Thursday, December 10, 2009

Moneychangers & Matchmakers. Liberal Jewish Control of Purses and Pu**ies.

Jews have long been associated with finance–banking, investment, speculation, etc. The profession that had once made Jews servile and dependent on the gentile elites of Europe and America eventually made them the lords of the world economy. The finance sector no longer serves the productive sector but has come to command the entire economy. The world of finance and economics, like that of computers and medicine, has become so complex and labyrinthine that most of us–especially less intelligent goyim–have essentially left it to the smarter Jews to develop, innovate, and fix. Generally, we should be distrustful of those with great power and in control of our economic destiny–especially as economic power translates into other forms of power–, but we tend to be trustful of those controlling finance and high-tech because they happen to be Jews. If not always trustful, we are afraid to speak out and demand a full auditing of masters of finance. This is because the masters of finance are largely Jewish, and we’ve all been taught that to even hint of the possibility of Jewish corruption is ‘rabidly and virulently antisemitic’. When the Bernie Madoff scandal broke, the liberal Jewish media spun it as a great tragedy for the Jewish community since many of the prominent victims were Jews. There was almost no story of the non-Jewish victims of Madoff. Even though the villain was Jewish, the media’s sermon was that Jews were the PRIMARY victims, and thus all of us should sympathize with Jews. Never mind that when the going was good, many Jews did very well by Madoff who then swindled far many more non-Jews. Anyway, it’s no mystery to anyone that Jews are essentially the moneychangers of society. Through control of finance, they get to decide the value of products and services around the world. They get decide which sectors receive investment capital or bailout money and which sectors are left high and dry.
As if playing moneychanger isn’t enough, Jews have now become the matchmakers of society. Through control of the brain centers–the academia–, eyes/ears/ mouth–news and information media–, and the fist–law and politics–of society, Jews(mostly liberal or leftist)have gained the power to mold our minds and shape our hearts. Since Jews control much of the entertainment industry, they also control our hips and lips. They decide what kind of movies we see, what kind of music we dance, what kind of stars and celebrities we look up to.
Thus, they’ve also come to control the genitalia–the dicks and poons–of the goy population. Jews get to decide what kinds of sexual attitudes are okay or not okay, what kinds of passions are or aren’t cool and hip. In essence, Jews have become the puppet-masters of our sexual mores and desires. And, it is within this context that the Obama ascendancy is so dangerous and powerful. The real danger of Barack Hussein Obama is not what his economic or political policies may do for America. Though Obama’s policies are pretty shitty, even the worst political or economic policies can be reversed. Germans survived the Nazi lunacy, and the Chinese overcame the Maoist madness. But, certain changes are irreversible–those pertaining to race and biology. The real danger of Obama is he is the posterboy of miscegenation marketed and promoted by the liberal Jewish matchmakers who seek to mongrelize the white race. Liberal and some Neocon Jews intend to do this in the most humiliating way possible.
Both Jewish men and women find great pleasure from the sight of black men taking white men. Jewish men have long felt intimidated by the bigger and stronger–yet less intelligent–white goy males. Jews often associate white manhood with Nazi Aryan power that humiliated, beat up, and killed Jews. But, even if white males hadn’t done anything bad to the Jews, Jews would still hate a certain aspect of white maledom because, on average, white males are better looking than Jewish males. Jews have been resentful that the less intelligent white men are more handsome–just as many white males are resentful that the less intelligent Negro has bigger muscles and a more masculine voice. Though Jews have been brutalized by blacks in urban settings, their great success moved them out of black areas and made them compete with whites.
Through this experience, many Jewish men became angry over real and perceived slights by white males. Thus, there is a desire on the part of Jewish men to destroy white malehood. The favored tactic has been to seduce white women–especially blonde upper-crust ones–with Jewish money and wit and sexually conquer them. But, this hasn’t been enough to satisfy the vengeful, subversive, and destructive obsessions of Jewish males. They can only find full satisfaction by the sight of black men whupping white men–in sports and in the streets–and sexually ravaging white women.
