Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Law of Compensation Regarding Conservatives and Zionism.

You cannot gain national power in this country without the approval or consent of Jewish power. You’re best off if the Jews fully support you. But, if the Jews don’t like you or your views, you must at least win their consent or mild approval. And for conservatives the only way to win this approval is by supporting Zionism 100%. Doing so the conservative candidate will win support from conservative Jews, who though outnumbered by liberal Jews, are very rich and influential. He will also face less hostility from liberal Jews who, though opposed to conservative values and policies, are pro-Zionist and would know that the conservative goy politician at least knows how to kiss Jewish ass. Liberal Jews may be more critical of Israel than conservative Jews are, but liberal Jews range from the likes of Alan Dershawitz, an ardent Israel Hawk, to the Nation magazine which, despite its harsh criticism of Israel, believes in the ‘right of Israel to exist’(which means no ‘right of return’ for displaced Palestinians and no right for Palestine to exist on the land which Israel now occupies).

Anyway, the point is gaining national power is impossible without either the support or some degree of approval of the Jews. Since most Jews(oligarches of the media and academia)are opposed to conservative values and policies, how may conservatives reduces the hostility from the vastly powerful Jewish community? Zionism is the only answer. Since even liberal Jews love Zionism, conservatives can make themselves acceptable, if not exactly appealing, to the Jewish power brokers who pull the purse strings and run much of the academia/media.

The Law of Compensation says THE MORE CONSERVATIVE A CANDIDATE IS ON SOCIAL ISSUES, THE MORE ZIONIST HE MUST BE ON THE ISSUE OF ISRAEL. The more a candidate opposes stuff like ‘gay marriage’, open door immigration policy, affirmative discrimination, miscegenation(or miscegenocide of the white race), gun restrictions, and multiculturalism, the more he must embrace Israel dearly and nearly and early and curly. That is the nature of the bargain in current politics. If you oppose the social or political policies that Jews favor in America, you must compensate by supporting Israel 100%, 200%, or 300%.

Even among ‘conservative’ Jews, a good many support GOP mainly for the reason that it happens to be more pro-Zionist than the Democratic Party. If Zionism were to go away as an issue, I suspect half the Jewish Republicans would join the Democratic Party. So, even though 18% of Jews voted for McCain in 2008, if the issue of Zionism were taken off the table, it probably would have been 90%. Jews are 2-3% of the US population, but 60% of donations to the Democratic Party come from Jews, and 35% of donations to the Republican Party comes from Jews. Even though Republicans receive less from Jews than do Democrats, Jews are still the biggest donor group for the GOP. If Jews are 2% of the US population, then conservative Jews are .4% of the US population. Yet, 35% of the donation to McCain’s campaign came from Jews. So, both parties are beholden to Jewish money and power. People think Mitt Romney is a rich guy, but he only made $250 million, which is laughable chump change to Jews who make up over 48% of all the billionaires in this country.

So, sucking up to Jews is an absolute necessity in this country. Meritocracy is a good thing, but it doesn’t just favor the most qualified individuals; it favors certain groups over others because certain groups have more individuals possessed of certain talents. For example, meritocracy in sports had led to domination by blacks. And, meritocracy in academics and business had led to the domination of Jews. Yes, individual blacks and Jews succeeded above the rest–and there are plenty of blacks who failed in sports and plenty of Jews who never grew rich. But, the fact is certain sectors do become dominated by individuals who share a common background, common race or ethnicity. Since people of the same ethnicity or race tend to share similar values, assumptions, and ideas, the end result of meritocracy is not the triumph of individualism but the triumph of certain groups over others. Sports is about triumph of black power over non-black power. As such, blacks are worshiped by white boys and white girls as the alpha-male race. White men have become sheepish white boys groveling before the big tough cool black dudes, and white girls wanna put out to black studs and give birth to little Obamas.
Business world has seen the triumph of Jewish power. Jews get to own and control business, come up with financial tricks, and make billions; when the system collapses due to their financial crookedness, they use the government to bail them out. Since media operations require lots of talent and brain power–and lots of money–, Jews were bound to gobble up all the media as well. Some say there’s Fox TV and point out that Murdoch isn’t Jewish, but the cultural department of Fox Inc. has been headed by a liberal Jew. Also, Fox has been as corrupting as Hollywood with little in the way of conservative values. Also, Sean Hannity and those Talk Show conservatives are a bunch of blowhard idiots who suck up to Israel night and day. They are all a bunch of slaves to Jewish power just the same.

