Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Philosemitism Is More Dangerous than Antisemitism... At Least in Today’s World.

If antisemitism is a unified theory(of science, religion, history, etc) that views Jews and/or Jewish culture as essentially sinister, philosemitism argues the very opposite. Philosemitism is a grand theory that says Jews are the fountain of much if not all that are wise and noble. It says Jews are inherently good, or at least better than other people. It believes that Jews are essentially harmless or beneficial to mankind. Even when Jews gain great power, wealth, and influence(and even when they commit acts of evil), we are to convince ourselves we need not worry about since JEWS, a naturally noble and wonderful people, have the power, wealth, and influence. Since Jews are great, it would be wrong to question their power as it would be wrong for Christians or Muslims to question God.

Now, some Jews will argue that philosemitism or Judeification–deification of the Jew–is also a form of antisemitism. Since it idealizes and ennobles the Jew toa ludicrous degree, philosemitism may judge Jews according to a higher moral criteria. We are seeing some of this in the international criticism of Israel. How often do we hear critics say, "since Jews experienced the Holocaust and were ennobled by the suffering, Jews ought not treat Palestinians the way Nazis treated the Jews." Jews often complain that the world judges Israel differently than other countries with far worse human rights record. After all, where is the UN condemnation of what China has been doing to Tibet? What has the world done about the horrors happening now in the Congo?
The animosity toward Israel has elements of both antisemitism and philosemitism. Antisemites exploit the Israel-Palestinian conflict to point out that Jews are ‘just like the Nazis’. But, philosemites are also anti-Zionist because of their ‘spiritual’ view of the Jew as the Eternal Victim, Eternal Martyr, Eternal Saint. The philosemite is filled with guilt about what happened in the Holocaust; he is filled with great sympathy and admiration for the Jew. But, this love requires the Jew to be holy schmoly. When they witness tough militant Jews beating up on weak and poor Palestinians, their philosemitic world view is threatened.

But, Jews are not being entirely sincere because they are the main proponents of philosemitism or Judeification. The media–Hollywood, publishing, TV, news, etc–are largely controlled by Jews, their brainwashed puppets, and their sympathetic allies. So, we’ve gotten nothing but news, books, movies, and etc. that teach us to admire Jews, feel sorry for Jews, love Jews, hug Jews, favor Jews, support Jews, feel awed by Jews, make way for the Jews, etc. Jews viciously, rabidly, and virulently attack any criticism of Jewish power. Jews are usually paranoid, demeaning everyone who probe into Jewish power and influence as neo-Nazis. Jews are the most hysterical group in this country. If you oppose illegal invasion, ‘gay marriage’, multiculturalism, gun bans, and political correctness shoved down your throats and up your arses by the media and academia, you are called a ‘racist’, ‘xenophobe’, ‘homophobe’, and so on by the Jewish liberal elite. And, invariably, someone compares you to a neo-Nazi or a closet Hitler-lover since only a totally evil person can be against open borders and ‘gay marriage’. Funny, aint it? The very people who bitch and whine about the paranoia of ‘red-baiting’ during the era of Joseph McCarthy are hysterically screaming "NAZI!" every time someone displeases the Jewish establishment.

Anyway, philosemitism or Judeificaition is the law of the land because (1) constant barrage of hug-a-Jew movies, books, TV shows, school curriculum, and news coverage and (2) any criticism of Jews–no matter how mild–is met with rabid and virulent hostility from the all-powerful Jewish establishment which control the flow and nature of information in the US and even in Europe.
So, it is disingenuous when Jews complain about philosemitism and about how it has, on rare occasions, created inconveniences for Jews(especially in Israel). Of course, philosemitism has been a greater boon than handicap for Israel. It is the blind philosemitism of the Christian Right and much of America that made the support of Israel into a major priority in American foreign policy. But, philosemitism has been known to backfire, even to point where people who are sincerely sympathetic toward Jews have been appalled by the actions of the nation of Israel and venal Hollywood Jews. So basically, what Jews want is a philosemitism without any leaks or bugs, one where Jews can only be loved, hugged, and obeyed but never ever questioned or critiqued. So, Jews are not against philosemitism per se but against a philosemitism that may come back to bite the Jew in the ass. Jews want to occupy the higher moral ground but don’t want to be judged by higher moral standards.

When Jews say, ‘we want the world to treat us like any other people, judge us like any other people, and deal with us like any other people’, they are lying through their teeth; or, they are sincere but can’t resist the advantages of philosemitism.
Also, Jews have this paranoia that even if legitimate criticism of Jewish power is allowed, it will soon snowball into an avalanche of all-out hostility, suspicion, and even hatred against Jews. Jewish anxieties are not unfounded because all peoples generally tend to be envious and suspicious of and hostile to a minority that gains tremendous power over them. Jews have been that kind of minority all through history. It is natural for majorities to be wary of Jews. This great Judeophilia is a recent phenomenon, only made possible by the Holocaust which filled the West with great guilt–even though most white people had nothing to do with it but actually died in the 10s of millions to defeat the Nazis(for which Jews show little gratitude).
Judeophilia is strange and unnatural because it’s about loving a minority in your midst that has disproportionate power, wealth, and influence–especially one that has done much to undermine and subvert the values and institutions crucial to your race or nation’s survival. No Holocaust, no Judeophilia.
Indeed, we would today be talking about Jews the way we talk about Mexicans, Chinese, Russians, and Muslims had there been no Holocaust. (Jews know this, which is why they are squeezing the Holocaust for all its worth. It’s their golden goose when it comes who goy guilt.) Minus the Holocaust, there would be no taboo against discussing Jewish power since the West would not be burdened with guilt. Similarly, suppose Europeans had killed 6 million Muslims in the Holocaust than six million Jews. The taboo would probably be against badmouthing Muslims.
But, even this isn’t necessarily true. The taboo against badmouthing the Jew goes deeper than the Holocaust. Jews are a very intelligent people. As such, they gained tremendous wealth, media control, and intellectual dominance. They made the TV shows, movies, and documentaries; they wrote and devised many of our textbooks. Jews are so talented that even people who don’t like nor want to empower the Jews go see Spielberg movies, watch TV shows, and consume other stuff dominated by Jews. Even extreme rightwing types would rather see Hollywood movies than third rate movies and documentaries made by conservative goyim. And, everyone seems hooked on professional sports though most of the franchises are owned by Jews. Anyway, the point is Jews became criticism-proof because of the Holocaust AND because of their ability to gain great wealth, control the information and remembrance of history. After all, nearly 5 million Ukrainians died under Stalin and his Jewish henchmen, but most people know nothing about it because Ukrainians are not very smart, not very rich, and not very clever(and the Jew-run media would rather prefer to bury that horrible history). And, the world doesn’t know the great extent to which Jews had been involved in the communist movements all over the world that may have killed up to 100 million people.