Liberal Jews know full well that there has been a long and deep history of worshipful white male appreciation of the white female beauty and grace–women seen as goddesses than as mere possessions. This goes back to the age of chivalry where noble and brave knights fought for the hand and honor of the pure maiden. The white knight fought to defend his realm and win the love of the white goddess. There has long been a racial and spiritual–or racial-spiritual–element in this romantic culture. Men were supposed to be noble and courageous, women were supposed to be pure and devoted. Love wasn’t just about ass-shaking and ugabuga–as among African savages–but something sacred. Love was also something that went beyond social custom. It was appreciated as a longing between two individual souls charged with poetry.
Among ancient Jews and non-Westerners, relationship between man and woman was determined by arrangements made by parents and matchmakers. Though marriages were arranged for most of Western history, there had still been the concept or the ideal of the sacred love between two individuals. A love worth fighting and dying for. It’s all there in Sleeping Beauty the movie. This Western concept of love wasn’t ONLY about individual freedom but about higher vision and imagination of what love should be. So, there developed the image in the West of the noble knight and the beautiful damsel. In order for the knight to win the hand of the damsel, he had to prove himself worth in body and soul. And the damsel had to be a woman of quality and purity. This tradition passed down even though modern times. In the American South, there was the chivalric tradition where white men served as the protective warrior caste while the women devoted themselves to men worthy of their love. You can see this is the film Birth of a Nation where proud Southern men do what is necessary to maintain their manhood and protect their women from the black horde.
For liberal Jews to destroy the white race, they had to destroy this sacred concept of traditional Western or white love. They had to convince people that it was ‘racist’, ‘reactionary’, ‘patriarchal’, ‘male chauvinist’, and etc. And, it must be admitted that the Nazis made the job rather too easy for the Jews. National Socialism claimed to defend high Western principles. It viewed the ‘Aryan’ race as noble, beautiful, and sacred. It sanctified the role of the German Mother as producer of beautiful life. It emphasized the sacred bond between ‘Aryan’ man and ‘Aryan’ woman. But, Nazis were so filled with contempt and/or hatred for non-Aryans that they failed to acknowledge the beauty and customs of other peoples and cultures. Hitler, for all his pretensions, was a vulgar and shabby cretin blind to all beauty except that which he defined narrowly. The crimes of Nazism was such that they made it easy to equate anything white, Western, racial, nationalist, or rightist with evil.
It was only a matter of time before Jews found parallels between the Nazi idea of ‘Aryan’ love and American(especially Southern)idea of white love. For Jews, white love was the source of white hate. White love was to come under the scalpel of ‘science’ and demystified. White men and women were to be ‘cured’ of their sexual repressions and oppressiveness. Love was to be understood as a sexual drive–capitalist commodity or Marxist liberation.
The implication was that white love had all been bullshit to maintain the evil power of the white male. Supposedly, white men used the excuse of white love to keep white women subservient and chained to white male power. Also, white love was also seen as the driving force behind white oppression of non-whites since white male fear of miscegenation was a major factor behind white racism. After all, white males–especially in the American South–feared the prospect of non-white males putting their swarthy hands on the pure skin of white women who ideally should be preserved for white men.
White love came under assault from Marxism, Freudianism, Feminism, Capitalism, and Libertarianism. Marxism saw it as reactionary and atavistic. Freudianism saw it as irrational and repressed. Feminism saw it as white males controlling white women and forbidding them to seek sexual liberation–through lesbianism or sex with smarter Jews or more muscular blacks. Capitalism saw white love as undemocratic and anti-universalist, and libertarianism saw it as anti-individualist. In time, the sacred bond between white men and white women was broken. If a man held a door open for a woman in the new order, the woman was likely to throw a feminist fit and see the gesture as condescending patriarchal attitude.

