like that are waving the white flag and surrendering to the ‘gay flag’ and promising to hand over all their weapons IF the homos might not fuc* them in the ass too badly.
Douthat’s excuse for surrendering is that ruling on ‘gay marriage’ will be ‘inevitable’. If that’s the case, why do Conservatives like him keep fighting abortion when Supreme Court long ago made it law of the land? And since when does a true conservative give up on his or her principles simply because something is forced into law? I suppose Abolitionists shouldn’t have bothered about slavery since it was just the law of the land in the South.
Ross Douthat the Douchebag who has the faux courage to stand up to Edward Cullen(of Twilight) but no real courage to stand up to the Homokin Lobby.
Of course, Douthat’s real reason for surrendering is he’s a vain prick who wants to be approved by the New York elites who tolerate him as a ‘token conservative’. As the ‘gay marriage’ issue has become so ‘sacrosanct’ among the NY glitterati, intelligentsia, ‘hip set’, and ‘smart set’, he just feels so uncomfortable standing up for true marriage. So, the dirty coward finds some excuse to give up on his principles to be accepted by the Liberal elites who hog all the ‘hip’ and ‘coolness’ factor.
Scum like Limbaugh, who bark like Ralph Kramden about Russians, Iranians, and ‘Chicoms’, don’t have the guts to speak the obvious truth: that it was the Jews who did the most to undermine and destroy true conservatism in America and that the rise of homo power owes mostly to Jewish domination of finance, big business, media, and government. With craven and cowardly dirtbag Conservatives like him — and with so many dumb Americans doing nothing but muttering ‘ditto’ to that worthless fat pig — , it’s no wonder that the American Conservatism has become a vast wasteland of stupidity, opportunism, and obedience to the rich and powerful. Since Jews are the richest & the most powerful and since new Conservatism has been defined as serving the whims of the super-rich, there is a sickening logic to the behavior of American Conservatives: they are little more than whores who put out to the highest bidders like Sheldon Adelson, Mark Zuckerberg, and all those finance capitalist Jew scum on Wall Street. Jews make demands, and the rest of us, more or less, deliver on their demands. The most we can do is plead with our ‘terms of surrender’. So, the Democratic Party surrendered to Jewish dominance and bargained for their ‘terms of surrender’. The GOP surrendered to the Neocons and begged for their ‘terms of surrender’. Most American goyim are like the Manzo character in SEVEN SAMURAI who, in the opening of the film, says there’s no point to the fighting the bandits since the villagers will just lose. So, the most they can hope for is to surrender to bandits and plead with them to leave just enough for them to eat and survive. The Manzo-fication of America is progressing at an alarming rate. Indeed, when American Conservatives don’t even have the spine, guts, and balls to stand up for one of the most fundamental principles of conservatism — the sanctity of marriage and the family — , it is NOT any kind of real conservatism.
Manzo, the advocate for appeasement-collaboration in SEVEN SAMURAI and model for new American 'Conservatism' made up of craven cowards like Rush Limbaugh and Ross Douthat.
And this ‘gay marriage’ business isn’t even liberalism, some measure of which is necessary for any healthy society. There is a meaningful way to fuse conservatism and liberalism on the issue of homosexuality. All we need to do is look at the truth of biology. It’s true that some people are born homosexual and have strange abnormal wants and desires. As sexual feelings are powerful and pervade so much of our social existence, a modern and democratic society should make room for homosexuals to lead the kind of lifestyles they want. This would be the liberal side of the equation, and indeed, if most conservatives had adopted this position long ago, the homo lobby would have had a more difficult time to push their agenda. It was because much of American Conservatism was defined by the Christian Right that stupidly espoused Creationism and the mentality of ‘God Hates Fags’ that the homo lobby was able to portray themselves as progressive & rational as opposed to the bigoted, extreme, and inane prejudices of the Christian Right. As Jesus said of Roman power, "give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s", the conservative position on homosexuality should have been "give unto homos what is homos’". But people like Pat Buchanan turned things extreme by denouncing all of homosexuality as if the US Constitution should follow the teachings of the arch-conservative elements of the Catholic Church. With such religiously sanctioned small-mindedness on the American Right, it was easy for Jews and homo to frame the debate that rationalism and science are on their side while the American Right indulges in fantasy, what with dumb Christian Rightists even arguing that any homo could be made straight through prayer and etc. Of course, religious people have a right to believe whatever they want to, but the American Conservative establishment should have spelled out a more rational and fact-based position on homosexuality. But as the Republican Party came to rely heavily on the votes of the religious right, it remained mum on the issue while dumber and dumber things were said about homosexuals by the Christian Right and small town bigots. So, the debate became one where the choices were between the homo agenda as defined and supported by the ‘progressive’, ‘rational’, ‘intellectual’, and ‘sophisticated’ urban Liberals AND ‘gay-bashing’ as defined and pushed by the mindless Religious Right, moronic preachers, and brain-dead Evangelicals. Indeed, the Religious Right’s position on homos got so dumb that even many young Evangelicals began to sympathize with homos. But in fact, the choices need not have been between surrendering to the degenerate ‘gay’ agenda and assenting to the narrow-minded dogmas of the Religious Right. Most people, liberals and conservatives, could have come to an understanding that some people are born homosexual and should be left alone to pursue the kind of lifestyle that brings them happiness and pleasure. But as no moderate position was offered by the Right on the homo issue, it was easy for Jews and homos — who came to dominate Liberalism and the Democratic Party — to persuade a lot of people that the only choices were between ‘rational’ support for ‘gay marriage’ or blind religious bigotry(with its posterboy being the Westboro church that was especially hyped by the Jew-run media as the face of ‘anti-homosexual’ forces when, in fact, most people who opposed ‘gay marriage’ are not ‘anti-gay’ or ‘anti-homosexual’ but pro-normal, pro-truth, and pro-decency, i.e. they were not opposed to homos being homo or doing their homo stuff but merely standing up for the truth of what real marriage is all about. For example, if I oppose the teaching of Creationism in public schools, I’m not necessarily anti-Creationist. I could still support the right of Creationists to believe whatever they want to and preach whatever they want to from their pulpits. Rather, I would really be pro-science in the conviction that biology classes should teach things that have been verified by the scientific method. Give unto science what is science’s and give unto Creationists what is Creationists’. But the clever Jews and homos, with their disproportionate control of the media, exploited the extreme elements in the Christian Right to create the impression that opposing the ‘gay’ agenda means that you are no different from dimwit Bible-thumpers who have nothing better to do than to stand around with placards saying "God Hates Fags". So, unless you totally sign onto the ‘gay’ agenda, you are attacked as ‘anti-gay’. But the radical ‘gay’ agenda goes against the true of liberalism. True liberalism is about being open-minded and tolerant. It is about giving unto A what is A’s and giving unto B what is B’s. Since homos want to lead their kind of lifestyle, they should have their ‘gay’ world. But as marriage developed out of a fusion of biology and morality, it should belong to straight people willing to bind themselves in a sexual-and-moral contract. So, defending true marriage is not anti-‘gay’. It is pro-normal, pro-decent, and pro-biological. But the new kind of Liberalism or ‘progressivism’ pushed by Jews and homos has nothing to do with tolerance. Rather, it compels everyone to agree with, praise, and celebrate the narcissism and megalomania of homosexuals or risk being attacked as mentally ill ‘homophobes’ and even being denied promotion, fired from work, and blacklisted from further employment in both the private & public sectors. This bogus Liberalism isn’t about having different people get along in a spirit of tolerance but elevating certain people to iconic and holy status to the point where all other groups must pay special tribute to them. It’s really a tributary system where all groups must line up to bow down before Jews and homos with offerings of gifts and loyalty. Jews and homos sit around like the Egyptian elites in the opening part of TEN COMMANDMENTS and expect other people to walk up to them, bow down, and pledge allegiance. We now pledge allegiance to the ‘fag’ than to the Flag. Indeed, homos don’t even have to use the term ‘gay pride’ as the very word ‘pride’ itself has been made synonymous with homosexuality by the Jew-run media. The word ‘pride’ has been used so promiscuously in relation to homos that if someone hears ‘pride day’, they immediately think it’s about homosexuals. So, the term ‘pride’ has become closely associated or ass-ociated with men who do fecal penetration on one another, with women whose idea of ‘sex’ is grinding their poons together, and with men who have their penises cut off and fitted with fake vaginas. That is what is most closely associated with ‘pride’ as the result of the Jewish control of the media and academia.