This is why Ayn Rand-ism is worthless to the white gentile race. It doesn’t help us. In sports and pop culture(which has become a kind of pornographic gladiator sports), blacks rule totally thanks to meritocratism. In business, Jews rule. There’s nothing left in it for us. In Ayn Rand fantasies, the great titans are usually tall, handsome goy men, but look at our society, look at reality. The titans of culture and business are funny looking Jews. And, though they make their fortunes through the cutthroat Ayn Rand way, they hold and push leftist or liberal views that empower them even further.

Their leftism is opportunistic, tribal, and idealistic. It’s opportunistic because bigger government is simply another means for rich folks and their kids to rule society politically as well as economically. It’s tribal because it’s in the Jewish interest to make US more diverse so that Jews can play different groups against one another like Jerry Springer plays white and black trash guests on his show. (This is why Mel Gibson said, "Jews start all wars"). . Also, it’s in the Jewish interest to castrate white men into white boys and to divide white women and white men. Destroy the cultural, sexual, and historical unity of white men and white women, and the white race is finished. This is the REAL aim of feminism. It’s not about women power. It’s about brainwashing white women to side with Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, gays, and other ‘victim’ groups against the Evil White Male. Notice that feminists go easy on instances of non-white male oppression of women. Indeed, feminists get more worked up about white conservative males who believe in full freedom for women than against Muslim males who treat their women like property or against black males who treat their women like whores.

Anyway, the Law of Compensation is something we must be aware of because it has poisoned the well of conservative politics. And, no one was a bigger poster boy of the danger of this rule than George W. Bush. We know that Bush’s social policies were detested by the Jewish community. I didn’t like some of them myself as the Christian Right is pretty stupid. Anyway, the fact is Bush’s social policies were very conservative in certain areas. Jews in this country are mainly interested in social and domestic issues, even more so than in Israel. Jews want us to accept ‘gay marriage’, open borders(and illegal ‘immigration’), multiculturalism which blames white people for all the problem of the world(Jews excepted of course), radical feminism(which divides white man and white woman), gun restrictions, and interracism(whereby white women are goaded and encouraged to give birth to black babies). Many white conservatives are opposed to these Jewish policies. As such, the Jews denounce white conservatives as ‘racists’, ‘xenophobes’, ‘homophobes’, ‘sexists’, and other stupid slurs they pulled out of their hairy arses. Since Jews are so powerful, how can conservatives hope to succeed on the national political stage against the might of the Jewish controlled liberal media? The only way is to woo the Jew is by being even more Zionist than the Jews themselves. And that was the essence of Bush’s foreign policy.

Jews hated Bush, but they tolerated him because he was a foreign policy puppet of Neocon Zionists. Though neocons and liberal Jews don’t see eye to eye on many issues, there is a Jewish camaraderie between the two groups. And, both sides agree mostly if not 100% on Israel. Though liberal Jews at NY Times, CNN, ABC News, New Republic, Time, and Newsweek will insist that they were duped into supporting the Iraq War because the Bush administration lied about intelligence reports, they really supported Bush’s war because they thought it would be good for Israel. Neocons and Jewish liberals came together to support Bush’s war in the hope of re-making the Middle East so that Israel will be safer. And if Iraq War had turned out well, liberal Jews would not be complaining that no WMD were found. They would be happy that the Middle East had been made safe for Israel. They would have lauded Bush on the war. Of course, they would still hate Bush on social issues and look for some other reason than the war to unseat him. But, the fact is Bush won some degree of Jewish consent if not support when his foreign policy turned out to be overwhelmingly pro-Israel.

And, we see this over and over among nearly all national conservative politicians. The more they espouse conservative social values and policies, the louder they scream about how Israel is dear to us, precious to us, close to us, and blah blah. You’d think they care more for Israel than for the US. This is why Ron Paul never had a chance. Whatever his faults and merits, he stood for policies at odds with the Jewish community and had the guts to criticize Israel. He violated the Law of Compensation. So did Pat Buchanan. If you’re gonna go against the Jews on social policy, you MUST compensate by groveling before the Jews on the issue of Israel. Ron Paul and Buchanan violated the Law.
Problem with Bush is he took this too far and embarrassed the Jews. He was such an ass-kisser of the Jews on the issue of Israel that more and more people around the world began to think, "JEWS REALLY DO CONTROL AMERICA." People on both the Right and Left all over the world saw Bush as a toady of Israel and American Jews. They saw Bush’s strings pulled by Neocon Jews.

