Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some Thoughts on the Kanye West / Taylor Swift Incident

Country music studs consider themselves tough, manly, and virile. I’m sure a good number of them boys were at the award ceremony. Yet, none of them came to the defense of the lovely Taylor Swift who was harassed, bullied, and intimidated by Kanye West, a jive-ass Negro of the worst sort.

Now, suppose the award had gone to a popular black female singer. Suppose some white male country singer came on stage, ripped the award from the her hand, and said it should have gone to a white woman singer. You bet the brothas would have made a dash for the stage, knocked that punk out, and restored the award to their sistah. You bet the bros would have stood up for their woman. In fact, I’ll bet the black female singer would have pushed away the rude white boy on her own even before her brothas grabbed him by the throat and kicked his stupid white boy ass.

So, why did all those white country boys at the ceremony do NOTHING when a white female country singer was attacked by a jive-ass no good Negro? Why was she left standing there all alone as the foul Negro berated her, insulted her, and treated her with utter contempt? I’ll bet even if Kanye had proceeded to fondle and rape her, white country boys in the audience would have just sat on their butts. Why? Why? Because black men are stronger, and white boys know they better not make a move lest they get their asses whupped. If white boys had ran up to confront Kanye, other black men would have ran up there to defend Kanye. A melee pitting white guys against black guys will invariably end with black guys kicking the white boys’ ass. How humiliating.

Recently, talk radio and internet blogs were ablaze with a news story–caught on tape–of a white student who got his ass kicked by a bunch of blacks in the bus. There were white students on the bus, but NOT ONE stood up to defend their white brother. Some will say whites don’t group together for their own defense or safety because political correctness has conditioned them against white pride or power. There is some truth to this, but it misses or evades the main truth: White boys are scared of black boys. So, when black guys beat up a white guy, other white guys pretend nothing is happening because if they were to involve themselves, they’d get beaten up and humiliated too.

It’s no wonder more and more white women go with black men. In both the Music Award Incident and the School Bus Incident, white girls observe and realize that white men are yellow, have no balls, are wimps and weaklings when it comes to defending their women or friends from attacks by vile Negroes.

And, we must not forget the power of the liberal Jewish media. If a white male country music singer had ripped an award from the hands of Beyonce and screamed that it should have gone to a white female singer, the Mainstream Media would have been on his ass forever–as with Don Imus. He would have been thoroughly humiliated and then some. A simple apology–like the one given by West–would not have sufficed. His musical contract would have been canceled. He would have become persona non grata instantly. But, what happened with Kanye Negro West? He was immediately invited on the Jay Leno show, allowed to offer a BS apology, and he will surely make tons of money in an industry run by liberal Jews who truly hate gentile white people, especially conservatives and Christians. It’s been said that Obama called West a "Jackass", but it was all done in a joking manner. Indeed, Obama and reporters around him mostly laughed about it. Would they have done so had Beyonce been the winner and had been accosted by a white male country singer?

Now, I don’t want to insult white men who did nothing to defend Swift at the ceremony. And, I can’t blame white students who didn’t come to the aid of the white kid who got beaten up by vicious ape-like thugs on the school bus. After all, self-preservation is what life is all about. Most people aren’t brave nor saintly. But, it’s time for us to recognize the problem of black thuggery. Blacks are not only stronger but know that they are stronger, which is precisely why they are SO aggressive. If white people were stronger or as strong as blacks, would Kanye have done what he did? No, he did it because he felt contempt for white boys and knew full well that not a single white boy would come to Swift’s defense. If white boxers had kicked Mike Tyson’s ass, would he have gone through life with so much arrogance? While it’s true that blacks are naturally more aggressive on an emotional level, the burning intensity of their hostility–against whites, Hispanics, and Asians–is due to the fact of their knowing that they are stronger. They know that whether on the school bus, in a movie theater, at an award ceremony, or at a rally, no one is going to confront them due to fright and fearfulness.
This is one of the reasons why so many whites are crazy about Oprah and Obama. On the one hand, whites have been brainwashed by liberal Jewish media that there is no greater sin or evil than hating blacks–‘racism wacism’. But in truth, many blacks are hateful and disgusting. What are whites to do? They’ve been conditioned to believe that there is no greater virtue than loving blacks, but most blacks are NOT lovable. Oprah and Obama understand this white psychology. One became a billionaire by toying with it, another became president. By supporting such ‘nice negroes’, whites hope that maybe rest of black society will take heart and come to realize that, ‘if we act nice to white people, we will be showered with fortune and fame.’ It’s all such a stupid fantasy. "I have a Dream" has devolved into "We have a Fantasy."

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  1. You are right. The white boys are not defending their western civilisation, their culture, their values and freedoms and their own people, including their wives and children. Just see how the blacks/muslims are entering europe, welcomed by whites, and who go on to rape the white women and abuse the white children. Whilst whites are indoctrinated into never defending, reacting to the abuse because they might be called that awful word which is only applicable to whites: racist.