Anyway, Jews fear any criticism because it may turn into an avalanche. This is especially true since there has developed so much pent-up rage at the Jews that never saw or never was allowed to see the light of day. And in some quarters, this rage is only growing thanks to the rise of internet and new sources of information that make more people aware of the Jewish role in the election of Barack Obama and in the policies that are so detrimental to white people and white power in this country: open borders, ‘gay marriage’, gun bans, multiculturalism, etc. So, Jews want to nip all criticism of Jews at the bud.
During the Hundred Flowers Campaign, Mao Zedong briefly liberalized the country and allowed, even encouraged, criticism of the Communist Party. At first, there was only a trickle of criticism as the people feared iron-fisted communist authority. But, more and more people took the bait and began to air their grievances. Soon, it turned into a torrent and then the dam burst. Mao freaked out and put an end to this experiment soon enough. Those who had dared criticize the Communist Party even in the slightest way were sent to labor camps or shot. Mao had expected the criticism to be mild and controllable(and reverently constructive). But, there was a lot of bitter and angry criticism of the Communist Party that had secretly built up over 7 yrs. (Today, the Chinese Communist Party operates the same way. It allows economic and social freedom but no criticism of Party authority. Not even a little bit, because even a little bit can turn into more and more until it may turn into another Tiananmen Uprising. Similarly, Jews, like the Chinese Communist Party, fear even the slightest criticism of Jews because it might snowball into an avalanche of rage against all the venal and evil things Jews had done to the white race since the 1960s. Just like the Chinese Communists, American Jews want to distract us with bread and circuses, with Hollywood entertainment and Hollywood politics–Obama.) .
Jews feel the same way. Though Jews are always saying that they are for honest and open criticism of Jewish power and influence, they freak out at the slightest sign of such criticism. They go into a hissy fit, get all rabid and virulent, hysterical and vicious. They seethe with hatred and intolerance. They start acting like Mao or Stalin. Jews act this way because they know that an open policy of criticism of Jews will turn into an open season on the Jews. Yes, Jews are not entirely wrong on this matter. If criticism of Jews is allowed, it can’t be limited only to ‘reasonable’, ‘humble’, ‘sympathetic’, ‘grateful’, ‘polite’, ‘reverent’, and ‘constructive’ criticism. Much of it will be angry, bitter, and hostile–justifiably so. Some of it will even be rabid, virulent, and downright crazy. But, these kinds of passions will only be natural. Why?
For the same reason that the angry criticism of the Chinese Communist Party was natural during the Hundred Flowers Campaign and during the late 80s. People feel a need to criticize, condemn, denounce, call to account, and even scapegoat those in power or positions of authority. When the Chinese people were briefly allowed freedom, it was only natural for them to harshly criticize the Communist Party–fairly or unfairly–which had such a great power over their lives. Kids blame parents, students blame teachers, the people accuse and blame those in power. Just look at the ‘Bush Derangement Syndrome’–which the Jews encouraged. Now, Bush was an idiot president, but was he really Hitler, the Devil, Satan’s helper if not Satan himself, a totalitarian thug who wanted to set up a Christo-Fascist State? No, but he was the President, the most powerful man in America and the world. So, naturally people in the US and around the world were harshly and crazily critical of him. Having great power is a mixed blessing, a double-edged sword. You can be admired and praised by the masses or hated and resented by the masses. It all depends on the state of affairs and/or public perception. So, even if the hatred and animosity toward Bush was over-the-top in some quarters, it was not all that surprising. It comes with the territory of having a great deal of power, of having control over other people’s lives. Bush, unlike Mao and American Jews, had no means to clamp down on all those hated and denounced him.

Given the nature of Jewish power, influence, and privilege through much of history, it’s not hard to understand why so many people came to hate Jews. Though Jews and their allies say this hatred was an irrational and inexplicable sickness of the European soul, it was actually natural and inevitable. Not that it was right or justifiable, but as Thomas Sowell has written in ‘Are Jews Generic?’, wealthy, privileged, and influential/powerful middlemen communities(especially if of ‘foreign’ or ‘alien’ origin) have always been distrusted, envied, and/or hated universally around the world. In some cases, the middlemen communities didn’t even have to be of alien origin. Confucianism in China is philosophically very hostile to the merchant class. And, what was Marxism but essentially an anti-middlemen ideology? Middlemen, entrepreneurs, or capitalists make the money and gain great power and influence. The masses resent them because the have-lesses have always envied and feared the have-mores. And, the intellectual, philosophical, artistic, aristocratic, and/or spiritual class dislikes them because merchant or bourgeois economic power is either uprooting, materialistic, or based on no consideration other than ‘greed’. America has been somewhat different because of the vast lands, vast opportunities, and a spirit of freedom and free enterprise that made it possible for most people to believe in the ‘American Dream’ of material success; even people who were not particularly rich saw many ordinary people become rich, so there was at least the feeling that anyone could succeed through hardwork or good luck. Economic success through entrepreneurship came to be associated with freedom and equal opportunity for all.

Also, because American religion had a kind of a salesman quality to it, American spiritual culture wasn’t as anti-capitalist as the churches in other nations. One of the reason why Americans may be more religious than Europeans is because Christianity has been nakedly turned into a mass commodity and sold all over America. Europeans never developed the Bible Thumping kind of Christianity that you see in the movie The Apostle(starring Robert Duvall). Because Europeans maintained a dignified and traditional style of church worship, many people were bound to lose interest in religion as society became more mass-oriented, youth-centered, ‘liberated’, and demotic. But, American religion kept up with a society that was becoming mass-oriented in organization, message, feeling, and taste. In America, you can go to a Church to boogie woogie–if you’re black–, or you can go to a giant mega-mall church where they play rock music.
It may well be that the reason why Europeans are less religious than us is NOT because they’re better educated or more intelligent but because their churches never sold out to mass culture like the American churches did. Because European churches had traditions going back centuries, they could not turn overnight into discotecques or rock concerts.
In America, by contrast, religion wasn’t moored to some sacred tradition. Indeed, parts of America where church tradition is the deepest–New England and Northeast in general–tend to be the most secular parts of America; this is because those early churches tended to be stricter and more tradition bound, which is to say they maintained a sense of hierarchy in their practice if not in admission. A casual person wouldn’t feel immediately ‘welcome’ in a tradition bound New England church as he would in new Megamall church or in some jiveass Baptist church where anything goes hallelujah.
What happened to tradition-bound churches in Europe and New England also happened to high brow and serious art. Most people don’t pay attention to classical music and traditional works of art because our mass culture wants things be accessible, fun, and immediately gratifying. High culture stands no chance in the pop culture world.
So, the success of religion in America may have less to do with the greater religiosity of the American people but the greater adaptability of American religion to mass culture. And, Europeans may be less religious not because they are better educated, more enlightened, or more intelligent but because their religion has not ‘kept up with the times’. Even among Latin Americans(both in and out of the US), Protestantism is gaining over Catholicism because the former, at least in the Americanized form, is much more mass-oriented and populist. It’s more ‘fun’. Europeans are not more intelligent nor sensible than us in most respects because they like the same garbage we like. Just look at European TV, listen to European pop music, read European newspapers, and so on. Sure, there is high culture or serious culture in Europe, but most people don’t pay attention to that and, as a result, they must all be state-funded. If we look at what the masses of Europeans really like, it’s Rap music, Hollywood movies, and American TV shows(and their imitations of such). In other words, Europeans are addicted to trash, garbage, and celebrity culture just as we are.
If European churches lose their inhibitions and go into pop culture mode, there’s no telling what might happen in Europe. You might actually see a revival of religion. But, is that the kind of religion they want? Isn’t it ironic that America happens to be more religious because the American forms of worship happen to be immature, ungodly, and retarded–with jiveass black preachers yakking and jakking and stupidass white preachers talking likes salesmen?
Anyway, this explains why capitalism and religion have been good partners in America. America, with only indirect connections to the European past and with a diverse population, was a land of individuals and opportunities than that of unified traditions, grand intellectual ideas, and etc. The grand American intellectual ideas are freedom and individual liberty. Actually, they are more sentiments than full-blows ideals that Ayn Rand tried to turn them into.
So, Jews were bound to face fewer opposition and hostility in the US. The distinct hallmarks of Jewishness–entrepreneurship, adding to the diverse mix, rootlessness, and etc–were not necessarily anathema to Americans. Everyone who came to America had a nomadic soul in a way, even if many settled in new communities where they put down roots. (Indeed, that is the key difference between non-Jews and Jews. Non-Jews are nomadic out of necessity; their ideal is to settle and plant roots. Jews are nomadic as an ideal.) Even American Indians became part of the nomadic community as many had to leave their ancestral lands and settle in reservations foreign to their ancestors.