Thanks to Jewish influence, PRIDE = HOMOSEXUALITY or LGBT or LGBTQ or whatever they'll call it tomorrow. So, 'we are all same inside'? Does that mean the inside Barney Frank's poophole is the same as the inside of a vagina of your mother? Do human lives come out of mothers' vaginas or out of homokin's anuses? Ours is the Age of Narcissism, and no group is as narcissistic as homos are. So naturally, narcissistic idiots sympathize with the 'gay' agenda. Narcisso-centrism in action.
And what do we get from Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Ross Douthat? Uh, pleading with Jews and homos for the ‘terms of surrender’. It was bad enough when the word ‘gay’ was changed and redefined to refer almost exclusively to homosexuals. There was once a time when gayness was a style that, though more common among homos, could be affected by straight men as well. But ‘gay’ was made synonymous with homosexual as the result of the Liberal domination of media and academia. But today, the arrogant and triumphant homos, with the full-backing of Jewish tycoons and oligarches, have gone all out and have claimed PRIDE itself to apply primarily to their own degenerate kind of sexuality. But then, these foul and disgusting homo activists are selfish and self-centered enough to hog the entire spectrum of colors in designing the ‘gay flag’ or ‘gay banner’. This should hardly be surprising when so many homos have the personality of the loathsome and petulant Chris Crocker.

Though we can understand why many people sympathized with the problems faced by homosexuals and transvestites in the past — as many of them were bullied, humiliated, shunned, or even attacked — , just because a people were once victimized or suppressed doesn’t mean they are angels. The British mistreated the Irish, but them drunken ‘Micks’ can be awful nasty. We know that Gypsies had been discriminated against, but it’s also true that many Gypsies are very unpleasant people. Likewise, though Jews do have a right to claim periods of victimization at the hands of gentiles, Jews have been a very nasty, devious, and exploitative people — and we can see evidence of this all around in our world. And even though homos in the past were sometimes beaten up and insulted, homo power must be scrutinized closely because the homo personality is bitchy, snotty, self-centered, narcissistic, delusional, and contemptuous. Homos have the ‘drama queen’ qualities of women and the aggressiveness of men. They are bitchy sons of bitches. Because of this, homos are not content to be left alone to be homo. They see the world as a kind fashion show where they should command the most attention of the neo-aristocratic kind. Consider that film LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN. In the early part of the film, we see the homo guy get beaten up by his older brother, and we sort of sympathize with him. But how does he act later when he becomes lovers with a repressed homo union manager who embezzles funds to shower his lover-boy with all sorts of treats? The fruitkin acts like he’s a queen or something, as if the world exists only to be his oyster. And when the union manager loses his job and runs to the homo lover for sympathy, how does the latter treat him? With disdain and irritation. Instead of offering a shoulder to cry on, he just bitches to the man-in-trouble to get him some more champagne. Of course, not all homos are like this, but plenty of them are. Indeed, you average homo has a personality closer to the guy in LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN than Tom-Hanks-as-angelic-homo in PHILADELPHIA. Tim Cook is deluded enough to think that God’s greatest blessing to mankind is to make some guy want to bugger other men in the ass.

Anyway, the White Right needs to stop being allergic to victimology in wholesale manner. Yes, radical victimology can become inane and ridiculous, but victimology has its uses for every group and is indeed the basis for most kinds of righteous action. For a people to come together for united action, they need to feel wronged, betrayed, oppressed, and/or aggrieved. Indeed, even mainstream politics works like that, with Democrats acting like so oppressed by Republicans, and Republicans feeling likewise about Democrats. Anti-war Democrats said George W. Bush was King George, Tea Party members say Obama is Emperor Obongo. Indeed, most of the so-called ‘alternative right’ is mostly about ‘angry young white males’ yammering about how they’re been dispossessed and displaced by Jews, Negroes, the tide of color, and etc. It’s all about victimology, but many on the Alt Right don’t admit this since they see themselves as the advanced guard of some neo-aristocratic order that will supposedly be ruled by ‘superior’ individuals such as Richard Spencer, Jack Donovan, Keith Preston, Mark Hackard, Greg Johnson(the Hitler-loving sociopath), Matt Parrot, and Matt ‘Me So’ Forney. The idea that these bunch of guys constitute some kind of superior Nietzschean breed is a riot. Most of the time, what they do isn’t much different from what people on the ‘left’ do: bitch about oppression and dispossession. The Left bitches about the Koch Brothers, and the Alt Right bitches about elite Jews, wild-ass Negroes, and some homos. But that’s okay since politics is all about feeling wronged and aggrieved by the ‘other side’ and trying to address the problem through open conflict and war OR to redress the problem through arrangement and compromise. Just because Alt Right people believe themselves to naturally superior racially, intellectually, or morally doesn’t mean that they are not into victimology. If anything, their sense of wounded superiority makes their victimology all the more intense. And we can see the same thing especially among Jews, Negroes, homos, Muslims, and Chinese(in China). Their victimologies are especially charged because they nurse wounded sense of superiority. It’s like what Amy Chua and Jeb Rubenfeld discussed in THE TRIPLE PACKAGE: the combination of superiority complex and wounded sense of insecurity that comes with the feeling that an unjust social order forced them into a position of inferiority. Jews feel this way intellectually and historically, and Negroes feel this way physically and rhythmically. Homos feel this way artistically and culturally. They feel that they, the superior breed, had been forced to live marginal or inferior lives in a society ruled by mediocrities who were represented by white straight gentile conservative folks. And indeed, there is some truth to this since the white elites and white majority of the past did cooperate to suppress the full power of Jewish intellect, Negro athleticism and sexual threat, and homo flamboyance and etc. And the Chinese, as they grow richer and stronger, are feeling that they must restore their civilization as a kind of Neo-Middle-Kingdom, and they resent that the world, especially the West(led by America), is conspiring to suppress their ‘place in the sun’. Surely, smart and educated Chinese must know about the Jewish domination of the