Now, we mustn’t fall into the trap of overly idealizing traditional white love. There was indeed something stifling and overly precious in the chivalric tradition and in the Western conception of woman as an overly idealized creature. In the modern world, our desire is to be free, have our own thoughts, and make our own decisions. We don’t want to feel the burden of tradition or history. We want to chart our own destinies. So, to that extent, the weakening of old values and assumptions was not necessarily a bad thing.
But, are we really free individuals thinking our own thoughts and making our own decisions? Or, have the old system of cultural mind-control been replaced by another? Consider that most of us don’t form our own values, ideas, and thoughts but RELY on powerful institutions–school and government–and powerful industries–sports, music, movies, tv, books, magazines, etc–to tell us what is right and wrong, good and bad, desirable and undesirable. So, despite all the stuff we hear about individual freedom, most individuals are the ideological and psycho-social products of those who control the institutions and industries.
So, we need to ask who controls them and what is their agenda. We know for a fact that liberal Jews are the most powerful group in this country, and we also know they exert their power for a specific goal. We know they’ve done everything to undermine the power of white love and have been eager to replace it with another kind of love. Moneychangers are also the matchmakers.
And what kind of matchmaking do they want for us?

Jews want to babel-ize the white population. In the story of the Tower of Babel in the Old Testament, Yahweh grows fearful of the people who might unite against and challenge his power. So, what does God do? He smashes the Babel Tower and creates diversity among the people so that they will be divided amongst themselves and unable to challenge His power. Today, Jews are the god-like overlords of America. The people that the Jewish overlords fear most is the white American population for if it becomes angry enough, it may unite and work against Jewish power and bring it down. So, it is in the interest of Jews to create as many divisions and diversity among the white population as possible. Jews want to set white women against white men, white children against their parents, white liberals against white conservatives, white Northerners against white Southerners, and etc. Jews also want to dilute and mongrelize whiteness so that a sense of WHITE IDENTITY based on pride and power will slowly dissipate.
One way of doing this is cultural, and so there is the ideology of multi-culturalism where white kids are taught to celebrate non-white cultures while hearing only harsh critiques of everything Western, white, European(or Euro-centric), or Christian. But, a more profound and totally irreversible way is inter-racialism. In America, the most damaging form of interracist mixing is between black males and white females. This isn’t only physically but also psychologically damaging to the white race for white males are turned into pussified faggotyass white boys who are helpless to stop white women infected with jungle fever from running off to stronger and more masterful black men. Though the mixing of whites and Asians or whites and Mexicans on a large scale can also be detrimental to a sense of white identity and unity, it isn’t as damaging as black male-white female mixing. For one thing, white-Asian or white-Mexican mixing is often white male and Asian or Mexican female. In any sexual union, the dominant element is the male–no matter what PC and feminism has taught us about the sexes. In wars, the winning side takes the women of the losing side. When a white guy takes an Asian girl, it is the Asian guy who feels like the wussy pussyboy who has lost his women to the dominant male of another race. Similarly, when a white woman goes with a black man, it’s the white guy who has been pussified. After all, a white woman, out of her own free will, chose to surrender herself to a black stud than to a white dud.
It is for this reason that the black race has troubled white males more than any other race. A white guy may feel upset when he sees a white girl with an Asian or Mexican guy, but he doesn’t feel emasculated as he knows that the white girl didn’t choose the Asian or Mexican for his superior studliness or manliness. But, when a white guy sees a white girl with a black guy, he suspects–correctly most of the time–that the woman consciously chose the black guy as the SUPERIOR ALPHA MALE. Thus, the white man is reduced to a pussified white boy. When a white guy sees a white girl with a black guy, he can tell by the body movements that the white girl is saying, "I found a stud and now look down on white boys" and the black guy is saying, "I got me some prime white meat, and you white boys dare not even look straight in my face because I’ll kick your white ass." Despite all the goo goo talk about how wonderful it is for all the races to mix, the fact is black-white sexual unions are essentially a black male sexual war on white maledom.
And, we see it all around. Most of the music is rap or hiphop, which means that white girls all across the nation are shaking their butts to fantasies of jungle fever. Most of the top sporting events show us black male athletes and white female cheerleaders.
The truly sad thing is so many sorryass white boys are blind to the insult to their manhood. The Jewish social scientist doctors have cut off their balls in schools and lobotomized their brains through PC popular culture. Affluent liberal white boys even find a kind of wimpy satisfaction in their approval of black male/white female matings. They pride themselves in having been cured of white male pride, power, and racism. In other words, liberalism says white males can only feel (moral)pride by having no racial or masculine pride. As for working class and underclass white morons, many act like ‘whiggers’, as if aping blacks will make them cool, badass, and sexy. Just consider the Eminem phenomenon pushed on white America by the Jewish music and movie industry. But, we know black males don’t respect no ‘faggotyass’ white boy trying to act black, and white girls will continue to go with black males. Besides, acting trashy is self-destructive, period.
As for white rightist males, many of them live in denial or the sulk in their stew of stupid neo-Nazism or skinheadism, as if nasty white trash antics are going to save the day. The idea of skinheadism or Neo-Nazism as the spearhead of white pride is laughable. How can one feel pride as a trashy thug or an ideological psychopath? As for genteel and respectable white conservatives, they are too Victorian and repressed to deal with difficult and controversial issues such as this, and they just prefer to invoke Martin Luther King, Jr. and Christian morals over and over and over.
But, truth will always be what it is and can’t be wished away. We must face facts about Jews, blacks, and ourselves.

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