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Brothers and Sisters, Why Are We(Christians and Muslims)Fighting? The Sickness of Hasan and the Evil of the Leftwing Jews.

There's no question Nidal Malik Hasan is a dangerous psycho. Though we cannot justify what he did, we still need to understand his angst and motives--psychologically if not morally. People who do stuff like this generally have private or inner demons which attach themselves to certain agendas or ideologies. Even David Chapman and John Hinckley devised--and presumably believed in--reasons as to why they had to stalk and kill. The movies TAXI DRIVER and MISHIMA take us inside the minds of strange or eccentric people seeking to translate their extreme passions into public action. Moral crusade is the bridge from the subjective to the objective. Crazy people cannot win respect, sympathy, self-respect, nor even notoriety by personal craziness alone--except in modern art. Their craziness must attach itself like a lamprey to mainstream or political concerns. The process isn't even conscious or opportunistic in most cases, and most crazy crusaders are true believers of their own lunacy. But, to understand such people, we must first look into the core of their personality. While it's true that even normal people can be driven mad by undue stress, some people are genetically more pre-disposed.

So, let's assume that Hasan would have been nutty even had he been raised in a normal white Christian family in the Red State South. And, Hitler would have been a dangerous personality under any circumstance. Had he come under communist influences, he might have killed 6 million bourgeoisie. Had he been raised as a Jew, he might have called for the wiping out the Palestinians.

Genetics aside, what about the political, social, or moral issues that may have triggered Hasan's rampage? It's very possible that Hasan did experience instances of 'racial' or cultural bias in social life. Despite PC values dominant throughout society, there's still a lot of bigoted bullying in schools, playground, media, and military. For instance, no amount of pro-gay propaganda will prevent certain kids(especially in the non-white communities) from insulting and attacking 'faggots' in school. No amount of 'people of color' peace sermonizing will prevent fights between black and Hispanic gangs in LA. Similarly, no amount of anti-antisemitism got rid of anti-Jewish feeling in Eastern Europe under communism. The values and ideals that may prevail at the top of mainstream culture don't necessarily trickle down to the bottom, nor are assumptions of mainstream culture identical with real reality.
Despite feminism, there is still a good deal of spouse abuse. Despite the mainstream liberal narrative of white racial oppression, the reality on the ground has often involved whites being attacked by non-whites. Similarly, despite OFFICIAL efforts to be fair to Muslims or Arabs, there is still a good deal of unspoken and even outspoken hostility toward those people. Sometimes, the hostility is subtle, as when Hollywood will only hire Arab actors to play swarthy terrorist roles. Or, when people at the airport act nervous or throw hostile glances when they see a 'raghead'. Of course, we may have good reasons for feeling this way, but if you're a Muslim or Arab who hasn't done anything wrong or feels that one's own people have been oppressed by the American-Zionist controlled NWO, our hostility--subtle or blatant, real or perceived--may become unbearable.

Also, not all PC are the same. It's NOT okay to badmouth Jews or blacks, but it's okay to make a Hollywood movie with nasty Muslims or where Chinese invade Detroit(the coming remake of RED DAWN).
Also, it's politically acceptable to blame or attack white Christian males. Indeed, many white males are just as frustrated as Hasan when it comes to unfair treatment by mainstream media and institutions controlled by liberals. I'll bet Frank Ricci felt a lot of anger too. Of course, most normal people take the hard knocks in life and learn to deal with them or patiently seek legal redress. But, some people who happen to be naturally more sensitive or paranoid go crazy. Paranoid people weave a vast web of meta-perception where the entire world is out to get you. For instance, a normal kid who's mocked at school may feel emotional hurt but still understand that not everyone is out to get him. A paranoid mind works differently. (Think of the ending of the movie CARRIE or EL by Luis Bunuel). If a some people put him down, he thinks EVERYONE is trying to put him down. Sung Hee Cho at VT had been made fun of in middle and high school, but he took the hurt intensely personally and then began to think the whole world was against him. To his credit, his rainbow mayhem was at least politically correct as his aim didn't discriminate by race or color.
Also, even people who feel intense rage generally don't react violently out of fear of prison or punishment. But, some people overcome that fear by creating an inner myth(personal crusade as with Travis Bickle in THE TAXI DRIVER)or devoting onself to a higher cause(Islam, radicalism, or nationalism--as with Yukio Mishima or that funny guy with a truck in the 80s who threatened to blow up the Washington Memorial in the name of nuclear disarmament). They feel that God, history, 'spiritual vision', or higher morality(or Truth) is on their side, forge an armor of martyr mentality, and lose fear of death or punishment. Of course, as their madness is intensely private, they tend to plot it out alone or with a few fellow crazies. (But, when we reflect on the Taiping Rebellion, Communism, Nazism, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Pol Pot-ism, 60s radicalism, Jim Jones-ism, Scientology, and Isalmic lunacy, maybe it's possible for entire peoples--even psychologically normal people--to fall under the sway of madness. Either there are far more crazy people than we think, extreme crisis brings out the craziness in all of us, or even normal people need something powerful to cling to in their humdrum lives. How else does on explain the Che chic among bourgeois liberals? How do we explain college educated people who believe in Creationism? And over time, even crazy stuff become normalized.  Suppose Nazism had won. Would normal Germans be spouting Nazi lunacy today in the way that liberals spout PC nonsense? Maybe. There are still many Russians who revere Stalin and many Chinese--even rich ones--who see Mao as a kind of national god-hero. Just consider Mormons in Utah. Mormonism started out as a whackjob religion, but now it's the mainstream faith of many decent and sane people. Come to think of it, many religions, faiths, and philosophical movements were founded by half-crazy or fully crazy people.)