America was far more welcome to Jews than any European nation or empire. Americans were also not burdened with the sin or crime of antisemitism during WWII. Holocaust didn’t take place on American soil by the hands of Americans; and, Americans died in great numbers to defeat Nazi Germany. So, you’d think that Jews owe something to gentile America. You’d think Jews would be grateful. You’d think we would be able to stand and walk confidently around Jews who show us respect. Jews didn’t like this state of affairs–where they owed us–, so Jews concocted a way to undermine the moral authority, pride, and confidence of white Americans. How? (1) Jews brought attention to instances of discrimination against Jews in American society, and those did indeed exist, some subtle, some blatant. But, we all know that American discrimination against Jews was very mild compared to American discrimination against other groups; also, discrimination or no discrimination, Jews were succeeding fabulously in America; also, American negative feelings about Jews had a good reason as disproportionate number of Jews were involved in radicalism of various kinds. But, since Jews own the media, they’ve made it seem as though a US law firm that didn’t hire a Jewish Harvard graduate was one of the greatest crimes that ever took place! (Never mind that Jewish businesses usually favored fellow Jews and often discriminated against blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and other whites.) (2). But, Jews also focused on American injustice against minorities, especially blacks. Since Jews couldn’t make much of a case of antisemitism against America, Jews focused on black slavery, and then the Jews associated the suffering of blacks with that of Jews in the Holocaust. That was what the bogus PBS documentary "Liberators" was all about. "You blacks and we Jews are fellow ‘victims’ of white racists" was the motto. In other words, since Americans mistreated blacks(like Europeans mistreated Jews), Americans might as well be equally guilty of the Holocaust too. Jews don’t care that American whites didn’t commit any genocide against blacks, and therefore any comparison of black American experience cannot be compared to the Holocaust. . Whites brought 300,000 blacks to America, and now there are more than 40 million. Some genocide!!! And, the number of blacks lynched since end of Civil War to 1960 is less than 2000. Compare that to the 20 million white Christians killed by Stalin and his Jewish henchmen.
Still, Jews made themselves criticism-proof in the US by associating themselves with blacks. Since whites had been ‘racist’ against blacks, whites had no right to criticize Jews since that would amount to antisemitism, a form of racism.
Of course, we all know that Jews exploited blacks–athletes, entertainers, singers, actors, etc–for a long time until only relatively recently. (Of course, Jews in the porn business continue to exploit ‘white trash’ by using them as ‘cum buckets’ for Negro studs. Jews then give a large share of this profit to Israel so that the Zionist goons can kill and rape Palestinians.) But, Jews have a peculiar way of remembering history. When Jews did wrong to blacks, Jews merely become part of the white race; so, we are told that whites mistreated blacks in sports and entertainment(even though most of those ‘whites’ were Jews). . But, when Jews helped blacks, Jews take all the credit AS Jews. So, if Jewish Hollywood exploited blacks, ‘white guys’ did it. But, if Jews funded the NAACP, JEWS did it. It’s no wonder so many people call Jews ‘dirty’. (3) Jews made a big fuss about how US didn’t do enough to save the Jews in the Holocaust. So, even FDR, a pro-Jewish President, is criticized for not allowing more Jewish immigration or for not bombing railway lines to the death camps. (Jews hardly condemn FDR for dispossessing and locking up 150,000 Japanese-Americans. American history dominated by Jews is always about Jews, Jews, and Jews). (4) Jews have been making a lot of movies and publishing lots of books about the Holocaust, insinuating that the evil of Nazism wasn’t unique to Adolf Hitler but to all of Western Civilization of which US is a part. So, Jews will say what the Anglos did to the American Indians is like what Germans did to the Jews. Never mind what the Jews did to the Canaanites. Never mind what Jewish communists did to Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Lithuanians, Kazakhis, etc. Never mind what Jews did to the Palestinians. Never mind that Jewish role in communism was one of the main inspirations for National Socialism. Jews pick and choose history to make themselves look totally blameless while everyone else is made to feel guilty for the Jew.
So, we have Jews telling us to beware of Muslims because those evil towelheads are dangerous to saintly darling little Jews. Jews say we must stand up to Muslims because Muslims don’t like Jews in Europe and in the US. But, which group caused more harm to Western Civilization? Which group came up with communism? Which group is pushing open border policy? Which group is destroying the morality of marriage? Which group owns Hollywood which promotes miscegenocide of the white race? Jews shit on us and then expect us to come to their aid against Muslims.
Muslims are indeed a big headache and problem, let us stand up to them for OUR interest, not for Jewish interest. If anything, we need to stand up to Jewish power more than to Muslim power as Jewish ideas which have done most to corrupt, weaken, and dissipate the West.