US and much of EU. They must know that it’s the Jews who are directing the hostility against China — though white gentiles(especially on the Right) also fan the flames because China-bashing is one of those permitted ‘prejudices’; white conservatives hope to form an alliance with Jewish power against China as the main bad guy, i.e. if Jews fixate on China as the main threat, they might be nicer to white Conservatives and tolerate(and even reward) them as necessary allies. And of course, the Bush regime did just this with the Muslims/Arabs/Iranians. By fighting this so-called War on Terror and fixating on Muslims, many venal and opportunistic white Conservatives hoped to win over the Jews — or at the very least have the Jews go easier on white Conservatives since both sides would be united in fighting the swarthy ‘terrorist Muzzies’. Of course, Jews understood the nature of the game and exploited white Conservatives in return. The Neocons more or less hinted to white Conservatives that a major political realignment would be on the horizon if the GOP went along with the Neocon plan of turning Iraq into a client state of the US. Though we all like to bash Bush and Cheney — and they deserved to be bashed — , we can’t entirely blame them for this desperate last stand. Even after 8 yrs of Clinton — and the ensuing Clinton fatigue and the sinking of the stock market with the popping of the tech bubble — , Bush II couldn’t get the majority of popular vote and just eked by with a victory through means that were either controversial or dubious. Even before 9/11, it would have been apparent to the GOP elites that demographic changes, cultural shifts, the rise of homo power, preponderance of pop culture(controlled by Liberals), the ascendancy of Jews over Wasps, the shift to Democratic Party affiliation of the super-rich, PC education, cult worship of MLK and Oprah, the near-total Liberalization of the federal bureaucracy, and etc. all pointed to big troubles for the Republican Party. Since Jews were the most powerful group in America, the best bet was to win them over. Since the GOP and most American Jews differed on so many social issues — and since Clinton had made Democratic economic policy not only tolerable but favorable to the global elites — , the only issue with which the Republicans could hope to win over Jews was the Middle East issue, and so, Bush and Cheney took a desperate last stand for the GOP with the Iraq War. Would history have played out differently if the war had been a great success? Who knows? But it was a total flop, and it sunk the GOP ship to the bottom of the ocean.
Of course, Bush also went for a populist strategy to win over the new demographics. With easy housing loans to the ‘people of color’ — especially Meso-Americans from south of the border — , the GOP hoped to make the ‘Hispanics’ into the ‘Conservative minority’. But especially with the collapse of the housing bubble, that hope also sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Besides, the main historical and racial grievance that many Mexicans harbor in both Mexico and in America has to do with the ‘gringo’. While Mexicans, on a social basis, dislike Negroes more than they blancos — whom they like in some ways — , they see gringos as the dominant forces of America, as the rich folks who are holding the browns down; browns see blacks as pushing them around but not pushing them down. Of course, Jews are now the elites, but Jews have used the media — even Spanish-language TV stations in America are owned by Jews — to fool the Mexicans that they are fellow allies against the ‘gringos’. As things stand, Jews can scapegoat and badmouth white Conservatives all they want, but no one better speak out about Jewish power — not even a Hispanic like Rick Sanchez. And the Hispanic elites, being craven and opportunistic, sided with the Jews who fired Rick Sanchez since they receive so much of their funds and support from Jews. So, a lot of Mexicans, while not sympathetic to Jews, see white folks as their main enemies. Jews, they don’t like, but whites they hate. This doesn’t mean that Mexicans hate white folks on an individual or social level. If anything, many Mexicans have positive impressions of white folks as ordinary folks. But there is the other image of the white man as ‘Yanqui’ and ‘gringo’ that is very much a permanent fixture of the Mexican historical memory and cultural perception. It’s like many Jews don’t mind white people as individuals. In fact, many Jews like to get along with them, even in the South filled with Christian Evangelicals. But Jews have this image inside their heads of white Christians and gentiles as the pitchfork wielding ‘antisemitic’ mobs who are gathering with torchlights to smoke out the Jews. Though Jews often bitch about how white gentiles must rid their minds of negative antisemitic stereotypes that go back to the Middle Ages, Jews are never willing to abandon their stereotypes of white gentiles as the deranged ‘mobs’ gathering to burn Jews as heretics. Of course, we might point to the Holocaust, an event of the 20th century, to justify Jewish fears. Also, there were pogroms against Jews in the late 19th century in Russia. But seen in context, every group have suffered pogroms. Just ask any minority groups in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Europe. German minorities in the East were often attacked by locals. Many were raped, looted, and killed, indeed worse than what the Jews got in Russia. As for the Holocaust, it was carried out by one nation, not all European nations. If anything, much of the white world united to defeat Nazi Germany. Furthermore, though Nazis were excessive in their Jew-hatred, there were many rational reasons for hating Jews as too many Jews were into robbery through finance capitalism — which happens on even a bigger scale today — and into radical agendas that sought to destroy entire gentile nations and remake them from scratch according to the ideological fantasies of fanatics like Leon Trotsky, Zinoviev, and Kaganovich. Jews were nothing like the innocent, helpless, and blameless victims of European history that we so often see portrayed in the media and movies. To be sure, there are many Jewish historians who take a much more nuanced view of what really happened, and they’ve written books on the subject, but they are meant only for the elite community. Jews figure that the mobs are too stupid to understand nuance, complexity, and ambiguity, and so, for the masses, there’s stuff like SCHINDLER’S LIST where every Jew is just the most lovable and harmless creature in the world. But then, SCHINDLER’S LIST is also a middle-brow work because it doesn’t merely present Nazis as monsters. Because Nazis are presented as bad humans — but humans nevertheless — , suckers may be fooled into thinking that it’s not Jewish propaganda but a genuinely insightful work of art. It has just enough shadings of ‘complexity’ to fool ‘respectable’ viewers that it’s not a cartoon about good vs evil but a thoughtful work about the strange human faces of evil.