Perception is reality, and there's no denying that US is a hostile place for Muslims. Sure, there is political correctness and multiculturalist ideology, but again, not all political correctness are the same. Consider that Tom and Jerry cartoons snipped out black stereotypes but long kept on Mexican, Chinese, and other stereotypes. Consider that Don Imus got fired for saying "nappy headed hos" but Sarah Silverman's star only rose higher after "I love chinks" remark and Sarah Bernhardt hardly suffered for "I wish my black friends would rape Sarah Palin" remark. And, Larry David is hotter than ever after pissing on Christ.

If there's an irony in all of this, Hasan the Arab Muslim killed mostly white gentile males when, in fact, both white gentile males and Muslims have been trashed, demeaned, and dehumanized by Jews who happen to be mostly leftist, liberal, and/or Zionist. But, we mustn't overlook the OTHER irony. White gentiles go fight Isreal/Neocon/Zionist/AIPAC wars and kill 100,000s of Muslims when, in fact, it's not Muslims who are destroying America. Muslims are not the main funders of the Democratic Party or of Neocon Rinos like John McCain. Muslims are not behind the OPEN BORDERS policy. It was not Muslim lawyers who legally assaulted the rights of good decent white men like Frank Ricci. Muslims don't control Hollywood which blacklists white conservatives and demeans white Christians and white nationalists--even as liberal Jews give moral, financial, and political support to the non-white nationalisms(New Black Panthers, Acorn, and La Raza)under the umbrella of 'multiculturalism'.

Hasan killed Christian gentiles, and Christian gentiles kill Muslims. Why? Though we abhor the social values in the Musilm world, Muslims have NO Power to impose them on America. (If it's different in parts of Europe, the problem lies more with European liberalism than with Muslims. How can we blame Muslims for being aggressive against a weak and sappy people? Political power abhors a vacuum, and liberalism in Europe has suppressed or even banned white pride and white power. Since white people cannot express pride and power in their own countries, Muslims in Europe obviously want to take charge. Besides, who wants to assimilate into a decadent culture that pisses on itself, castrates the males, and embraces perversions like 'gay marriage'? The problem is less Muslims than Western liberalism in Europe. At any rate, Muslims have no power in the US, but blacks do, and again, the problem has been white liberalism when it comes to racial problems. It made sense at the time to extend equal rights to blacks, but white liberalism then demanded that whites only be apologetic and guilt-ridden. Blacks smelled the blood of white weakness and have politically gone on the offensive ever since--just like kids turns into brats when parents become permissive.)

Anyway, Muslims have no power over American domestic or foreign policy. If any single group has dominant control over US government, Wall Street, Hollywood, news and info media, foreign policy, social policy, cultural outlook, etc, it is the Jews, and most Jews are liberal or leftist and committed to undermining the power of the white majority.

Even though PC says all minorities should be protected and embraced, some groups are more equal than others. And, who gets to decide which groups are favored and which are demeaned? Jews have that power since they control the media and academia. Also, thanks to the Jewish use of the Holocaust card, we can never expose nor criticize what the Jews are up to without being labeled an 'antisemite' and being blacklisted from professional careers or business contracts. Of course, Jews played a crucial role in communism which killed tens of millions--Bolshocaust--, but we can't discuss that either since the liberal Jewish media have brainwashed us that doing so would be tantamount to 'red-baiting' or McCarthyite witch-hunting'. In the Jewish controlled media, anti-communism is worse than communism. McCarthy is worse than Stalin. Indeed, anti-fascist communists have been honored by PBS and NPR but never anti-communist fascists.

