Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Obama and Chance the Gardener of BEING THERE Have in Common.

Obama's success and popularity remind me of Hal Ashby's movie BEING THERE. Chance the gardener(Chaunsy Gardiner)says the most banal and inane things, but people find great meaning, hope, and wisdom in his words. Chance is misunderstood because people read him the way they want to. People think Chance is using gardening as a metaphor for zen-like wisdom not just about politics and economics but the spiritual and organic nature of man.
Much the same could be said about the appeal of Obama. When he ran for the presidency in 2008, he often said vague, contradictory, or high-faluting things which could be interpreted in any number of ways. His yammerings could be read as reformist, socialist, free-market, Christian, secular, patriotic, global, conservative, leftist, black, white, post-racial, pro-gun, anti-gun, pro-familiy, pro-abortion, etc. Even when he stood for a specific position, he wrapped it around emotions appealing to the other side. So, even when he was for abortion, he emoted a lot about how sacred life is--as if he was legally with the pro-choicers while emotionally with the pro-lifers. Though one of his books is titled AUDACITY OF HOPE, Obama's real secret has been the vacuity of meaning. Though empty and hollow, his mickey mouse charisma and status as a 'new kind of black guy' urged, even compelled, many white people to read meaning and 'truth' into his words and positions according to their liberal or 'progressive conservative' fantasies. How else do you explain Obama's support from the poorest blacks to the richest whites, from both Democrats and neocons, from the likes of Bill Ayers to the likes of Colin Powell, from both the gay community to Notre Dame university.

But, there is one major difference between Chance and Obama. Chance, like Forrest Gump, is utterly innocent and unaware of what's going on. He hasn't a clue as to what the buzz is all about. Obama, on the other hand, is like the Will Smith character in SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION. He knows full-well how to work the system, especially the emotional and conceited psychological system of educated whites. If Obama should have won the Nobel prize in any area, it's in medicine--psychology--, as few politicians have mapped out, understood, and manipulated white mentality as well as Obama. He understands that whites are filled with fear/fascination and hate/love of blacks, and this fills whites with what might be called the negro/nigga complex. Indeed, white fear and fascination, love and hate, are complementary. Whites find blacks fascinating because blacks appear powerful, dangerous, and fearsome. Similarly, people are most fascinated by big fearsome animals such as lions, tigers, and bears. Most nature programs on TV are about big predators, not about gophers and frogs. There is also the guilt factor. On the one hand, whites feel(or are made to feel)historical guilt toward blacks--and look upon blacks as helpless victims who need white sympathy and help. But, many whites are also aware of many aggressive and hostile blacks who love to whup white folks. Society teachs whites to feel guilt and love blacks--indeed, this is trumped as the greatest virtue in the world--, but many whites who've seen or experienced social reality just can't help but to hate or fear blacks. This leads to negro/nigga complex. Society teaches whites to look upon blacks as noble negroes but many blacks turn out to be rappin' 'niggaz'. White folks, especially liberals, just don't know what to do. They've staked their goody-goodness on their compassion for negroes, but even a lot of white liberals can't stand how a lot of blacks act.

Blacks like Obama and John McWhorter know what this is all about, and they know how to manipulate the system to get as much mileage out of white guilt or Jewish compassion as possible. Obama utilizes just enough blackness to dazzle and woo the white audience, reining it in before it gets too threatening for whitey. He balances blackness with intellectaulity and dignity. Of course, he plays it both ways. He's also aware of the fact that many blacks resent successful oreo blacks who try to act too white--like Colin Powell--, so Obama has practiced a lot before the mirror to sound a bit Martin Luther King-ish and rapperish(even if just a hint of it).
Jews, unlike gentile whites, feel little guilt regarding blacks but prefer to blacks as fellow 'noble victims' of evil white Christian history and civilization. (This is useful for Jewish power and moral narcissism.) But, there has been a lot of trouble between Jews and blacks. So, Jews have latched onto Obama and John McWhorter(who now writes for the New Republic, a Zionist rag).

So, Obama is like Chance but he leaves nothing to chance. And, he certainly knows how to cultivate the mind garden of gulliberal whites. Besides, he has the vast money, influence, and power of the liberal Jews to help him at every step of the way. Just like Jewish Hollywood wrote, produced, and directed the movies of Will Smith, the Liberal Jewish Machine wrote, produced, financed, and directed the blockbuster starring Barack "Will Smith" Obama.

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  1. The manipulators were desperately anxious to make the breakthrough of a black president, that's all; the next step for them is theJewish president.