The main difference between American Liberalism and American Conservatism is the former thrives on victimology whereas the latter much less so. Also, the American form of victimology accords sympathy not for all groups but only for certain groups based on a very survey of history. One has to be a ‘person of color’ generally in order to qualify as a victim. Most whites need not apply — unless they are Jews and often white Hispanics who go around calling themselves ‘people of color’ because they might have a drop of mestizo blood or because, even if they’re fully white, they pose as victims of imperialist ‘gringos’ or ‘yanquis’. Also, some ethnic groups are allowed to indulge in victimology as long as they make themselves out to have been wronged by wasps. So, the Catholic Irish and Italian-American communities can complain vis-a-vis the American Wasps. Generally, American victim-hood is about what happened IN America. So, even though Cambodians went through one of the greatest hells in the 20th century, they and their Cambodian-American compatriots can far less sympathy in America than blacks who faced discrimination IN America. But there are exceptions, especially of course with the Jews. Though Jewish-American experience was pretty positive and ultimately greatly rewarding, Jews have convinced all Americans to see Jews as the greatest-victims-of-all-places-and-all-times because of what happened to Jews in Europe during World War II. Indeed, the fact that the Holocaust Museum is in Washington D.C. should tell us something about how Jews have rigged the game. Indeed, more Americans care about the occasional victimization of Jewish settlers by West Bank Palestinians 1000 miles away from America than all the victimization of whites that take place IN America at the hands of black thugs, illegal invaders, and Jewish finance capitalists & PC commissars(who have destroyed many more lives than so-called ‘McCarthyism’ ever did.) Indeed, Jewish-and-Homo or Jomo Cabal is now so aggressive with Political Correctness that they don’t even bother to invoke the ‘dark days’ of McCarthyism anymore. There was a time when Jews used the principle of Free Speech Rights to protect Jewish subversives, radicals, and porn-kings(especially of the Left), and back then, Jews used to invoke McCarthyism endlessly to drive home the point about how important it is for America to allow everyone to speak freely and get a fair hearing. But Jews no longer fear the possibility of institutions going after them since they control all the elite institutions. Indeed, even during the Bush II era, elite institutions did everything to serve and pander to Jews. So, screaming ‘McCarthyism’ is a bit embarrassing to Jews nowadays since people might realize that it’s the Jews and homos who are the real McCarthyites who want to restrict free speech, destroy lives, blacklist people, defame others with guilty-by-association, and etc. In the current situation, we are more likely to hear the invocation of McCarthyism come more from the Right. So, victimology is really a political game, and its rules are determined by those with the power. Of course, all groups did this, do this, and will always do this. So, even though Christians, upon grabbing power, killed many pagans and destroyed many temples and burned many witches, they always made themselves the paragons of the victim-narrative. It didn’t matter how many people the Christians came to persecute, torture, and kill. Their narrative just recycled the same song-and-dance about the Crucifixion of Jesus by Jews and Romans, the feeding of Christians to the lions in the Coliseum, and the persecution of Christians at the hands of Muslims. Never mind all the terrible things the Christians did in the Crusades. Never mind all the Christian torture chambers. Never mind all the ‘cultural genocide’ Christians perpetuated against pagan peoples and cultures, indeed to the extent that every last vestige of Germanic paganism was wiped off the European continent — if you think American Indians had it bad, they have nothing on the Northern European Germanic pagans whose cultures were wiped clean. (To be sure, there were certain social, moral, and political gains as the result of such Christian violence and domination. Every new order has to break lots of eggs to make a new omelet. Think of how the US and USSR pounded Germany and Japan in WWII to remake them into better nations. Think of the violence used by Franco in Spain and Pinochet in Chile to ensure that communists would never have a chance of coming to power.) So, all victimologies are selective and hypocritical. They all wail about the ‘poor poor us’ but turn a cold eye to ‘you guys’. Of course, there are exceptions in history. The Greeks, despite their contempt for barbarians, weren’t without certain recognition of the tragedies of other peoples and could even be self-critical of their abuses. And in America, a lot of white Liberals and even Conservatives embrace victimology in the form of ‘white guilt’ that must be atoned and redeemed. So, they don’t cry about ‘we white victims’ but ‘we white perpetrators of evil who must now apologize to the poor poor people-of-color’, though the degree of sympathy really depends on what the color is. Despite the wrecking of the Iranian economy by Zionist-US-led sanctions, how many Americans on both Left and Right feel any kind of sympathy or guilt about Iranians who, for all their faults, have courageously resisted the vile agenda of the Jew-led New World Order? Zero. How many Americans lost sleep over the fact that 100,000s of Iraqi women and children may have been killed due to US sanctions in the 1990s? How many care about all the Palestinians who’ve been brutalized as the result of US-backed creation of Israel and all that happened since? How many Americans feel anything like real guilt about FDR’s imprisonment of Japanese-Americans during World War II? How many feel guilt about the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki where kids and grannies were indiscriminately wiped out with the adults, most of whom were civilians, by the way? How many Americans know of the targeting of German-Americans during World War I? How many Americans know or care about all the Mexican-Americans who were robbed, raped, or murdered by blacks? In Texas, when a young Mexican-American girl was raped by a whole bunch of blacks, New York Times — which should be called Jew York Times — hardly expressed any outrage over it; I guess NY Times blew its wad on the hysteria over the fictional rape of the black whore of the Duke Lacrosse Case. Indeed, the Jew Yuck Times reporting of the rape was so ridiculous that even Leftist journals complained about it. Even so, some Leftists probably raised a stink about it because the victim was an 11-yr old Hispanic girl. If she had been white, forget it. As David Duke wonderfully detailed in a video of his, Jews manipulate the media to selectively promote certain victimologies over others.
According to Jews, if a black guy hits a white person, the white person’s face must be blamed for the ‘privilege’ of having been there to ‘bruise’ the black guy’s hand. Indeed, even Liberals sometimes get confused by how this works. Consider how Obama and Eric Holder(couple of Jews’ boys) charged Liberal-dominated big city schools of being ‘racist’ for suspending black males more than others — even though they surely know that the ones making the disciplinary decisions are mostly Democratic administrators, black as well as white. The narrative of white ‘racism’ against blacks must be upheld at every turn in order to keep the white Americans burdened and paralyzed with feelings of defensive ‘white guilt’ that robs them of the confidence and pride to come together for their own interest. As America becomes more diverse, there’s a chance that more and more Americans will act like whites in the South who stick together against black power. (Or maybe not since so many white women are choosing to be mudsharks squeezing mulatto babies out of their vaginas. As even white girls grow up worshiping black football/basketball players and wiggling their asses to rap music — and as American Conservatism now worships MLK and censures the Confederate Flag — , it might be a matter of time before masses of white southern women have black babies, and all of the South becomes more or less Brazilianized.) Jews are so devious, arrogant, and powerful that they now think they can get away with just about anything. Even secular Jews feel, think, and act as though the entire gentile world exists only as herded cattle to serve their increasingly degenerate and demented agendas. (The entire world is turning into one vast Jew-run Gulag in which goyim are driven like cattle and must obey, but people fail to see the reality since Jewish-run entertainment and celebrity-centric hedonism mask the reality of our imprisonment and servitude with illusions of a theme-park utopia in which the greatest pleasure is waving the ‘gay flag’ to celebrate and praise the ‘pride’ of homos. Most of us are cattle or sheep, but Jews have selected and found goy collaborators who run around as loyal sheep-herding dogs who constantly bark at us with PC to best serve their Jewish masters. So, even the remaining Wasp elites do little else but bark at white masses for their lack of proper enthusiasm for fighting ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and ‘homophobia’ DESPITE the fact that most of America is bowing down to such a demand 24/7. The remaining Wasp elites don’t try to unite the whites against the Jews. Like the French elites who folded during WWII and decided to collaborate with German overlords than lead the Resistance by inciting the masses of Frenchmen, the remaining Wasp elites in