So, since all peoples are not equal under PC, we can better understand--if not justify--why Hasan may have gone bonkers. Turn on talk radio, and no one gets punished for saying SCUM MUSLIM THIS or EVIL MUSLIM THAT. You can hear anti-Islamic vitriol all day and night from Limbaugh, Savage, Levin, Hannity, Hewitt, Medved, etc. Oftentimes, they don't even specify that they are talking about RADICAL Muslims but attack Muslims in general.

Or, Limbaugh can scream and rant about the CHI-COMS without end(which is rather funny since he's all for globlalism and Walmart which depends on Chicom 'slave labor', which Limbaugh claims to loathe. Limbaugh hates Chicoms but loves the very global economic arrangements which have made the Chicoms stronger and richer than ever!) But, imagine a talk show host ranting about Jewish influence even if he specified it as 'radical' Jewish influence. How long do you think he would last? Suppose a talkshow host talked about blacks the way most talkshow hosts talk about Muslims or Arabs. Isn't it funny how the entire nation got freaked out over the Dubai port deal, but we cannot much discuss the much bigger danger Jews have posed to this country? During the hottest period in the Cold War, many spies for the USSR were Jews. Rosenbergs gave mass-murderer Stalin the most carefully guarded secret in America. Stalin got the secret that gave him the power to blow up the entire free world. It wasn't just the Rosenbergs; there was a vast leftist Jewish network that did this. Yet, McCarthy is today demeaned more than these communist-sympathizing Jews. McCarthy was a drunken fool and a boor, but was he worse than communist Jews?

Another case of selective outrage which exposes the bogusness of PC is the contrast between our remembrances of Japanese-American imprisonment and the red-baiting of McCarthy years. Over 130,000 Japanese-Americans were racially targeted, dispossed, and herded off to prison camps. During the Red Scare era, an handful of commie-lovers were blacklisted from certain sensitive professions or couldn't get a gig as a singer at a club or write for Hollywood for a few yrs. Which was a bigger violation of human rights? Obvious, aint it? Yet, look at most history books or PBS specials, and the moral outrage and historical remembrance are outweighed in favor of the Red Scare yrs by 1000 to 1. FDR is the untouchable hero to the liberal Jews who control the media and besides, "Japs" had been rounded up in order to fight evil fascism. So, that story is swept under the rug. But, when it comes to Jewish communists who were blacklisted--though not dispossessed nor imprisoned--for a few yrs, NPR and PBS would have us believe it was the worst thing that ever happened after the Holocaust and black slavery.

So, we should know where Hasan is coming from. He shouldn't have done what he did and what he did is ugly, disgusting, and evil, BUT he had a right to be angry for unfair treatment of Muslims IN America and in the Middle East by American government and war machine that are essentially the tools of the AIPAC gang.

Though liberal Jewish media are ever so quick to come to the defense of blacks, illegal Mexicans, and gays, there is a general lack of protection for certain groups, especially Muslims and Chinese--two groups Jews hate most. So, what happens to be 'wink wink okay' or 'hell no not okay' is really a matter of how Jews control the media. Imus said 'nappy headed hos', and that was NOT OKAY since Jews want alliance with blacks. But, talk radio hosts making fun of Muslims is okay because anti-Muslim sentiment serves the agenda of Zionism.

Also, as Muslims have little media or academic power, they quietly simmer in their rage; they have no effective outlet to vent their anger. Even a black cop-killer gets sympathy and respect from the black community, human rights groups, and liberal media. Even Jewish communist spies and ideologues are apologized for or honored by the liberal media and historians. But, no one looks into or cares about why Muslims may be so angry. We are blind to the fact that Muslims have their own 'Remember the Alamo' moments and myths.
During the Bush yrs, there was some degree of sympathy for Muslim suspects if only because the liberal media wanted to make Bush look evil. Even so, such sympathy was much greater in Europe than in America--as Zionist Jews who control the US don't want Americans to sympathize too much with Muslims or Arabs. And, whatever sympathy for Muslims that may have existed during the Bush yrs have dried up with the rise of Obama. Look at how the anti-war left has fallen silent ever since Obama became messiah to us all.