Anyway, the American frontier has been closed for some time now. All that remains is the concept of the frontier in the existential and metaphorical sense. We talk of coming up with new medicines, new technologies, new systems, new ideas. There is always the frontier of the mind, the frontier of political and social progress. But, there is a fundamental problem with this new concept of the frontier. It is abstract and inaccessible to most people. Back in the 19th century, any family with a wagon could strike out West and stake his piece of territory. Frontier was tangible, something you could see and feel. And prior to rise of advanced science, even amateurs could come up with practical inventions and make a fortune. Thomas Edison was not a Great Genius like the Jewish computer geniuses and physicists of today. So, great success was open to far more people before the rise of hightech. But, mere inventiveness and cleverness will not go very far these days. This is the age of high-tech and only the super-smart can really get ahead. They are the ones who come to head the great corporations in computers and other stuff. The reasonably intelligent can learn skills, get a good job in these companies, and lead a pretty good life, but they are mere drones within the system. The ability to be truly independent and individualistic is open only to the supreme geniuses in finance, science, high-tech, and medicine, etc.
Of course, smart people always had an advantage throughout history, but as our science and technology advance, only the smartest of the smartest can really find great success in the new world order. Back in the days of Edison, even a person of average intelligence could understand the mechanics of Graham Bell or Edison’s inventions. Today, many of us wouldn’t understand modern computers, science, and math even if we were given a chance to study them for yrs. Some of this stuff is inaccessible to all except for the tiny percentage of people with super intelligence. The paradox of our civilization is that just as our technology grows more advanced, we are becoming more ignorant of that thing that has greater power over us. Of course, many kids learn to use and toy with all these new gadgets, but few understand the real science behind them. How a TV worked was complex enough. How advanced computer systems work is truly infinitely complex. And, the technology grows more and more complex yet. So, the frontier is still open only for the truly super smart. For the rest of us, there is only waiting for the geniuses to come up with the next great invention. And, since we are dumb, the only way the super smart can make money off their inventions is by turning them into neat little toys for us to play with. So, even as the technology grows more complex, the more we become infantilized.

Philosemitism is a secular variation of the notion of the Chosen People. Since modern secular Jews don’t believe in God, the notion of the ‘chosen people’ have turned into idea of the ‘preferred people’. We are told that Jews are to be preferred and/or prized over other people because: (1) they suffered more than others; as a result, they deserve more sympathy; actually not only sympathy but also feelings of guilt on the part of goyim since all of goy kind are said to be responsible for the persecution of Jews. We are told that ancient Egyptians were nasty to Jews. Babylonians were nasty to Jews. Romans were nasty to Jews. Europeans were nasty to Jews. Muslims and Arabs were nasty to Jews. And, the whole world is nasty to Jews because the UN condemns Israel or because nations like Russia and China have business deals with enemy nations of Israel. So, we should all feel guilty. Of course, all the nasty and brutal things Jews did to other peoples are underplayed; we don’t much hear of Jewish genocide of Canaanites, the wars of aggression waged by Israelites, the role Jews played in nomadically going from one place to another and undermining the value system of the majority goyim. We don’t hear of Jewish role in the Medieval white slave trade. We don’t hear of Jewish collaboration with the gentile elite to tax and exploit the masses of peasants. We don’t hear of Jewish role in finance capitalism. We don’t hear of Jewish role in communism. No, all events and movements in history are twisted and distorted so as to show that ONLY Jews were the primary victims. We know, for example, that Jews were the biggest promoters of communism; not just in communist nations but in free nations. American Jews did a great deal to promote far left ideas in the US and all over the West. But, when we hear of victims of communism, we mainly hear of Soviet Jews. We are never told that Soviet Jews became victims of a system of their own creation. Seeing Soviet Jews as the main victims of communism would be like regarding Germans as the main victims of Nazism. True, all Germans eventually got burned by Nazism and suffered a great deal, but who created and supported Nazism in the first place and turned it into a destructive force? The Germans. So, Germans were victims of their own creation. Soviet Jews too were the victims of the system of their own creation, but media and academia run by Jews and their sheepish goy allies(or puppets) suppress the part about Jewish role in communism and vastly overplay the Jewish victimhood under communism. Just as some Germans stick to the ‘good German’ myth, many Jews stick to the ‘good Jew’ myth. We know that most ‘good Germans’ turned against Nazism only after defeat seemed eminent in WWII. And, we know that many Jews turned against communism ONLY because the control of Soviet communism eventually fell into the hands of goyim who didn’t particularly like Jews. (2) Jews are just so lovable and funny. Jews are indeed funny because they are intelligent and have superior wit. It’s no accident that so many of the great comedians and music composers have been Jewish in the modern era because good music and great humor depend on wit and brilliance. Germans are good at many things but aren’t much good at comedy. Indeed, comedy around much of the goy world amounts to little more than slipping on banana peels. Most of the great witty and brilliant comedy are Jewish. So, it’s true that Jews can be fun. Who doesn’t like Don Rickles and Marx Brothers? Since Jews are fun, they are great, right? True to an extent. But, we must remind ourselves that much of Jewish humor actually target us. Even most Woody Allen jokes are really on us. Sure, he makes fun of ugliness of Jews, Jewish anxiety, Jewish neurosis, and etc. But, all said and done, all his movies ask, "Aren’t I lovable, cute, wonderful, and totally harmless... even as I piss on all the values that mean something to the goy kind?" To be sure, Jewish wit and humor aren’t always necessarily committed to destroying the goy moral order. Sometimes, Jews just act crazy because they can’t help themselves. Restless due to their fierce mental powers & energy AND enamored of their own brilliance, Jews can’t help poking fun and undermining everything; Jews are kinda like an hyperactive kid. All cultures produce such people, but Jewish clowns tend to be more subversive and dangerous because Jewish wit simply goes further and because Jews simply have more mental energy to expend. Jews also feel extra-clownish and subversive because they are surrounded by a vast ocean of dimwit goyim. This fact can inspire either sobriety or subversiveness on the part of the Jew. If the goyim are united and suspicious, Jews will act sober, afraid to rock the boat and upset goyim. But, if the goyim have been turned into valuefree decadent idiots, the Jews will have a field day ‘dickslapping’ and ‘cumming’ all over the goyim. It’s the nature of the Jew. Jews look at us as dogs because we are less intelligent. Though some people refuse to accept the intellectual superiority of Jews, we need only to look at the winners of Nobel prizes in science and medicine. And, most of the innovations in computer and other high-tech have been made by Jews. And, Jews have been most talented in coming up with massive business models. Whether one likes these models or not, no one can deny that they are formidable organizational blueprints and undertakings. Just as some dog owners just can’t help playing with their pets and making them do crazy things, Jews can’t help making fun of us and driving us crazy. An dog owner will throw a stick into the water, and the stupid dog will jump in and get all wet to fetch the stick. Similarly, Jews cannot help manipulating us because it’s amusing to them. Whether through capitalism or communism, through religion or secularism, goyim have followed the Jews. Jesus was a Jew. Marx was a Jew. Freud was a Jew. Betty Friedan was a Jew. Spielberg is a Jew. Jews do, stupid goyim follows like gullible dogs that they are. But, what do you expect? The intelligent have always manipulated the less intelligent. (3) It’s NOBLE to love a Jew, we are told. This message is tied to (1) and (2) but should be considered separately. Through the media and academia, we are not only told that Jews are lovable but that the best kind of goyim is one that helps or loves the Jew. Consider the movie ‘Schindler’s List’. Why is Schindler such a good guy? He saved Jews. Indeed, there is a genre in cinema that should be called SAVE-A-JEW movie. Hollywood has made a good number of them, but they are sprouting all over Western and Eastern Europe too. Go to any videostore and the foreign video section will have movies from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, France, Sweden, Norway, etc, etc that are about Jews being helped and saved by good goyim.(It’s like kinda Lassie Come Home remade as Goy Come Home. Good goy is the ever-faithful dog of the Jewish master.) This is rather odd, especially in Eastern Europe, considering that anti-Jewish feelings are not rare in that part of the world. But, consider the fact that people in the media tend to be of the Left. And, many of the film makers in Eastern Europe have been Jewish. Also, these nations want movies that sell and make a profit, and they know that SAVE-A-JEW movies will receive much greater attention in America which is totally dominated by Jews. For example, if an Eastern European movie is about saving Ukrainians, American media wouldn’t pick it up. But, if it’s about saving Jews, you bet that Miramax or some Jewish movie company will distribute it, and every public library will carry that title. Also, European nations know that they need the blessing and approval of worldwide Jewry in order to succeed and do business; so, they feel obligated to produce their share of SAVE-A-JEW movies for the sake of international image. And, some of these nations even erect Holocaust memorials, also mainly for the sake of public relations worldwide. It’s similar to Putin’s use of Solzhenitsyn. Though Putin is something of a mild neo-Stalinist, he knows that Stalin is considered a mass killer all over the world. So, he has made token gestures showing that he is very mindful of the evil aspects of Soviet Union under Stalin.

