Monday, September 14, 2009

We Must Call the Media Out as Controlled-by-Jews

It’s not enough to talk about the LIBERAL MEDIA. We all know that MSM is liberal-biased. What is truly dangerous is not so much that the media is dominated by liberals but that it is mostly owned and dominated by liberal and leftist JEWS. If we accuse MSM of harboring generic liberalism, powerful media Jews can hide behind non-Jewish liberals(who happen to be far less powerful than the Jews)comprising most liberals. (Though most Jews are liberal, most liberals are non-Jewish). It makes little sense to blame most liberals for media bias since most liberals–non-Jews–have little or no stake or power in the media. How many Catholic Polish-American or Italian-American media moguls or editors do you know? We must be specific in our attack of media bias.
Suppose Mormons had the kind of power that Jews had in the media. Would it make sense to say that the media is controlled by Christian Right? Most Christian Right folks are not Mormon. Thus, powerful Mormons would be able to hide behind Southern Baptists, McChurch freaks, Catholic conservatives, and other such people with little or no control of the media. Mormons are mostly right-wing Christians, but most right-wing Christians are NOT Mormon. So, if indeed Mormons controlled most or much of the media and if we wanted to pressure them to be fairer in their handling of the media, we would need to stress the fact that MORMONS–not all of the Christian Right–are very powerful in the media. If we accuse all of the Christian Right, Mormons can hide among other conservative Christians among whom the blame would be spread wide and thin. Why did we lose sight of Alqaeda and Osama Bin Laden? Because in our fight against terrorism, we broadened our targets to Saddam Hussein and the entire Muslim world. Scattershot approach is for the birds.

So, when we consider the nature of the media, we must remind ourselves that it isn’t so much controlled by liberals–how many powerful Mexican-American liberals in the media?–as it is controlled by liberal Jews. Just look at Hollywood. How many Greek-American liberals run Hollywood? How many Arab-American liberals run Hollywood? No, the truth is Jewish liberals run Hollywood. Indeed, I would dare say conservative Jews–though a minority within the Jewish community–are more powerful in the media than any other group except for Jewish liberals. A whole bunch of conservative talk radio hosts are Jewish. And most conservative journals or magazines are neo-con-ish, published, edited, and mostly written by Jews.
This indicates that Jews of all stripes are very smart, energetic, engaged, passionate, and involved with cultural and political matters, and this is something we should all emulate. That said, power has a corrupting influence. Oftentimes, this corruption isn’t intentional or conscious but insidious, seeping into the hearts and minds of those with great power. All people have a sense of right and wrong, a desired agenda. People with power realize they can do a lot to further their values, ideas, and agendas than other people. With all the power they have, they sense a quasi-divine right to control the destinies of entire societies. They gradually grow impatient with people who disagree with them. They become ever more eager to use their formidable levers of power and influence to get things their way.
This is why people at NY Times are blind to their own corruption. Their sense of righteousness makes them feel entitled to the power that they have. Though they exert huge influence on our society, they feel they don’t have enough power since they don’t have total power to push forth and implement ALL the agendas they believe are crucial to society. Remember Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane? He began as an idealistic newspaper publisher, but the power slowly corrupted him, even as–or especially because–he clung to ‘lofty’ ideals. His righteousness morphed into the Divine Rightness of the Publisher.

We need to specify the Jewishness of the liberals and leftists in charge of the media because not all liberals are alike. Same is true of sports. Most blacks are ‘liberal’, at least in supporting the Democratic Party. Sports are dominated by black athletes who define the nature of the sports with their attitude, style, behavior, and antics, much of which is childish, rude, and obnoxious. So, if we were to criticize the development of sports culture, we need to focus on blacks in sports. Would it make sense to argue that sports culture has gotten ugly because it’s dominated by liberals(on the basis that most blacks are Democratic)? Where are the Mexican, Salvadorian, Chinese, Hindu, or Armenian American liberals in the NFL? If the NFL were dominated by non-black liberals, sports culture could be very different as peoples differ greatly by race, sex, ethnicity, nationality, etc even if they share certain common ideological assumptions. A Jewish liberal is different from a black liberal who is different from a Mexican-American liberal who is different from an Asian-American liberal. Sports culture and pop music cultures have turned to crap in the US because they are dominated by rude, obnoxious, aggressive, and crazy black ‘liberals’. So, it would make little sense to focus on ALL liberals to explain why so many athletes and musical celebrities are disgusting and offensive. We need to look at blackness.