The White Right should try to understand Muslim anger to some degree as both white rightists and Muslims have a common enemy. Most of the mainstream media will not even consider the views of the 'alternative right'. When such views are mentioned, it is immediately condemened as 'racist' or 'hateful'. Mainstream media invite the likes of Anti-Defamation League and SPLC to spout off on a whole bunch of issues, but when was the last time they invited someone like Jared Taylor or Peter Brimelow for counter-opinions? When we are not Invisible, we are demeaned, caricatured, dehumanized, and attacked on a daily basis by the liberal Jewish media. Neocon Jews like David Brooks aren't much better.
Even though we detest Muslim values, we can understand how those people feel because the powerful liberals Jews who gave a python grip on this country treat us the same way. Both Palestinians and white Americans are living under the Jewish/Zionist/Marxist-Wall-Street-Complex occupation. (Jews use capitalism to rake in billions and billions and then purchase and use socialist Big Government to rule over us as slaves.)   Things may indeed change if the Muslim share of US population reaches that of Paris or London, but the 'Muslim problem' for White America exists in the form of Mexican Illegal Invasion, and liberal Jews are fully behind it. (One could argue that the Muslim problem is Europe's 'Mexican' problem, but Europeans are digging their own graves. Confident and righteous Muslims are only reacting to the wimpiness of liberals--though to be sure, if movies like THIS IS ENGLAND are accurate, some Muslim anger may indeed be a reaction to white thuggery as well, though one could also argue that white thuggery is a reaction to out-of-control immigration).

Anyway, like many people on the white right, Muslims in America feel mounting rage because anti-Muslim hostility is still approved and encouraged in most of America by a thorougly hypocritical and selective PC apparatus controlled by liberal Jews, gays, and blacks.

Sure, Muslims were not racially profiled in airports, and major politicians have said all the politically correct things about Islam being a 'religion of peace' and so forth and so on. Even Hollywood movies like IRON MAN will have a scene pretending to distinguish between good decent helpless Muslims and evil terrorist radical Muslims, but all that's just tokenism.

In actual truth of daily life, I've long sensed open anti-Islamic sentiments all around. Not that I'd prefer PC suppression of such hostility. If anything, I want to get rid of PC so we can be openly hostile(through honest opinions, not naked violence) about ANY people. If we are to have a free and honest discussion of race and culture, we must be allowed to freely air our fears, dislikes, suspicions, frustrations, etc--as long as we refrain from name-calling such as 'nigger', 'honkey', and 'kike'.

Because Muslims have no media or political power, their anger and frustration build up inside. What happens to the raisin in the sun? It can EXPLODE! Blacks and Jews have the means to vent their anger and frustration through politics, media, or song/dance. But, when Jews weren't allowed to express their frustrations, they became radicalized too--into communists and Zionists. (The funny thing about Jews, however, is that they've maintained their radicalism long after they've been welcomed and embraced by mainstream society!) When the British didn't much listen to Jewish pleas, it led to the Irgun, a terrorist group that blew up British officers and their families and friends. Terrorism is the weapon of the powerless. This isn't to say that the powerless are necessarily saintly or decent. After all, Timothy McVeigh was a monster. But, both the white right and Muslims have been targeted for special bashing by the media dominated by liberal Jews. And, white right and Muslims aren't allowed equal opportunity to speak back in an open forum. Indeed, if liberal Jews behind Obama get their way, there will be stringent 'hate speech' laws like ones in Europe which will forbid certain kinds of speech--mostly white rightist, 'antisemitic', anti-black, and anti-gay'. But, hateful feminist, communist, gay agenda, black, anti-Christian, or Zionist speech will be protected.