Jews are always hungry for more power in reality, but they want to appear powerless in public. They want to own billions but want to act like they just walked out of a shtetl or a Nazi death camp. But, Bush’s slavishness to Jews on foreign policy made Jews look very powerful. A book like "Israel Lobby" would have been dismissed at any other time, but it received a degree of positive attention because it became obvious who holds the REAL power and wealth in America during the Bush era.
It must be said the ‘Israel Lobby’ is a misnomer. It should be called the USrael lobby as there is no distinct barrier between Israel and the US. Jews go back and forth from NY, LA, or Washington DC to Israel. Israel is more powerful in Washington DC than all the other countries combined. It is more powerful and influential than any of the 50 American states. This is not because US is under Israeli occupation but because it’s under Jewish-American occupation. Israel is powerful in the US because Jewish Americans are powerful. If US had no Jews, Israel would have no power over us. But, American Jews hold the media, academia, and the purse strings.
They’ve been telling us over and over that Israel is special to us. We didn’t decide this on our own. No, Israel’s importance to us was fed to us by the Jewish media and academia. We’ve told that we love Israel because Israel is a democracy like ours, Israel was founded much like the US was, Israel has been a staunch ally during the Cold War, etc. These are not OUR thoughts and sentiments. No, they are thoughts and feeling dictated to us by the Jewish media. Following the logic and reasons given by Jews as to why we love Israel, we can make a counter-argument on the same grounds. If US was founded upon rebellion against oppressive authority, we could just as well side with Palestinians who could be compared to American colonialists and minutemen. If democracy is so dear to us, we can say Palestinians are fighting for equal rights, equal dignity, and equal claim to their ancestral land. If the issue of Cold War allegiance is what makes Israel dear to us, then let us remember that NO GROUP in the US did more to spy for the USSR, aid and abet radical leftist groups, stir up black rage and hatred against whites, supported Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, and undermine our efforts in Vietnam than Jewish-Americans. Jews were the biggest thorn on our side during the Cold War era. Jews were by far the most radical, most anti-American, the most communist-sympathizing group in America. So, the reasons that are given as to why we love Israel are not our own reasons; they are reasons foisted upon us by the Jewish media. If we need to understand anything, it’s that we must stop allowing Jews to think for us. We must think on our own according to what’s good for OUR interests. Jews in America and Israel are not good for our interests.

Anyway, Bush went overboard with the Law of Compensation. Jews want politicians to support Jewish interests but don’t want them to look beholden to Jews. That would mean that Jews are indeed powerful. Bush made Jews look all-powerful. Much of the Bush hatred around the world had an element of distrust, resentment, and even hatred of Jewish-American power. Many Europeans envy and hate Hollywood and American pop culture’s control over the world. Their criticism of American policies is often really an attack on Jewish-American power. But, as Jews are linked to the Holocaust and due to Europe’s long history of antisemitism, Europeans would rather not say it so openly. Europeans did notice that Bush was 200% pro-Israel and his foreign policy seemed guided and controlled by neocon Jews. Also, the world wondered why liberal Jewish institutions supported the war. Why did NY Times and New Republic give their thumbs up and fan the war fever? Why was much of the liberal Jewish media coverage of the war so favorable(in the early stages)? We know why. The Jews thought the war would stabilize the Middle East and that it would be good for Israel. Jews, both neocons and liberals, wanted to show the world how an America-guided-by-Jewish-power could fix the world’s problems. But, the war went very badly. The world began to say ‘we told you so’ and started to blame America for its arrogance and hubris. This is when liberal Jews all jumped ship and tried to put all the blame on Bush. They acted all innocent and said they’d been duped by Bush the liar. The neocons couldn’t jump ship so easily as they had positioned themselves within the GOP power structure. But, even neocons who had been behind the war found various excuses to support Obama in 2008. Yep, it’s the Jewish way. No principles, no loyalty. Just their conniving self-interest.

