Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama Lives Up to His Promises as a Man of PEACE.

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, and his first major act since the honor has been to give a speech to a Gay & Lesbian lobby promising to end DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL in the US military. So, the US military will soon be an openly gay zone where homos can prance and dance around like a bunch of fruits that they are. The once mighty US military will have been gay-ized, feminized, wussified, and pussified. Our honorable men who've pledged to fight for their country will have to take showers with openly gay men whose declared fantasy is to bugger other men in the ass.

This is why the Nobel Peace Prize should really be called the Nobel Pussy Prize. Obama won the Pussy Prize because his stated goal is to pussify America, especially white America.

Why is the gay agenda more dangerous to white America? After all, isn't persecution and repression of gays a much bigger problem among non-white Americans--especially blacks and Hispanics--and in non-white parts of the world? Yes, this is very true, but since non-whites are seen as 'victims', the national media tend to overlook the problems of 'gay-bashing' in the non-white communities. Instead, the grand narrative fed to us by the LJM--Liberal Jewish Media--is that homos are a minority 'victim group', just like blacks, browns, yellows, red, and even women. So, even though the white community(even the conservative) is least dangerous to gays( while non-white communities tend to be most hostile to gays), the big idea perpetrated by the media and academia is that homos are 'victims' just like non-white minorities.

Obama--just like Jeremiah Wright, another supporter of 'gay rights'--is for the gay agenda because it will have the greatest impact on the white community. Obama is trying to load white people with yet another burden of guilt. Whites(especially the males) are supposed to feel guilty for oppressing blacks, browns, yellows, other peoples of color, and women. Add gays to the this bunch of victims, and white society will truly become pussified. Just imagine white people having to live in a world where they must respect homosexuality as being just as legitimate and morally valid as heterosexuality or normosexuality. Also keep in mind that the FAMILY is still intact in much of the white community. Since the family is a dinosaur in many black and brown communities, the negative impact of the gay agenda won't much matter there. Because the family is dead in the black and many brown communities, those people have come to rely on government and embrace the mantra of victimhood. Obama wants to destroy what is left of the family in the white community so that whites too will become dependent on government. Obama wants to 'niggerize' white people in the sense that most white people may come to feel that they too are victims of American capitalism and civilization--reject the very creation of their forebears. To 'niggerize' whites, Obama must weaken and eventually destroy the white community, and one way to destroy any community is to undermine its morals.

Obama seeks to do this with the Gay Agenda. The gay agenda will impact the white community more than any other community, not least because the LJM--liberal Jewish media--will focus disproportionately on stories of straight white violence against gays while burying stories of black or brown violence against gays. Notice that the DATE RAPE hysteria was almost entirely about 'privileged' white college males raping coeds when, in fact, most date rapes happen among blacks and browns. But, the LJM sought to drive a wedge between white males and white females. Liberal Jews, in their hunger for total power, seek to DIVIDE AND RULE. The most basic unity of any people is the love between their men and women. By making white women see white men as brutes, rapists, and evil-doers, the LJM seek to divide and weaken the white race.

Also, the military has long been a bastion of white male power and pride and conservative values. By allowing openly gays into the military, Obama is seeking to embarrassm, denigrate, and/or humiliate the code, symbols, and values of conservatism. At a time when American boys are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama's gift to them is to pander to the decadent and degenerate Gay Agenda Lobby and allow it to bugger the US military in the ass. After this is finished, the hardass of the US military will have been reduced to the faggotyass of liberalism. It's bad enough that white soldiers in the military must serve under a commander-in-chief who's a black nationalist, leftist, a puppet of liberal Jewish cabal, and a son of a disgusting shameless anti-American mudshark(and a good friend of people like Van Jones and Mark Lloyd and other worthless shits). Now, they must deal with openly fruity gays in the military.

When Clinton brought up the idea of DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL, I thought it was not a bad idea. I figure if gays wanna put aside their fruity gayness and serve honorably in the military, they should have the right. As long as soldiers who happen to be gay don't make a big stink about their gayness, I didn't see much of a problem with them serving in the military. But, as so often is the case, if you given them an inch, they soon demand a mile, or in this case, if you shake their hand, they soon wanna bugger you up the ass.

What does an OPENLY GAY POLICY mean? It means there will sensitivity--or thenthitivity--training to make soldiers into a bunch of namby pamby Mr. Rogerses. It will mean there will be gay pride weeks and parades in the military. It will mean gay soldiers will be allowed to hug and kiss each other in the military in front of other men. This is the Liberal Jewish and Obama's vision for the US military. They want to turn one of the last bastions of conservative values and white male pride into a pussified and wussified club of fruitcakes. It's bad enough that the US military has been racially integrated and that many decent patriotic white soldiers must serve next to and even salute jiveass Negroes who have no love for this country. It's bad enough that many white males in the military must swallow their pride and suffer the indignity of seeing so many white female soldiers put out to black soldiers. Liberals--especially the venal Jews--sought to integrate males and females in the military partly to promote miscegenation between black men and white women. Liberal Jews figured that in an institution where tougher black manhood would eclipse white manhood, more and more white women would flock to black men. Now, the liberal Jews and their boy Obama are seeking to drive the final nails in the coffin of white male pride. Though black soldiers don't like gays, they will pretend to side with gays in order to destroy what had been the bastion of white male pride and power from within. Trust me, Obama himself has no special love for gays. Obama is using gays against white America just like America used the Afghanis against the Soviets in the 80s. It's pure politics--enemy of your enemy is your friend.

As a result, white soldiers will even have to 'tolerate' gay soldiers wiggling their asses, making gay gestures with their hands, kissing and fondling one another in public, and talking/singing/dancing like fruits. So, this is what happens when a gentile society allows Jews and their degenerate, decadent, and subversive ideas to take hold of society. Wake up, White America.

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  1. I love your writings for the most part and I am a racialist myself but I get irritated by your constant mentioning of the black male/white female thing. And I am not sure why you think black men are stronger than white men, this is not so, and white men dominate boxing today and they also dominate MMA.

    One of the stereotypes of black men that most white men know (or at least the older generation) is that black men are cowards and they are, they hunt in packs. One on one they run, there are exceptions of course.

    I am sure you are aware of the political correctness and conditioning of the white population, if a white man lays a finger on a black man he will be chanrged with a hate crime and given 10 years at least in prison.