both the Democratic and Republican parties figure they should just surrender to the terrifying Jews and get theirs by playing ‘house goyim’ for the Jews to control the ‘field goyim’.) So, if a disgusting bitch like Masha Gessen wants to wage political and economic war on an entire nation like Russia over some trashy nonsense about ‘gay marriage’ and ‘gay pride parades’, that is what the foreign policy wing of the American government is committed to doing with the full acquiescence of the now worthless Wasps. If Jews say ‘gay marriage’ must become law of the land all across America and those who believe homosexuality to be gross or a sin should be fired and blacklisted, that’s what cities all across are doing. And there isn’t any opposition from the Right but only meekly worded terms of surrender as proffered by the worthless punk Ross Douthat. And there are toadies like Charles Murray bending over on ‘gay marriage’ and praising Jews at every turn EVEN THOUGH Jews played an instrumental role in pushing him out into the wilderness after he wrote THE BELL CURVE. Of course, what with even Evangelicals being turned onto ‘gay marriage’, it goes to show that most of American Conservatism is just a sham. A true conservative remains true to his/her principles EVEN IF 99.99% of the world goes against him/her. In a totalitarian system, everyone is forced to go along with prevailing dogma and everyone must force himself or herself to ‘love Big Brother’ since lack of earnest enthusiasm could be taken for heretical tendencies. Though the current West is not classically totalitarian, power is so concentrated with the elites(with control over the mass media, mass education, and everything else) that we are seeing an alarming increase in the uniformity of thought across the entire spectrum of the ‘left’ and ‘right’. Indeed, it’s getting so that there’s really only the manipulative elites and the mindless herds who just go along. (Perhaps, the elites promote stuff like tattoos and body piercings to create the false impression that the idiot masses are ‘rebellious’ and ‘maverick-like’. If you can’t think freely, at least you can look like a ‘non-conformist freak’. Of course, truth/health has less to do with conformism vs non-conformism than sensible vs insensible. After all, conforming to a healthy eating plan is good while non-conforming by chewing on glass is bad. Smoking is bad whether done as conformity or non-conformity. Whether you smoke because everyone else does or because no one else does, it’s equally bad for you. Whether you exercise because everyone else does or no one else does, it’s equally good for you.) It’s especially alarming since the control of elite institutions by the globo-Zionists and their minions is almost absolute. The US government is also like a one-party state. Though there are still Republicans in Congress and state/local governments across the country, the real power rests in Washington, and just about every bureaucrat and policy-maker in all levels of the American government are Democrats and/or servants of the Jewish-Homo Cabal. It’s far worse now than decades ago. Patrick Buchanan writes: "In the case of Nixon, political enemies controlled both houses of the Congress. Washington was a hostile city. Though he had swept 49 states, Nixon lost D.C. 3-to-1. The bureaucracy built up in the New Deal and Great Society was deep-dyed Democratic. Most crucially, the Big Media whose liberal bias had been exposed by Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew were hell-bent on revenge. All three power centers — the bureaucracy, Congress, the Big Media — worked in harness to bring Nixon down. No such powerful and hostile coalition exits today with Obama. In 2008, Obama carried D.C. 24-to-1 over John McCain. The While House Correspondents Association has at times behaved like an Obama super PAC. Liberal Democrats dominate the bureaucracy and control the Senate.Any Republican attempt at impeachment would go up against a stacked deck." In other words, if you think things were back during Nixon and Reagan, forget it, as it’s much worse today. Though Democrats back then also dominated government, media, and academia, it was far from absolute. The government and media had room for elements of the real right as well as the elements of the real left. Also, there were more regional divisions of power back then. Today, the US government, media, and academia are not only nearly completely Liberal, Democratic, and/or ‘progressive’ in a handful of megapolises, but most people with genuinely conservative values and attitudes are not even allowed to work in elite fields even if they wanted to and worked their butts off. Indeed, the laws have been re-written to ban people who hold certain creeds. Increasingly, governments across America will not hire anyone who thinks homosexuality is gross and ‘gay marriage’ is nonsense. And we know that no major politician could get elected if he went against the agenda of AIPAC and the global Zionists. And newspapers will not hire people who aren’t ‘sensitive enough’ and too ‘politically correct’. So, someone like Mike Royko or Jimmy Breslin could never get a writing gig in today’s media climate. Instead, only shrill purveyors of PC or mealy mouthed pseudo token-Conservatives like Ross Douthat or David Brooks — or Kathleen Parker — are allowed to be the voice of Conservatism(and of course, most of the time, they are berating the real American right for not changing its mind on ‘gay marriage’ and ‘amnesty’; these pseudo-cons, whose main priority is to be invited to cocktail parties of rich Liberal Jews, are embarrassed of being associated with real conservatives who still refuse to bend over to the Jomo cabal). Indeed, many Liberal journalists and pundits of few decades ago were more conservative than many mainstream Conservatives today.
But then, much of the blame must fall on American Conservatism that favored mediocrity over talent, passive conformity over fiery engagement, and rural laxness/suburban complacency over urban energy and activism. Also, American Conservatism thought it could fight Big Government by giving full support to the Super-rich class that would presumably be grateful to the GOP for opposing the tax-and-spend policies of Big Government. So, the Democrats would have the government bureaucrats, but Republicans would have the super-rich on their side. And as GOP defended inequality and privilege of the rich, it thought that the urban yuppies would come around to supporting the GOP. But, the GOP not only gave up power in government but was dumped by the super-rich and the boomer yuppie class that went over to the Democrats once Clinton came along and remade the Democratic Party to be privilege-friendly. If you don’t have power in privilege, you need power in government; if you don’t have power in government, you need power in privilege. Today, Democrats got both government and privilege whereas Republicans are just holding their limp dicks. GOP could still rely on the white vote, but as white demographics is shrinking, that advantage is gone too. Also, well-to-do whites with fancier education were more exposed to PC in elite colleges, and as many of them live in whitopias, they don’t have much understanding of non-white problems, which is why some of the whitest states vote overwhelmingly for the Democrats and produce so many mudsharks who wanna have mulatto babies. It’s like white Minnesota is a haven of interracism. Also, beginning with Clinton, so many black males have been locked up that there are many parts of big cities that are pretty safe and don’t suffer from the kind of social mayhem in the 1970s that drove even lifelong Democrats to the law-and-order Republicans. GOP really has nothing left, especially as its last great gamble to win over Jews and Hispanics crashed-and-burned with the dumb George W. Bush presidency that made a mess of the Iraq War and the Housing Bubble. What’s left of American Conservatism is a bunch of whore politicians sucking up to the likes of Sheldon Adelson. The New Conservatism is about people like Ross Douthat offering the terms of surrender to a bunch of fecal-penetrator homos(presumably because they’ll improve their chances of being invited to cocktail parties of rich Jews and their mini-me allies the homos).
But, that doesn’t mean it’s all over. As Democrats and Liberals amass all the power and as US faces a very uncertain future, most of the blame will fall to the Democrats and Liberals. Things are not looking good for US as a whole. And when that time comes, when the tide of color attacks the Jews and the white Liberal elites, the Right must not come to their rescue since they spat on white conservatives and promoted themselves as the defenders of ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ against ‘evil racists’. If I were to witness a bunch of underprivileged blacks beat up and murder a Jew, I wouldn’t give a shit. Why should any decent American try to help the Jew when the Jew spat on America? When NY and DC, both bastions of Jew-dominated Liberalism, were attacked on 9/11, the entire White Right stood up for them and with them. So, what did the Jews do for White America in return? They’ve brainwashed white children to worship homos and degraded the meaning of marriage by associating it with male fecal penetrators and people who have perfectly healthy body parts mutilated and amputated to become members of the opposite sex. These damn Liberal Jews are trying to take away all our guns. They pushed interracism and racial suicide of the white race with the mindless promotion of mulatto Obama as the messiah. They urged Obama to encourage massive illegal immigration into America in order to hasten the destruction of white power in America.