Anyway, philosemtism, Judeification, or Judeophilia has turned into a sick disease. Admiration of or sympathy for Jews is understandable as all peoples have something good about them. Indeed, there is much that has been very great and profound about Jewish accomplishments, history, and heritage. Even so, Jews are human after all, and all peoples have a dark side to their history. The dark side of Jewish history has been hidden from light. We admire much of German and Japanese culture and history but we openly discuss the dark sides of those cultures. And, we say that those dark aspects led to Nazism and Japanese militarism. We also know that there are things in culture that cannot easily be separated into good and bad. Take Wagner for instance. A very great musical genius, but there is a very dark and dangerous side to his music. Or, take the samurai culture of Japan. In many ways, it was magnificent, admirable, and impressive. It was also oppressive, inhuman, and merciless. There are cases where we can separate the good vs bad rather easily. Kicking a harmless dog is bad, pure and simple. But, concepts like national pride and honor can be both good and bad. Tribalism can be both good and bad. It can be about appreciation of and loyalty to one’s own people; it can also mean racial or cultural arrogance and/or contempt for different peoples. Universalism also can be both good and bad. It can mean all of humanity sharing basic principles of human rights and dignity. It can also mean forcing all of mankind to adopt what YOU believe is the ONLY way for people to be ‘liberated’ or
‘redeemed’. Communism was universalism gone crazy. Nazism was tribalism gone crazy. Islamic radicalism is both universalism and tribalism gone crazy. Islam is culture-specific, and as such, it is tribal. But, it tries to spread the faith and customs to ALL MANKIND.

Anyway, there is much in Jewish history, culture, and heritage that is dark and sinister(as there is much that is noble and profound). But, we are not allowed to discuss the dark or evil side of Jewish history or culture. We are told that such should be discouraged or suppressed because Jews too often have been the targets and scapegoats of goy rage, hatred, and paranoia. In other words, because we don’t want another Holocaust, we should even shut down legitimate criticism of Jewish power BECAUSE legitimate criticism may turn into extreme criticisms which may turn into totally crazy condemnation of all things Jewish. The Jews see us as hopeless alcoholics when it comes to anti-Jewishness. Just as AA demands that alcoholics not touch a drop of liquor since alcoholics simply cannot control their drinking habits, Jews figure that we should not even sip a single drop of anti-Jewish sentiments because it will invariably lead to another Holocaust.
If Jews can scientifically prove that criticism of Jews will to another Holocaust, I might be inclined to agree with Jewish fears, but this really just self-serving, hypocritical, and paranoid lunacy on the part of the Jews. Besides, we can make a similar counter-argument against the Jews. We can say, ‘when Jews took power in Russia, they embarked on a social experiment that created a vast slave state and killed over 20 million people. Since that’s what invariably and inevitably happens when Jews take power, we must not allow Jews to take any power ANYWHERE. Just as alcoholics cannot handle liquor and shouldn’t even touch a drop of alcohol, Jews shouldn’t get a hold of even a little bit of power because Jewish power invariably leads to Jewish control of everything and the destruction of the goy majority. Think of the mass murders, the slave camps, and ruthless repressiveness of communist countries. Think of what happened to the Palestinians. Look at what’s happening to whites in America. If the Holocaust can be used as a reason for banning ALL criticism of Jewish power, the Boshocaust–which claimed perhaps up to 100 million lives worldwide–can be used as a reason for banning ALL forms of Jewish power and influence. Jews believe that criticizing Jews leads to the Holocaust, so there must be NO criticism of Jews. Okay, then I say that Jews gaining power leads to the Bolshocaust, so there must NO power in the hands of Jews.

Look at what the Jews are doing to white goy Americans, a people who did more for Jews than any other people. Where do you see any gratitude? Where do you see any appreciation? (I thought Spielberg showed us some appreciation when he made Saving Private Ryan, but he was one of the main supporters of Barack Obama, a stealth Marxist black-nationalist. Jew Spielberg and his cronies thought Obama could be a useful puppet of Jewish interests. We simply cannot trust any liberal Jew, even a moderate liberal Jew. Making Obama–the friend of Wright and crazy Ayers–the Commander-in-Chief of the US armed forces is the biggest insult to Americans in the history of this country.)
From the first arrivals in the late 19th and early 20th century, many Jews were Marxists and anarchists. Through the 30s, 40s, and 50s, more Jews were pro-communist than anti-communist. In the 60s, Jews did everything to aid and abet Fidel Castro and Ho Chi Minh. Jews in the Soviet Studies and China Studies departments were often apologists for communism if not exactly communists themselves. Magazines like The Nation and New Republic were on the side of Stalin. New York Times regularly hired reporters of Marxist bent who blamed white gentile Americans for all the woes around the world. Today, Jews are forcing open borders on us. They are promoting miscegenocide whereby white women have black babies with black men. Jews have been able to do this by something other than naked force. 2% of the US population cannot physically force the vast white majority. No, Jews did this by gaining control over our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds. They control the academia and produce the textbooks. They control publishing and print mostly liberal and leftist books. Sure, there are conservative books, but notice that conservatives books cannot veer too far to the right whereas leftist books can veer to the far left. In other words, Barnes and Noble and Borders Books will sell tons of books on and by Noam Chomsky and Che Guevara(and 1000s of other ilk) but will not carry books by David Duke or Kevin MacDonald.
And, even stupid conservative thinkers use the far right as the yardstick of evil. So, when some lowlife radical leftist filmmaker comes along, even conservatives will compare such filmmaker with the Nazi director Leni Riefenstahl than with communist directors like Sergei Eisenstein or Dziga Vertov. Or, Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh will attack the Left by associating it with Nazis instead of with communists. Limbaugh should have called feminists ‘femi-commies’ or ‘femmunists’, but the stupid fat ape called them ‘feminazis’. Coulter compared Willie Horton with Horst Wessel. Either these stupid conservatives are really ignorant of communist history, or they too are afraid of the liberal Jews who control the publishing and radio industry. And, of course Jewish conservatives always denounce Muslims by comparing them with Nazis than with communists–though Islamic radicalism has more in common with communism. Though Islam is a religion and communism is atheist, they share a common historical and moral source–the Judeo-Christian tradition. Nazism was revival of European paganism!! It was tribal and anti-universalist whereas Christianity, Islam, and Marxism are all universalist.