Iraq War or no Iraq War(and its political fallout), the Jews would have supported Obama anyway. Obama is their boy. He’s the child of black male/white female sexual union. He is the template of what Jews want to happen to all of white America. Jews want white males to be emasculated into metrosexual quasi-homos and white females to open throw themselves at black men. This will destroy white power forever, and Jews will be All-Powerful forever. Jews want to control a black guy who would morally and spiritually lord over a bunch of pussified, sappy, dorky, and self-loathing white boys and jungle-feverish girls. Jews also want to remake the black community. Jews want blacks as moral allies–Jews, victims of Holocaust, linked with blacks, victims of slavery(both victims of white racial oppression). But, too many blacks resent Jewish success and blame Jews for a lot of black problems. Many blacks also side with Palestinians against Israel. So, it was in the interest of Jews to prop up a clean-cut black guy who would challenge the crazy styles of Al Sharpton and his ilk who are hostile to Jews. But, Jews were careful to make sure that Obama didn’t appear totally pro-Jewish as that would make Obama seem like a puppet of Jews. So, Obama has been allowed to associate with some Palestinian-Americans and dilly-dally with the likes of Wright and Nation of Islam followers. This would give cover to Obama’s dependence on the Jews.

Obama is useful to the Jews because it gives the false impression that US is no longer presided by a Jewish puppet–Bush. Many idiots actually think Obama is his own man when he’s really beholden to Jews even more than Bush ever was. Bush was beholden only to neocon Jews whereas Obama is beholden to both neocon and liberal Jews. And, record amount of Jewish money went to supporting Obama. And the Jew-run media gave Obama favorable cult-like coverage like you wouldn’t believe. Now, some people will say that many Obama supporters in the media are non-Jews, but as Jews own all those media outlets, Jews have hired mostly liberal pro-Jewish gentiles over the yrs. So, even gentiles in the media were handpicked by the Jews. (And, as a disproportionate number of "conservatives" on TV and radio are Jews, even they will never ever criticize Jewish power. Jewish conservatives will rail against the Left, but never against the Jewish Left–despite the fact that Jews pretty much define and control the Left. Jewish conservatives will specifically go after Mexican power, Chinese power, Saudi power, or Muslim power, but they’ll never attack Jewish power–despite the fact that Left in this country is largely Jewish, especially at the top.)

Obama is also useful to Jews because Bush’s aggressive Zionism has failed. Bush ended up destabilizing the Middle East and only increased the ire of many Muslims who came to see US as a totally Jew-controlled nation. Though Bush was 200% pro-Israel, this backfired on the Jews. It made it seem as though Bush was doing EVERYTHING for Israel. So, the cunning Jews decided to go with Obama, supposedly a fair-minded person because of his multi-racial and multi-religious background. But, it is all a sham. The only thing about Obama that isn’t pro-Jewish is his ideology of black identity. There is indeed an element of Black Power-ism in Obama, but Obama the sly fox is as cunning as the Jews. He knows that Jews have all the money and power in the US. He always knew that he had to play along to Jewish interests and power. So, Obama has suppressed his black power side of his ideology.
Other than black power ideology, Obama’s influences are all Jewish. He came under the influence of Marxism, a Jewish theory. He went to Ivy League schools and hung around radicals, a good many of them Jews. And, his spiritual mentor was Saul Alinsky, another dirty left-wing Jew. His professors were Jewish. His associates were Jewish. His big money men have been Jewish.

But, Jews don’t want Obama to act totally beholden to the Jews. Bush did that, and it actually made it worse for the Jews because world came to see who has the real power in America. So, Obama is supposed to act like he is independent, is his own man, a brilliant thinker of staggering intellect(though Jews do all the thinking for him), and fairminded to all peoples. And, so many people have fallen for this crap, which goes to show how stupid the world is.
But, even foreign people who see through this charade like the fact that Obama is president because they want US to be humiliated. The idea of a black guy becoming president means, for many people around the world, that the evil whites are losing grip of their country. Whites are now ruled by a black man who belongs to the race that had once served as slaves in America; whites have now become the spiritual and moral slaves of blacks(and financial and political slaves of Jews).

Another reason why Obama doesn’t have to be slavish to Jewish interests(at least publicly) is that he supports the social policies that Jews want. Deep down inside, Obama is for ‘gay marriage’, open borders for illegal invasion, taking guns away from whites, multiculturalism which blames whites for all the problems in the world, global welfare, radical feminism which divides and weakens the white race(as only white males are routinely attacked by feminism while non-white men still qualify as ‘victims’ under the ‘people of color’ banner). Since Obama is for all the social policies that Jews want to push on us, the Law of Compensation doesn’t apply to him. The Law only applies to conservatives because they must make up for angering Jews on social issues. Again, the only way conservatives can make up for pissing off the Jews on issues like ‘gay marriage’ is by supporting Zionism 100%. Bush took this to the logical limit, and Jews got burned because it made Jews look too powerful(which they really are). These are things we must understand if we are to confront Jewish power and see it for what it.


  1. Your blog and writing is excellent.

    Please keep writing forever.