There's no doubt that Hasan is a sick and psychotic individual, but would the shooting have happened if US hadn't support Israel's destruction of the Palestinian people for many decades? Palestinians had NOTHING to do with WWII and the Holocaust(Germans), the evils of communism(Russians and Jews), Pearl Harbor(Japan), American race riots(blacks), and the invasion of America(Illegals from Mexico). YET, white Americans have supported the Jews in the robbery, oppression, dispossession, and humiliation of the Palestinian people. And FOR WHAT??? Have Jews shown an ounce of gratitude to white Americans for having sacrificed 100,000s of lives to defeat the Nazis and save Jews, for having overlooked and/or forgiven the Jewish role in communism, for having welcomed many Soviet Jews to settle in America, or for having supported Israel to the hilt? What did Jews give back to White America at the end of the day? "Gay marriage", Illegal Invasion from Mexico, discriminaton against people like Frank Ricci, Larry David pissing on Jesus, Carole King singing 'You've Got a Friend' to Fidel Castro, hateful anti-white and anti-Christian propaganda from Hollywood, promotion of interracism--especially between black males and white males in order to humiliate white male pride--, unnecessary wars that bankrupted the economy, and BARACK OBAMA and all those Maoist Czars he has appointed!!!!!
Anti-Islamic Americans talk about the rotten way that Muslims treat their women, as a modern Western women, I agree with their sentiments. But, at least Muslim mistreatment of women involves their own women. But, how have the Jews treated white women?  Hollywood moguls have used and abused white women as sex dolls to pump with drugs, their slimy dicks, and false promise of stardom. Pop cultural industry run by Jews encourage our young girls to dress up like hookers and act like apes gyrating their groins to jungle music. Jewish-run music industry has promoted and spread Rap music whose message is guys should be thug pimps and women should be slutty skankass ho's. Jews encourage young white girls to go with black men and have mulatto babies when the white race is facing severe population decline and racial extinction. Jewish men laugh in the face of white males who must suffer the indignity of seeing more and more of their beauties go off with thuggish or trashy blacks. What is Obama but a liberal Jewish posterchild for miscegenation? And Jews control the porn industry which is largely about poor 'white trash' gentile girls being pumped with with drugs by Jewish porn makers and then pumped with the dicks of black males. This is how liberal Jews treat white gentile women. This is how Jews rake in billions of dollars from us and then donate billions to Israel so that the Zionist war machine can kill Palestinian women and children and rob Palestinian men of their male pride.  What's the difference between a Palestinian male losing his male pride and a white American male losing his male pride? What's the difference between a Palestinian seeing his house razed to the ground and his wife and children being tossed into the streets by Israeli thugs AND a white American male being forced to racially integrate, getting beat up by tougher black males, and seeing his girlfriend or daughter being brainwashed to shake her ass like some jungle slut and going off to have babies with trashy black males? WHO have been behind assaults on human pride of both Muslims and White gentiles?  The liberal Zionist Jews!!

It's wrong for people go around shooting people, but it looks like both Hasan and white Americans have their bitter eyes on the wrong enemy. We attack Muslims and Muslims attack us, yet we are all being (Jerry)Springered by the AIPAC gang. If we hadn't been the pitbull of the Zionists in America, our relations with the Muslim world would be much better. Sure, we would still detest their values and vice versa, but they would be over there, we would be over here. It's the Zionist agenda which got us over there and led to blowback from there to here.


Some has raised the question, 'should Muslims be allowed in the US military?' It's a controversial but worthy issue for discussion.

We should also discuss, 'should Jews be allowed to serve in US government?' Jews are heavily over-represented in government in Congress and in Obama's adminstration. All Jewish politicians except one are liberal Democrats. Obama wouldn't be president if not for Jewish money, media support, and backing. Obama and the Jews who supported him(over 80% of Jews) are doing everything in their power to destroy the constitution, take away our freedom of speech, increase illegal immigration to swamp the white population, pushing for the gay agenda and 'gay marriage', trying to socialize as much of US economy as possible, and taking our tax dollars and giving it to Wall Street banksters who are mostly Jewish. Goldman Sachs was the biggest donator to Obama. Google, run by Jews, is also one of the biggest supporters of Obama. George Soros, an evil international Jew, pretty much owns much of leftist politics in this country. Hollywood is run by Jews and not only gave millions to the Obama campaign but has repeatedly impugned the image and reputation of white Americans, especially conservatives.

Muslims sometimes act violent and pose a danger to us, but the people who've really TAKEN OVER this country and are taking away our rights at an alarming rate are the mostly liberal/leftist/Zionist Jews. And, during the Cold War, most anti-American radicals were Jews. The biggest act of terrorism in US history was when Julius Rosenberg gave the secret to the atomic bomb to mass murderer Stalin. Thanks to Jews like him, a communist tyrant gained the technology enabling him to blow up the free world if he so chose.

I'm not saying that Jews nor Muslims should not, respectively, serve in US government or US military, but it's still a worthy subject of public discussion. There are many patriotic Muslims and Jews--I've met both kinds--, but there are indeed terrorist minded Muslims who hate the US, and there are many many leftist, liberal, and radical Jews who want to de-white-ize and de-Christianize, and de-Americanize this country. Thanks to Muslims, we have incidents like the latest killing. Thanks to Jews, we have a son of a mudshark and an African communist as president of United States who has filled his administration with outright communists, Maoists, Nambla-oriented fruitcakes, and other degenerates who look down on the American people as dumb children or as guinea pigs to experiment with.

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