If the extreme consequence of criticizing Jewish power and influence is another Holocaust, the extreme consequence of not criticizing Jewish power and influence is another Bolshocaust. Also, it’s not as though Jews leave us alone because we leave them alone. Through a Culture of Contempt and Subversion, Jews are constantly criticizing us(even though we do nothing but praise Jews 24/7) and many other peoples. Jews bitterly, rabidly, virulently, tenaciously, and viciously attack Mormon power, Christian Right power, Chinese power, Muslim power, Japanese power, French power, German power, Russian power, and etc. Jews constantly attack Catholics. Jews demean the history of Europeans and other folks. Though Jews were financially at the core of the West and profited from capitalism, imperialism, and globalism more than any other people, Jews are always attacking non-Jews for the evils committed under those systems. Jews say it’s antisemitic to criticize Jewish treatment of Palestinians, but American Jews love to point out what whites did to blacks in the South or what Afrikaners did to blacks in South Africa. (Of course, Jews conveniently forget that Israel was a very close ally of South Africa. Jews also hardly mention the fact that Israel is close to Turkey, a nation that still denies the genocide of the Armenians! In other words, genocide and human rights are really just a cynical ploy on the part of Jews to serve their own interests).

There are indeed nations where hatred of Jews is a problem, but it isn’t a problem in the West. Sure, there are pockets of neo-nazis and such ilk in the US and EU, but they are far outnumbered by leftist radicals who dominate culture, arts, media, and academia(not least because they are intellectually more serious, better-read, more curious, and creative). 98% of Americans say they would vote for a Jewish person as President. For Chrissakes, where is the rabid Jew-hatred in this country? The main problem, as far as I can see, is blind and mindless Jew-love, which is pathetic since Jews feel mostly contempt for white gentiles. Jews regard all conservative whites as closet-Nazis and they regard liberal whites as their putty pet dogs. Jews see right-wing whites as rabid dogs who won’t obey and see liberal whites as their running dogs who roll over when told to do so. Jews despise both groups, but of course favor the latter because a running dog obeys orders. Jews are using Political Correctness as a vast human Obedience School to make all of us fetch and roll over whenever they want us to. Jews want white male dogs to roll over and want white female dogs to stick their behinds to black male dogs. Jews want to mongrelize the entire white race so that white pride and identity will be gone forever, whereupon Jewish power will be permanent.

Jews are expert chess players, and this is how they see history. We must never trust what the Jews write but learn to read between the lines. 99% of things said and written by people are lies. We all wear masks. We must look behind the mask and see the real face. Though antisemites through the ages exaggerated Jewish evil, there is a dark side of Jewish history and culture that we must look straight in the face and be vigilant against.

Today, Jews feel safe in the US. But, Jews want more than the feeling of safety. They also want POWER, more POWER than anyone else. For a small minority to have excess power, wealth, and influence is always tricky because people take notice and grow resentful and distrustful. So, Jews want to create social and political conditions whereupon their power will be permanently secure forever and ever and can never ever be challenged. (Like champion chess players, Jews are looking 10 moves ahead into the future.) Since Jews can never be a demographic majority in the US, they have to use other means to secure their permanent dominance in the US. The main weapon is to weaken the feelings of pride and unity among their main goyim rival–the white majority. Prior to the Hispanic illegal invasion, Jews used American blacks and worldwide communism to counter the power of the white majority. Jews used blacks to morally shame and scare whitey. But, Jews overplayed this card, crime shot up, and many whites actually turned Republican. Jews also used the specter of world revolution to fill the West with guilt and shame over the history of imperialism. But, communism turned out to be a massive fraud, and Jews no longer wished to be associated with it. As they owned the media and academia, Jews were able to whitewash their role in communism. Also, even though Jews played whites vs blacks, many blacks came to hate Jews, and Jews came to fear an alliance of whites and blacks against Jews even if such alliance was mainly opportunistic and practical than deep.
What Jews had left were pop culture, media, and illegal immigration. Though Jew continued to use blacks against whites, many Jews discovered that rise of black power wasn’t necessarily good for Jews. Indeed, hatred and suspicion of Jews were a bigger problem in the black community than in the white community. Jews know that most Hispanics don’t care much for Jews, but if Hispanics become the other big minority in the US, blacks must compete for attention and sympathy. Since blacks have to compete with Hispanics–another poor and ‘victim’ group–, blacks are more likely to be accommodating with Jews. So, Jews want to use blacks and Hispanics against one another, and then use blacks and Hispanics against the Whites. This way, with whites, Hispanics, and blacks at odds with one another, Jewish power will be safe and permanent. Jews are so paranoid and crazy about power that they are willing to destroy white/western civilization just to safeguard their own interests. That is the WAY OF THE JEW.

Anyway, philosemitism, Judeification, or Judeophilia would not be dangerous IF Jews didn’t hold so much power, have committed great evils in the modern era(especially through communism), and are pushing policies that are sure to destroy the white race forever. After all, there has been a American-Indian-philia as well which has been pretty harmless. During the days of the frontier, Indians were seen as the savage that stood in the way of the white man and progress. In the wars between the white man and the Indian, the whites won totally, and Indians were driven into reservations. But, over time, the American Indian came to be regarded as Noble, Spiritual, and all that stuff; he became romanticized and idealized, especially in movies like Dances with Wolves. The idealized image of the Indian has little to do with reality. There was much that was indeed noble and beautiful about their customs and way of life. And we must honor their courage in putting up a tough fight for their land, culture, and women. But, American Indians were also ruthless, bloody, and not-so-nobly savage as well. But, it doesn’t matter if we no longer criticize American Indians. The fact is American Indians don’t have power in this country. They live on welfare and Casino revenues. They have no control over Hollywood, media, academia, government, etc. In the cases where we hear of Indian issues, it’s usually through Jewish and liberal spokesmen rather than from Indians themselves. So, American-Indian-philia, whether smart or dumb, is immaterial and inconsequential.
But, philosemitism, Judeification, or Judeophilia is dangerous because it makes us drop our guard against the most formidable power in this country and possibly the world. Jewish power is tremendous. Jews are not only disproportionately dominant economically, culturally, and intellectually, they are out to destroy our interests, our power, our pride, our influence. If American-Indian-philia is simply love of the American Indian, Philosemitism isn’t simply love of the Jew. It means being defenseless against the Jew who is out to get you. It means Jews get to use you, abuse you, exploit you, insult you. It means the Jew gets to rape you but you have to buy flowers and chocolates for the Jew for raping you. Consider the behavior of American conservatives. Jews are doing everything to undermine their values, power, and influence. Yet, these same stupid conservatives are going overboard to praise Jews, hug Jews, kiss Jews(in the ass), and support whatever Jews do in Israel. And, when things go badly in the Middle East, the Jews blame it all on white conservatives, but white conservatives support Jews even more. How more pathetic can you get?