In retrospect, we should look back to 9/11 and grieve not for the Twin Towers and Pentagon. Muslim radicals are shit but they are far away. And Osama and his cohorts planned the attack(if indeed they did) on the US only because US had over-stepped its boundaries in the Middle East at the behest of the dirty Zionists who continue to occupy Palestinian land and terrorize Palestinian women and children. The real enemy is here, and it is the Jew. As Vito Corleone said in THE GODFATHER, "It was Barzini all along." Well, we need to know that it was the Jew all along. Jews use many fronts and buffers, but they are the ones with the real power. Sure, the NSA is after people like you and me, but the truth must be spoken. US power today is all about Jewish power and the service to the Jews by the craven and worthless gentile minions who put Jews and homos before their own interests.
ZARDOZ - Sean Connery in the Vortex
To better understand what is going on, consider the film ZARDOZ by John Boorman. Just like the elites in ZARDOZ built an oasis for themselves but kept everyone else out, the global elites are remaking the cities to be their paradisiacal centers of power. Sure, diversity will remain, but the undesirables will continue to be pushed out to small towns or to the suburbs, thus hastening the downfall of white suburbia. All the power and wealth will be concentrated in a few big cities, and the smartest people will head there to become one of the chosen and privileged. Since such people really don’t have much in common with the masses, they will promote the homo cult. Some will argue that the homo-cult is now part of mass culture since the majority is being won over to it. After all, if 80% of the people are for the homo-cult, doesn’t it amount to a form of majority power since the overwhelming majority are for it? But in truth, it’s the great majority bowing down to an identity and interests that have NOTHING to do with them. If US were only 2% Chinese, but 98% of the people who aren’t Chinese spend an inordinate amount of energy and time praising and celebrating Chinese-ness, is that majority power or elite Chinese power? (If 100% of people of a nation are supportive of a tyrant, are they empowered simply because they are all for tyranny? Or have they disempowered themselves by handing over all the power to a tyrant?) It doesn’t matter ‘how many people are for it?’ What really matters is ‘what is it about and what does it serve?’ If 99% are crazy about something that favors and serves the 1%, is it a case of ‘power to the people’ since the 99% are for it? No, it’s people surrendering their own power and interests to the 1%. It should be enough for the majority of straight people to acknowledge that homosexuality is a naturally occurring phenomenon and that homos should be free to be homo. But to have endless celebrations of homosexuality in education, media, and government? What the hell is that? To associate or ass-ociate the gross stuff of homosexuality with marriage, a sacred institution that has bound together the truths of biology and morality through customs and laws? To turn the rainbow into the symbol of men doing fecal penetration on one another and people who have their healthy organs cut off to turn into another ‘sex’? This is total pukeville. 98% of the people being ecstatically crazy about homos is like the vast majority of people toiling as serfs spending most of their time and energy at work and at home singing praises to the aristocracy that exploits them. If you’re going to be passionate about something, make sure that it’s something that serves the interests and power of your people, your group, and your values. If trends in America keep continuing as they are, US will be rather like Zimbabwe or North Korea. Zimbabwe is a basket-case nation where most people have nothing, but they still worship the worthless Mugabe as the ‘father-liberator of the nation’. In North Korea, the Kim dynasty lives like gluttonous pigs while most people just barely scrape by, but everyone has been brainwashed to believe that their main concern should be singing praises to Kim the swine. Imelda Marcos once said that she spent a lot of money on herself because the poor Filipinos needed to look up to someone like her and fantasy-share in her power and privilege. The same kind of mind-set seems to have come upon the US. Whether it’s Obama, Oprah, homo elites, or rich Jews, the rest of us saps who make up the ‘99%’ are supposed to forget our own identity and interests and live for the glory of those who constitute the glamorous globalist elites. The morons on the Jerry Springer Show chant "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!", and other morons get hysterical over Oprah, foam at the mouth over Obama, wet their pants over some celebrity, or excitedly wave the ‘gay flag’ at ‘gay pride’ parades like stupid children. The human mind cannot think as a mass. Thinking is always an individual endeavor. Needless to say, the globalist Zionist elites don’t want us to think as individuals since independent thought might lead to more people like Kevin MacDonald who identifies and sees Jewish power for what it is. When mass mentality was associated with the populist Right in America, many Jews played an important role in promoting the so-called Culture of Critique and independent intellectualism that required individuals to think freely and hard about all sorts of things. Consider Theodore Adorno’s critique of the ‘commoditization’ of humans under consumer capitalism. Thinking often leads one down the wrong path, but only through independent thought do people have the chance of breaking free of the powers-that-be that seek to control the masses through manipulation, hysteria, and indoctrination — as Hitler did in Nazi Germany. But as with everything else, Jews are pro- or anti-thinking(for the masses) depending on the situation of ‘Is it good for the Jews?’ When Wasps and Conservatives wielded dominant power, Jews promoted independent thinking as essential for speaking truth to white gentile power. But as Jews amassed more and more power, they decided thinking isn’t really good for the people. Some Jews and their gentile minions even say even the factual truth about race should be suppressed and forbidden since it might lead to ‘bad thoughts’, i.e. thoughts that might illuminate the true nature of Jewish power and might lead to gentiles organizing for their own common interests against the Jews. This is why Jews promote so much mass hysteria and mindlessness via stuff like the Oprah cult and ‘gay pride’ parades. Jews want us to be revamped-Nazis-yelling-Heil-Jew-and-Heil-Homo. When swept up into such mindless frenzy, people just become a part of the screaming crowd without the independence of mind. Of course, Jews didn’t need to do much persuading to convince gentiles on both the ‘left’ and ‘right’ to surrender their power of thought to become one of the mindless minions. Ironically, though Jews keep bashing Martin Heidegger for his ideas on the unity of being one with the masses over the independence of individual/rational thought — this aspect of his philosophy is said to be specifically Nazi — , what Jews are pushing today is no different. They want the masses of goyim to surrender their individual independence of thought and freedom and surrender to the mass state of ‘being’ as defined and determined by the Jews. So, at ‘gay pride’ parades, there is no thought but the mindless and infantilized hysteria to attain the ‘being’ of unity with the homo neo-aristocrats who are worshiped as if they are the new fuhrers and even gods. When it comes to issue of Israel and Jewish power, critical and independent thought is not allowed — as Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas discovered — , and instead, everyone must surrender to the mindless ‘being’ of existing only for the sake of Jewish greatness and holiness. Jews have an easy time persuading most people into such state-of-mind. After all, American churches have been encouraging people to mindlessly lose themselves in rapture. Liberals, for all their conceit of rationalism, love the mythology of grand redemptive events like MLK’s speech at the Mall and all that willfully naive "We Shall Overcome" crap. And young people since the 60s have been raised on Rock Concert culture and Blockbuster movie culture where the mode of cultural consumption is to scream your head off and become ONE with everyone else. Of course, there’s a kind of happy feeling that accompanies such feelings of unity and shared passions, and there are times when such emotions are appropriate. One would have to churlish to deny the grand spectacle of military parades, the ‘groovy’ feelings at a Grateful Dead Concert, or the thrill one feels upon being one of the people at a political rally where someone makes a great speech. But the real/deeper truth is never that simple. Truth is not about a feeling of ‘being’.