  2. Concrete Nature Of Counterfeiting Fraud Needs Be Conveyed To Goyim Better
    (Apollonian, 30 Apr 09)

    Andrea, u surely make some worthy observations, but I'm not sure what ur thesis was, exactly, and I thought ur conclusion was rather flat. But u can help the patriot dialectic if u heed my advice herein. I have further expo at under "commentary" heading.

    I wish u could make ur paragraphs smaller so I could skim through ur essays easier. Massive paragraphs are intimidating and off-putting for density. Smaller paragraphs are more easily digestible.

    Note history is CYCLIC according to socio-biology (see and especially "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Jews are just that parasite disease-of-opportunity which removes excess over-populated goyim.

    Eventually Jew disease/parasite kills the host-victim, and then Jew disease must abate. Note Judeo-conspirators are already infighting as CFR-Bilderberg (see and for expo/ref.) conspiratorial agents, Walt-Mearsheimer, put "finger" on "The Israel Lobby."

    Jew power comes fm their COUNTERFEIT scam/operation (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud), pure and simple. Problem then is stupid goyim only begin to grasp this counterfeit scam by means of abstracts which only maybe 5% of people can really understand. "Inflation"?--it's abstract, most never understanding--like how monetary inflation leads to price inflation. But COUNTERFEITING even a child can understand.

    That's why idiots like Ron Paul (, Tom Woods, and even my favorite, Pete Schiff (, still have such difficulty getting through to volk what's going on--THEY'RE TOO INTELLECTUAL/ABSTRACT. So Andrea, maybe u can help us patriots be more concrete for people to convey the real truth and info. U'll have to shorten ur paragraphs though, I think.

    Once people then begin to understanding better how things are controlled by these scummy counterfeiters, they'll then more easily see the whole, larger conspiratorial nature/complex of things in the large MAMMON culture. Fm "counterfeit" it's easy to go to conspiracy. And note Fed is conspiracy by necessity and definition, counterfeiting a fraud by necessary definition.

    I disagree w. u about dear old Ayn Rand who was great artist for her ability to present a large picture--even if it was rather un-real in certain ways. For one brilliant success of Rand's was in dramatizing and expounding (quite accurately as far as she went) the objective-subjective dichotomy.

    For I agree w. Rand for the objective nature--but I say then reality is DETERMINED according to absolute cause-effect, and there's NO (perfectly) free will. Thus there's NO "good-evil" which is Pelagian heresy ("good works").

    CONCLUSION: So u see comrade Andrea, our (Christian gentile) fortunes are totally determined according to CYCLE of history, and we'll do better as these Jews are exposed to stupid goyim--but u have to help by being (a) concrete (which u seem to do pretty well), and (b) shortening ur paragraphs. Otherwise, keep up ur good work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. Whoops, I posted that before pasting in the first part of my comment....

    Andrea, you lay your thoughts out very well and they're very much in line with my own.

    I have one point of critique, and I make it in good faith.

    You seem well aware of the wildly disproportionate jewish control over our media and academy, and you note many of the poisonous consequences of this influence. Yet in your last several essays you repeat a meme and seem largely unaware of its poisonous source. It is the idea that we Whites are losing fair fights. We have lost fights, but in many cases it's because most of us never realized there was a fight, much less that our enemies would pretend to be on our side and use other such inconceivably (to us) devious tactics. By all means we should spread the word that a fight is on, who it's with, and even consider setting aside the expectation or granting of niceties such as fairness. In the process we shouldn't transfer blame for the aggression against us onto the victims of that aggression.

  4. "Anyway, the point is gaining national power is impossible without either the support or some degree of approval of the Jews."

    We could also try shooting them. Otherwise I must agree with Apollonian, for the first time in the eight years I've been encountering the guy, about your paragraphs.

    You'll get a lot of publicity from the WN set because you're female, long-winded, and with a pretension to germanity.

  5. Great blog, and you're female, too! The comments are good, as well. Keep up the good work and I hope to read more, in the future.

  6. "They saw Bush’s strings pulled by Neocon Jews."Yes this is certainly True and it is time to Wake Up!

    The first President to recognize the 'SLC'/ Zionist Entity was Truman who was hounded out of office with Bush-like approval ratings. But slowly and surely the jews have been re-remaking Truman and now in todays world he is considered one of the better Presidents!

    One wonders if the jews are behind it just because Truman recognized the 'SLC'/ Zionist Entity and if the jews will also rehabilitate Bushes standing as well since he was such a zionist whore!