Philosemitism says Jews are perfect just like American-Indian-philia says Indians are perfect. Of course, there’s no way to measure human perfection scientifically so we’re dealing with ‘spiritual’ perfection. It means there’s something inherently and intrinsically noble, deep, beautiful, and wonderful about these people. It’s hogwash. But again, it doesn’t matter with American Indians because they are powerless. If our job is to speak truth to power, there is very little we need to say to Indians who have little power and little money(even with all those Casinos–mostly run by Jews, at any rate).
In contrast, we must speak truth to Jewish power, but we cannot speak this truth because philosemitism or Judeification has spiritualized Jews into angels.
Of course, we know there are evil individual Jews like Bernie Madoff and others, but notice that the burden of guilt isn’t placed on the Madoffs or on the Jewish community. No, the bigger burden is put on us for potentially thinking, ‘hmm, lots of Jews involved in shady business and crookedness.’ So, it’s less of a crime for Jews to do evil than for us to take notice of it. So, if a bunch of Jews were to rape your mother and daughter, their crime would be less grave than the fact that you noticed that a bunch of Jews did it. We saw something similar during the Obama campaign–orchestrated by Jews. It was no sin for Obama to have associated with the likes of Rev. Wright or Bill Ayers. Oh no, that was perfectly okay. It was deemed a much bigger sin to have taken notice that Obama has extreme and hateful allies. Same thing was true in the 1940s and 1950s. As far as Jewish liberals were concerned, it was a much less of a crime to be a closet-communist or a communist sympathizer than to have blown the whistle on communist espionage and subversion. There has been a spiritualization not only of Jews but of the Left and non-whites. This is why if a college gives tenure to a communist, the moral burden isn’t on the university who hired a radical but on those who denounce such a promotion. Since the left is said to be on the ‘right side of history’–even if they made ‘mistakes’–, leftists are considered to be saints, sages, and angels. To complain of leftist radicals being given positions of power would be McCarthyism or paranoid red-baiting. But, if a college gave tenure to a neo-Nazi scholar, you bet leftists, liberals, and even many conservatives would be calling for an immediate dismissal and cut-off of all funds to the university. In other words, a college can hire a 1000 Noam Chomskys but it better not hire a single David Duke. This is what philosemitism has wrought.

Philosemitism, Judeification, or Judeophilia always finds a way to deflect criticism from the Jews. We saw this when the story of Bernie Madoff hit the news. The media warned that antisemites would run with this, that it was the best Christmas gift to neo-Nazis since Madoff had mostly hurt fellow Jews and gave Jews a bad name. Never mind the much more numerous gentile victims of Bernie Madoff. Never mind the great majority of great financial criminal minds in recent times have been Jewish. Never mind all that. Just focus on the fact that people like Bernie Madoff might lead people to question the power, influence, and wisdom of Jews.
And, there is no middle ground between Jew Love and Jew Hatred according to the Judeophiles. If you don’t totally love the Jew, you must be a Jew hater. "If you’re not with us, you’re against us." Though Jews accuse George W. Bush of promoting a rigid kind of Americanism where it’s ‘either our way or the highway’, Jews promote their interests, their power, and themselves the same way. We must love and appreciate the Jew with total obedience and reverence; otherwise, we are a bunch of antisemites.
Yes, there are indeed some people who would love to use examples such as Bernie Madoff to spin wild conspiracy theories about the Jews and to demean ALL Jews. But, most critics of Jewish power aren’t like that. Most critics of Jewish power respect and admire much in the Jewish community and know that our society is indebted to Jewish genius, brilliance, and hard work. But, who can deny the dark side of Jewish power especially since Jews are so powerful? Also, Jewish power is protected because (1) media, the so-called watchdog, are owned by Jews, and we know a lot of Jews watch out for one another. Many Jews in the media, Wall Street, and Washington have shielded the shysters who were behind the recent economic collapse. The media would have been far more aggressive in going after these crooks if Wall Street is the playground of German-Americans or Greek-Americans. (2) Non-Jews are afraid to criticize Jews since ANY criticism of Jews is labeled as ‘antisemitic’, whereupon the critic is sure to be blacklisted and have his career ruined. (3) And since generations of Americans have been brainwashed by Jewish media, most Americans kneejerkedly think any criticism of Jewish power is a form of neo-Nazism. There is a famous scene in Blues Brothers where Belushi and Ackroyd drive Neo-Nazis into the river. In other words, you get extra points for attacking the enemies of Jews. Now, Neo-Nazis are pretty rotten people, but that scene in Blues Brothers wasn’t really about Neo-Nazis per se. It was about sucking up to Jews. It was as if to say the Blues Brothers are sooooooooo good because they stand up for the Jews.

So, even when Jews do wrong, the blame never falls on the Jews. The blame falls on people who may take notice that a lot of Jews are up to no good. (The Jew media pull the same stunt when blacks act crazy. Instead of blaming blacks for acting crazy and violent, the Jewish media will say the main danger is not what the blacks did but how evil white people might use the example of black criminality to ‘spread hatred’. Blacks are not to be blamed; rather, the focus is on white people who might ‘exploit’ black hatred and lunacy. Very sneaky, these Jews.) In the 80s and early 90s, we discovered that a good number of Televangelists and Christian Right folks were actually hypocritical scam artists. The media went after them full blast. People like the Bakkers got in huge trouble. No mercy was shown. The media narrative was that there is something rotten in the Christian Right community, and we must air it out completely. No one said, ‘we should go easy on the dark side of the Christian Right lest the radical secular enemies of the religion–Neo-Commies–exploit it as an opportunity to spread hatred of religious folks’. Though communism killed tens of millions of religious people, we don’t cut slack for evil Christians. If there’s something rotten in the Christian community, we air it out and discuss it openly whatever the consequences. Same has been true with the Catholic priest scandal. There had indeed been a culture of silence and violence within the Catholic hierarchy. Too many sexually abusive priests had been allowed to remain in the church and even to rise up the hierarchy. When this news broke, the media went full blast to air all the dirty laundry. No one said, ‘this Catholic-bashing could be exploited by radical leftists who spread communism in the 20th century and slaughtered millions of Catholics.’ The burden of guilt was fully upon the Catholic priests, the Catholic Church, and the Catholic culture as a whole which had turned a blind eye to all these problems despite the warnings through the decades. And, the media treat the problems within the Mormon community the same way.