The issue of homosexuality difficult and thorny because the very rise of high civilization owed something essential to homosexual input. Though homosexuality may exist among animal-kind — though animals could just be sticking their things into anything as horny dogs will hump just about anything — and exists in all human communities, the primitive and/or barbaric world really prizes only one kind of man: the burly, the brutal, and/or the rough-and-tough. Among savage tribes and barbarian clans, the rule of the game is ‘we bash you or you bash us’. It’s about who can carry the biggest club to crack skulls and who can hurl spears the farthest. It’s not about fineness but about fist-ness. If all men acted like that, high civilization would be impossible since men would look primarily to head-bashing or overt-intimidation to get their way. And whoever holds the power would soon be toppled by younger guys with bigger muscles and stronger fists. Thus, social order is likely to be far more unstable and tumultuous. For civilization to develop, there has to be stability or social and political order passed down from generation to generation. If the current order can easily be upset and overturned by the new strongman in the tribe, then it cannot build into a civilization. Among monkeys, chimps, and gorillas, the alpha male is alpha only to the point when he’s toppled by a younger male who is stronger and meaner. When mankind were ruled by barbarian warlords, it was all about head-bashing among one another. And even within the tribe, despite attempt at hereditary rule, the real rulers were usually those who could bash head the best. So, for civilization to develop, men had to become somewhat tamed and less like Hulk Hogan, Big Boss Man, and Randy the Macho Man Savage. But this was difficult since the barbarian order obviously favored the strongest and toughest. Still, over time, some barbarian clans prevailed over others, and there was relative peace on the land. It was during this time when a kind of subtle but profound socio-cultural revolution took place. During the brutal barbarian era, it was the Big Boss Mans of the world who dominated. But in times of relative peace, the barbarian warriors were fighting less and having more time for leisure and funning around and stuff. Since the tutti-fruity homos couldn’t take on the tough barbarian he-men straight on, they slowly gained power by making stuff of great appeal to the dominant rulers. Once the rulers got a taste of the finer life, they began to put on manners and show themselves to be above the rabble in style and refinement. And since the economy went from head-bashing and pillaging to farming, the rulers had to make a class distinction between themselves as the privileged few and the masses as the toiling and dirty peasants. Thus, power became stylized and refined than just brutish and rowdy. In some Greek societies, homos gained tremendous power and privilege. Sparta was a strange case since the straight population appropriated homosexuality into a kind of prison-rape rite-of-passage militarism. Thus, if homosexuality in many cultures was associated with refinement, elegance, tutti-fruitishness, and pretty stuff, homosexuality in Sparta became grim, severe, and hardy. Though there has always been the macho-homo element among certain segments of homos, Spartan homo cult became un-homo-ish mainly because straight militarists appropriated it. But in cultures where only genuine homos practiced homo sensibility, homosexuality came to be associated with the flowering of arts, designs, and styles. It’s like straight guys who ram each other in the ass in prisons are not exactly Da Vinci’s or Botticelli’s of the world. They are merely heteros practicing homo-sex in a prison culture that uses male-ass-rape as a gauge of who is whose ‘bitch’. In ancient Sparta, young boys were trained into men by being forced to accept that they were the ‘bitches’ of tough warriors; one day, they would become ‘real men’ and force other young boys to become their ‘bitches’. So, Sparta was less a homosexual society than a ‘prison-rape’ society, and that explains why it produced so little in terms of artistic and cultural value. But in a place like Athens, where most people were happy to be heterosexual, genuine homos could be free to be specially homo in their own manner, and they produced lots of things of artistic and cultural value.

Anyway, with growing social stability, the ruling elites relied on and appreciated more refined ways to maintain their own privilege and enforce order over the larger community of toiling masses. Ruling by threatening everyone with a crushing-club-blow-to-his-head wasn’t very efficient or efficacious for those with the vanity of finer breeding. And as the ruling elites became more vain, they wanted to seem superior in a manner more elegant than swinging the club and cracking skulls like some wild savage. The aristocrats in BARRY LYNDON don’t want to act like the apes in 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, and indeed when Lyndon(Ryan O’Neal) loses it and savagely beats his step son, he becomes persona-non-grata in high circles.
The civilized ruling elites wanted to put on superior airs, have finer manners, wear fancy clothes, and adorn themselves with glimmering jewelry. That way, their right to rule would seem natural, divine, or dignified than just brutish and bullying. (Of course, in the modern era of mass politics, too much of that stuff can actually have a counterproductive effect, especially in nations with more puritanical mores. The Russian masses eventually tired of the pomp of the Czar Nicholas who seemed to be disconnected from the suffering of the masses. The Shah of Iran’s ostentatiousness was seen as sinful by hardline Muslims and as pandering-to-western-elites-at-the-expense-of-Iranian-interests by the people of Iran.) In the rough barbarian days, a ruffian-ruler might ride on his horse around his minions to show that he was the toughest guy around, so no one better mess with him. He’d act like Uther in EXCALIBUR. But a barbarian-evolved-into-proto-aristocrat might ride around with finer manners and clothes — and smelling better than everyone else — to show that his privilege rested on the simple fact that he happened to be wrapped in finer and prettier stuff. Of course, there was still the threat of immediate violence to anyone who got out of line, but the new culture predicated one’s right-to-rule as much as much on style and manners as on the raw power to crush anyone. Also, with social stability, there was more time to craft more useful tools and deadlier weapons. With homos being so design-centric, they surely contributed to the making of ever finer and more precise tools of war and construction. Since such people were being favored, elevated, and rewarded for their contribution to elite power, they were bound to exert more influence on the elites. Even though homos in both pagan and Christian — or any other — cultures couldn’t be openly or brazenly homo, their fine homo-ish manners and elegant styles probably infected the straight elites. Such profusion of style and elegance added ‘sugar and spice’ to the world of straight rulers with barbarian background. And of course, some of the sons of kings and aristocrats were themselves homosexual — even if closet-homosexual — , and they spent lavish sums to promote more style, elegance, and etc. Indeed, consider Bavaria under the rule of King Ludwig II, the great builder of fantasy castles and a key patron of Richard Wagner. If not for the obsessions of that homo king, Wagner might have never gotten the chance to fulfill his true potential. For barbarians to turn into civilized folks, the rough-and-tough barbarian chieftains had to be turned into refined-and-privileged aristocrats. Since this required the suppression of overt male-hood and the development of regal attitudes — that might seem effete in a crude barbarian setting — , the rise of homosexual influence had something to do with the rise of civilization. Indeed, there’s something fruitish about all aristocratic orders. Because the aristocratic class ruled for so long as they did, everything evil and oppressive became associated with its privilege and hierarchy, as in the movies ROB ROY where the barbarian-like Scottish kinfolks are ruled by the effete and/or gayish British elites with their fluffy-duff style — there’s something similar in BRAVEHEART too, even though the English elites there are anything but fluffy-duff.