    Anyhow myself I have given up all hope on paleo-conservatism or anything starting with a C. Just forget it all, it has failed.

    I am a National Socialist!

    Where I live right now the unemployment rate is close to 20% and it is clear it is due to Greenspan/ Bernanke jew bank policies!

  7. Great post, but I would offer that your views on any meritocracy suffers without recognition of socio-economic factors - the status quo - that heavily factor into such things as blacks in sport and jews in finance and academia.

    That isn't to say there isn't any truth to your claims, just that IMO socio-economic factors are far more important.


  8. And quickly, in light of another commentators opinion -this 'fight' is not a racial one. And to suggest that white people are the new 'blacks' is pretty absurd, I think....

  9. On the other hand, Christianity along with modern "democratic" ideals have made us unique by allowing open hostility right inside our courtyard, all in the name of "tolerance" and "enlightenment". Adopting these ideas we have prepared our deathbed into the hands of the one rightfully described as the "demon behind the decomposition of mankind". The very thing that Jews exist and even thrive today is proof of our historical impotence to deal with them once and for all.

    The Jews have never changed...

  10. Mechanics Of Cyclic History Gives Perspective To Present Cultural Predicament
    (Apollonian, 3 May 09)

    "Aherne," u utterly mis-understand Christianity--which however (as u indicate) has been re-construed by Jews and Jew-agents within the churches, this in subjectivistic manner. Don't forget theme of Gosp. JOHN: Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy.

    For original Christians were un-questionably anti-semitic, the world's first "nazis."

    And as history is CYCLIC according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the once objectivistic, honest, Christian West has become corrupt, so affected and decrepit, suffering that HUBRIS, the result of "prosperity" and success since Renaissance and Enlightenment.

    Thus hubristic Westerners, esp. USA, in their corruption chose be "moral" and "good," indulged in guilt, etc., fm time of Rousseau, Eng. Utilitarians, and esp. Immanuel Kant.

    And as moralism was used to trump reality and truth, HONESTY, the proper ethic, was thrown to the wind, and now we see rule by COUNTERFEIT conspirators (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) and criminals, "thick as thieves."

    And who's "thicker" than collectivistic Jews? And of course Jews are careful to have their goyim accomplices and screen(s) to cover Jews fm rest of goyim fools.

    But note again, original Christianity, according to Gosp. JOHN, features TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy. And truth obviously needs an objective basis for premise.

    So that's all we have to do: REGAIN THAT OBJECTIVITY, hence HONESTY--enough to target the Jew (Talmudic) monster, enemy of humankind, including their goy accomplices too, don't forget. See,, and for best expo on Talmud.

    Note then people are still too mystified and perplexed by the abstract nature of Fed COUNTERFEITING. Thus, stuck with such abstractions clouding and be-fogging their poor mentalities, people struggle and stumble, groping for truth and clarity--like on 9-11 when WTC buildings were plainly exploded and demolished--who could possibly have done it? "It's Jews, stupid."

    But observe people's INDUCTIVE LOGIC, regarding such obvious 9-11 truth and exploded WTC buildings, is clouded and so brilliantly undermined by Jew moralism to effect: u cannot suspect Jews as that is "anti-semitic."

    Thus u see, comrade "Aherne," we're simply confronted with a problem characteristic of HUBRIS in general, and especially CYCLIC history. Christians work best on that person-to-person basis/scale.

    But first, evidently, Christians need to understand basic things--like (a) about their own Christianity, (b) necessity of making things CONCRETE for people's clarity, and (c) the ethical confusion which makes lies so attractive--and (d) addiction then to present MAMMON delusions.

    CONCLUSION: Thus we see again: life sucks (Greek Tragedy). We Christian and patriot heroes and soldiers must simply "keep at it," never giving up. In Ironic kind of way, don't doubt people will be more receptive of the "dirty truth" as things get tougher politically and economically. Never forget those mighty Christian revolutionaries of early 4th cent. Roman Empire. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  11. Andrea, did you know that we all want to, how's it called, "run a train on your ass"?

  12. Thanks anon at 5:05 pm--Hey, it's about time a Jew finally showed up. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  13. Andrea, After following the PJB blog extensivly, and eventually migrating over to your blog I have to say you hit every nail squarely on the head. I especially agree with your criticisms of Judeo-pheilia, and had to have a chuckle at your little New England blurb, myself being one of the last vestiges of the almost extinct Rhode Island longline fishermen. keep up the good work. and God Bless WHITE America