Well, same applies to the Jewish domination of the media. Jewish liberals are different from other liberals. First, no liberal is a pure liberal, and no leftist is a total leftist. Everyone is a tribalist to some degree. So, a Jewish liberal is very much involved in Jewish interests such as Zionism and Jewish American power. Just look at Jewish liberals, and they’ve donated lavishly to specifically JEWISH causes. If they are perfect liberals, they wouldn’t favor Jewish causes nor interests above others. They would be cosmopolitan universalists. But, we know that Jewish liberals care a great deal more about Jewish issues, interests, and agendas. And, we know that black ‘liberals’ care a great deal about BLACK POWER. (Indeed, I use quotes around LIBERAL when I refer to blacks because most blacks are allied with white liberals than truly liberal themselves. They want white liberals to hand over more money, power, and clout over to blacks purely for the sake of BLACK POWER.) And, we know Mexican-American liberals have their agendas and interests. Compare Jewish liberals with Asian-American liberals. Not only are Jewish liberals more intelligent, better organized, more ruthless, more abrasive, and more creative, they have a thing called chutzpah. So, we cannot pretend that ALL liberals dominate the media, nor can we assume that the media would be what they are today IF they were controlled by Mexican-American liberals or Asian-American liberals. The media are what they are because they are controlled by JEWISH liberals. So, all this talk of LIBERAL CONTROL of the media misses the bull’s eye. If we want to pressure the media to be more fair, we have to frighten the actual people who have the power, not scattershot at most liberals who have no control over the media. Most liberals of most ethnic or racial background have little control of the media. It is the Jewish liberals who own and control much of the media. If we accuse ALL liberals of controlling the media, the Jewish liberal bunny can hide among the various other liberal targets of our ire. Our chance of hitting the Jewish liberal bunny is greatly reduced if we accuse ALL liberals.
Indeed, it must also be understood that the reason why so many non-Jews have become liberal is because of the JEWISH CONTROL OF THE MEDIA. Liberal Jews, with their control of history, entertainment, culture, arts, news, and publishing have shaped and molded the minds of ‘the best and brightest’ among all ethnic and racial groups.
The problem is that Jews are the smartest people in the world and also the most liberal. Formidable Jewish smarts serve the interests of liberalism. If United States had no Jews, there would be more media balance because gentiles–liberal or conservative–tend to be of the roughly same intelligence. A conservative wasp competing with a liberal wasp for Ivy League position or media ownership would have a much better chance than a conservative wasp competing with a liberal Jew. A liberal wasp isn’t likely to be all that much smarter than a conservative wasp whereas a liberal Jew is likely to be much smarter. If most Jews were conservative, US would have a solidly conservative media. The most successful, influential, and powerful people in this country would be conservative Jews. But, that is not the case. Most Jews are indeed very liberal.

So, let’s at least get our facts straight. To make a real difference in the media war–in order to really pressure and shame those with REAL media power–, we must spell out who really controls the media. Not liberals of all stripes but Jewish liberals. It’s because Jewish liberals control the media that so many gentiles have been led down the liberal path. It’s because Jewish liberals control the media that so many dimwit gentile liberals have been hired and promoted up the media ranks. Liberal Jews are more likely to hire a dimwit liberal Negro, liberal Mexican-American, or a liberal Asian-American running dog than an intelligent conservative and no-nonsense white conservative(or a conservative black guy, conservative Asian-American guy, a conservative Mexican-American guy).

Finally, it must be up to the Alternative Right to blow the whistle on Jewish Media Control. As Jews–both liberal and conservative–are very powerful, no mainstream conservative media, political, or business figure can survive if he dares to criticize Jewish power. Mainstream figures on the right must play kiss-ass for the time being. We must confront Jewish power step-by-step. We need to think like Saul Alinsky. Gradualism is the smartest policy. We need to inject the topic of Jewish control of the media into the popular discussion, and this must be done by the Alternative Right. It must spread by word of mouth, ear to ear, until there’s a groundswell of awareness of how the media are truly owned and operated in this country and why. Only then will mainstream conservatives be able to pick up on what seems to be the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE and discuss it as a mainstream issue.

Of course, Jewish control of the media is not an original idea, but unfortunately, those who’ve tended to blow the whistle on it have been extreme white right types who go overboard with their Alex Jones-ishness or worse, Hitler apologia or worship. Jewish liberals love Nazi flag-waving, Holocaust Denying, and Hitler worshiping clods because their silly extremist antics discredit whatever ideas or arguments they may have. If people associate criticism of Jewish media power with Holocaust Denial and Hitler apologia, they will consider it radioactive and will not touch it–for good reason. We need an Alternative Right, not a looney right.

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