But in fact, life was much tougher and dangerous for most people during the pre-aristocratic barbarian age when Hulk-Hogan-and-Randy-Savage-like barbarian thugs rampaged around like the lunatics in THE ROAD WARRIOR. During the French Revolution, it might have been refreshing to see the fall of the refined-and-snobby aristocrats and the rise of the angry masses, but mob violence is usually horrendous, and it wasn’t long before a new elite class arose to control, channel, and handle the unleashed barbaric mob violence. And even though the Founding Fathers led the American Revolution in the name of the People, they insisted on neo-aristocratic rule and had a profound distrust of the unwashed masses as barbaric mobs who, if empowered, would set about acting like unmannered loons. When Andrew Jackson became president and the mob ransacked the White House for free ice cream, it seemed as though the fears of the Founders had finally been realized, and so, Jackson, though a populist, was careful to maintain many of the old structures of power and restore order. Indeed, every rebel-leader faces the same challenges. To overthrown the existing order, he calls upon the barbarian energies of the masses against the snobby elites. But once he comes into power, he goes about shutting down the mass energies since they could bring him down too and spread social chaos all around. Just look at Iraq and Libya after the downfalls of their ruling elites. The Bolsheviks fanned the flames of mass passion to topple the existing order but, once in power, did everything to repress the energies of the people except to harness and shape them for communist mass campaigns. Fidel Castro rode to power on mass passions but had no use for unruly mobs once he became the leader. If mass passions are, on occasion, aroused in Cuba, they are only to serve the state agenda. So, the Cuban masses are sometimes roused up to hate the Yanqui but must remain obedient to the Castro regime at all times. Mao experimented with letting mass energies run wild during the Cultural Revolution, and it was like the sacking of Rome by the Germanic Barbarians. It was horrendous. So, when the elites and would-be-elites talk about the People, they don’t mean they really want the People to have the power. They simply mean they want to use the energies of the masses to support & sustain the current order or to overthrow the current order & support a new one. Consider how Obama ran as a candidate of the People but has really done little more than serve the Jewish and homo elites who are working overtime to control the masses through the cult of homomania. Jewish and homo elites figure that if the new ‘progressivism’ is all about glorifying homos, then leftism will be far less about class and race. Such defanging of leftism of class and race issues is beneficial to the Jewish and homo elites since they are overwhelmingly white/Jewish and privileged — and richer getting richer. If the dumb masses are too busy getting all worked up about homo privilege, they are far less likely to pay attention to the fact that the people who have benefitted the most in the past 30 yrs are Jewish, homo, and Liberal Wasp elites of the Democratic Party.
Indeed, we can see the use of homo-ization even today to ‘civilize’, control, suppress, and pacify overt male aggression, not least among the Negroes, and this is why a lot of white folks — even Conservatives — see the rise of homo cult as a positive force in society. They see it as maybe the most potent way to control the wild and crazy Negroes. Negro male savagery is the most dangerous and out-of-control, but whites have been reluctant to call foul on it due to ‘white guilt’. But if whites must morally bow down to blacks and apologize for the history of slavery and racial discrimination, blacks are told that they must bend over and apologize for their wild and out-of-control ‘homophobia’. This is rather ironic since the Jewish-controlled music industry promoted and disseminated black rap music that is often anti-homo as the ‘authentic’ voice of Black America. Indeed, Jewish media elites have been telling us that we shouldn’t be judgmental and instead appreciate rap music as the real voice of the black underclass, i.e. we must not ‘kill the messengers’ who are merely conveying the reality of the black community pocked with poverty, police brutality, gang warfare, and etc. (Funny that Jews don’t make the same excuse for the likes of Hitler as the ‘authentic’ voices of the downtrodden and desperate Germans following World War I.) As black family culture broke down, and young black males ran wild, a kind of ultra-wild savagery came to prevail in the black community, and the main mode of ‘survival’ and power was to be ultra-macho, and therefore, the worst thing a guy could be was to be ‘faggoty’. And so, black dysfunction, violence, and lunacy came to be associated with ‘homophobia’. Of course, there was also black hatred against whites, browns, yellows, Jews, and etc. but black racial animus was more problematic for the agenda of the Jewish elites. Condemning the black community for its violence against whites might make white folks the victims, and that would undermine ‘white guilt’ that is so instrumental to Jews in psychologically controlling the white race. Also, condemning the black community for its violence against other non-whites would undermine the unity of people-of-color as the collective victims of ‘evil white racists’. But using the issue of ‘homophobia’ would be like killing two birds with one stone for the Jews. It would bring the Jewish and homo communities closer together, and it would control the black community by making it subservient and deferential to the Jewish-homo or Jomo elites. So, blacks can still hate whites and other non-whites(as long as they’re not Jewish), but when it comes to Jews and their main allies the homos, blacks better learn to ho-de-do because they will be fined, attacked, and destroyed like certain black athletes, comedians, and celebrities who said negative stuff about ‘faggots’. Though Jews and homos push this new policy mainly for their own benefit, even Conservative whites take some delight in seeing Negroes shamed, silenced, and browbeaten for a change. Of course, most Negroes on the street don’t give a shit about all this ‘faggoty-ass shit’, but Jews and homos are banking on the prospect that if the black elites are ‘shame-tamed’ toward being made more sensitive to the elegant and fruity homos, the masses of blacks may gradually do likewise. Even white Conservatives hope that if the black community is made more sensitive toward homos, this new attitude might rub off on black attitude toward other folks as well. After all, blacks hold homos in contempt because the latter are seen as ‘pussy-ass’, ‘faggoty’, wimpy, wussy, pansy, and weak. But if blacks are made to be more sensitive to such ‘pussy-wussy’ people, maybe they will also be nicer to other races who the blacks deem to be weaker, wimpier, and wussier. It’s partly a neo-aristocratic means to ‘civilize’ the Negroes in sports and in the US military. Think of a school bully who considers himself to be so tough and rough and loves to push weaker fellas around. Suppose he goes around calling everyone weaker than him a ‘faggot’. If he were to be pressured to be nicer to homos, would he also be nicer to weaker straight guys? Who knows? This strategy might not work with blacks since black homos are just as crazy and wild as the straight ones. Thus, promoting homosexuality in the black community might only end up encouraging bitchiness, narcissism, and self-centeredness, all of which are characteristics blacks have in abundance and don’t need more of. Still, it’s amusing to note the paradox of white Liberals who, while claiming to be pro-black, tend to elevate the kind of black who is so atypical of the black community. White Liberals really prefer the Negro-of-their-imagination than the Negro-of-reality — especially since their Magic Negro is so much nicer and less threatening than the Actual Negro — , therefore the kind of Negro that white Liberals love the most tend to be outliers in the black community, like the ‘black prom queen’(as the object of adoration at a white high school)who would most certainly not have been much adored, let alone admired, at a black-dominated high school. It also explains the wild success of Obama, who was sold as the black guy who isn’t like most black guys — unrepresentative than representative of the black community in general.
Fruitkin as Prom Queen