But, when it comes to the Jewish community, the burden of guilt falls on the goyim than on the Jews EVEN WHEN it’s the Jews who’ve committed acts of great wickedness and sneakery. The main finger is not pointed at the Jews but at those who might think less of Jews because of what has been exposed of the Jewish community. So, if you’re in a room full of people, and if a Jew farts a truly nasty fart, the finger is not pointed at the Jew but at the person who says the "Jew did it." If a Catholic, a Baptist, or a Mormon farts, the Jewish guy can say as loud as possible, ‘the GOY did it’. But, if a Jew farts, you better pretend the Jew didn’t fart at all. You better pretend that the terrible odor doesn’t emanate from the Jew but from the room as a whole or even from yourself for even daring to entertain the thought that the Jew did it. How dare you!!!! Are you an antisemite or something?
In the recent financial crisis, the Jewish community–in government, economic thinktanks, and in Wall Street–were the main fartmeisters, but we are not supposed to notice it. We can fully take notice of the rottenness within the Catholic Church, but we are not supposed to notice the rottenness in the Jewish community. So, even though Bernie Madoff and others like him blew massive farts, the burden of guilt falls on those who say, "Jews blew the rotten egg farts." Now, suppose Wall Street were mostly controlled by WASPS. You bet the Jewish run media would be attacking not only the individuals in the financial sector but the whole WASPY old-boys-network and culture of special connections, sweet deals, conspiratorial collusion, and whatnot. But, since most of the big old bad boys are Jews, we are not supposed to notice that the Jews farted. We are not also not supposed to notice that these rotten Jews also supported Obama over McCain. We are not supposed to notice that Obama’s administration is doing special favors for Wall Street Jews. Of course, McCain would have done the same thing as Jewish purse strings control both parties. Though the financial sector gave more to Obama, it did give a considerable amount to McCain as well.
Just think of how this all works. Jews in global finance mess things all up, and then they get to pull all the strings–especially in collusion with their Jewish media buddies. Of course, the liberal media have been hard on Wall Street and financial sector but it hasn’t been hard enough. It has pretty much buried the news about the ties between the Jewish finance boys and Obama. And, it’s mostly for show anyway. We know that liberal Jews in the media are in cahoots with the big Jewish boys in finance. Though they have some ideological differences, blood is thicker than ideological ink. The superrich liberal Jews who run the media will not really go after the superduperrich Jews in finance. Besides, on social and cultural policies, the finance Jewish boys and media Jewish boys see eye to eye. They both want to piss away national sovereignty of America and promote social libertarianism and decadence so as to undermine the fabric of the white moral order for the sake of permanent global Jewish power based in the US.
Indeed, just look at how Hollywood and entertainment industry are in cahoots with liberal news media. If the liberal news media are really about going after the guys with Big Money who do crooked things, how come Hollywood has gotten a pass all these years despite their marketing of cultural sewage, their corrupt and crooked ‘creative finance’, their materialistic and piggish lifestyles, and so on? Because both Hollywood bigshots and media bigshots are liberal Jews. All said and done, it’s all about Jewish power, Jewish influence, and Jewish clout. And, on social and cultural issues, they see eye to eye. They know their main priority is to undermine the moral fabric of American whites. And, it’s happened tremendously fast. Hollywood promotes miscegenocide on a huge scale whereupon more and more white girls go with Negro males to have half-negro kids. Iowa, a Midwest State has approved ‘gay marriage’. Iowa of all places! How could that be? Iowa is not San Francisco. It’s the power of the Academia, TV, Hollywood, News, and etc, all controlled by Jews. The Liberal Jew poison spreads everywhere because media control the minds of all Americans. Jews are devious but they know how to think and come up with fun stuff that engages people’s hearts and minds(or lack thereof). Most goyim are brainless dolts who just go along with others say.

So, we must wake up to reality. We must reject philosemitism, Judeification, or Judeophilia. It is dangerous because (1) Jews are the most powerful people in this country and we need to ‘speak truth to power’ (2) Jews are out to undermine us and destroy our race and culture (3) failure or cowardice to criticize Jews means that even when Jews do wrong, the blame never falls on Jews but on us instead. I’m all for criticizing the Christian Right, the Catholics, Mormons, and etc. I don’t care if millions of Christians of Catholic or Orthodox Faith were murdered by totalitarian madness in the 20th century. If there’s something rotten in those communities, we should discuss it and air the dirty laundry. I don’t care if 3 million Poles died in WWII and if Poland suffered under communism for 50 yrs. If something is rotten in Polish history, culture, or nation, we should discuss it openly. Similarly, I don’t care if millions of Jews died in the Holocaust. The fact is we must discuss the dark side of Jewish history, especially of how Jews were instrumental in the Bolshocaust which killed over 20 million people in USSR alone. We must discuss the Jewish role in the undermining and subversion of the white order in the US.

It may well be that the Jews have already destroyed America and white power forever. It may well be that the damage is now irreversible. But, if we’re gonna go down, let us at least drag the Jew down with us. If a Jew pushes you off the cliff, hang onto the Jew, and pull him down with you. Jews are mocking, insulting, and murdering us, but as we slide down the cliff, we should sink our claws into the Jew and pull him down with us. If SW goes to Mexican Illegals, let us make sure that Israel falls to the Palestinians. If Jews create conditions where more and more whites are attacked by black crime, let us get back at the Jews. If Jews are destroying us–and nothing can be done about it–, at the very least we can destroy the Jews in the bargain. It’s like when Hamlet was poisoned and dying. He knew he was finished but he knew he could kill his enemy as he himself died. They all died, but at least Hamlet got his sweet revenge. It may be too late to save ourselves but we can get our revenge against the Jew who are doing to us what Hitler always warned. Hitler was a lowlife scum, and his crimes were evil. But, how ironic that Jews, who said Hitler was just a paranoid lunatic, are indeed doing everything Hitler said the Jews would do: destroy the white race through miscegenation, mass immigration, and cultural decadence; Jews want whites to become like those crazy and confused mulattos of Brazil. What with all the cultural decadence plaguing the white goy, he has lost the will to fight for his land, his woman, his honor, his people. White boys have no sense of history, heritage, or pride. If we’re gonna fade away and die as a people, the least we can do is ensure the destruction of the Jews along with our destruction. Amen.


  1. Thank you for this outstanding post! As you point out correctly, the Holocaust is the foundation of the Jewish world order. But you didn't mention that in many countries there are harsh legal penalties for denying, downplaying or even questioning the Holocaust. Even in countries where Holocaust denial is still legal, as in the United States, Jewish power will pull all strings to prevent an open debate about the factual accuracy of the official story from occurring.

    There are many scholars who claim that the Holocaust is nothing but a propaganda lie. Many of these scholars were convicted to long sentences in prison for their belief. As they studied the matter in all detail, we must assume that if there was undeniable evidence for the Holocaust, they would know about it. But why do they continue denying it then, even if this gets them into prison for many years? I can only conclude that their belief is sincere and they are martyrs for it. And these people know a great deal more about the matter than most of us.

    The Jewish-controlled media used to suppress the publication of dissenting voices but since the advent of the Internet we are finally able to access their works and judge for ourselves. We should make use of this opportunity as long as we still can.

  2. @Andrea Freiboden:

    In your post you pointed out that Jews know that acting as victims will allow them to reap the benefits of Goy guilt which they can then exploit to the fullest for their own political and financial gain. But they didn't just discover this by accident after 1945, they have known and used it before, being the clever and cunning people they are.

    I would like to point you to a book which shows how Jews fabricated stories about alleged Jewish suffering and mass extermination already during the first world war:

    Don Heddesheimer: The First Holocaust. Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns
    with Holocaust Claims During and After World War One

  3. A bit too rambling for my taste, but because it is an important topic, I read it all, with a critical eye. I got the impression it would make a fine chapter in a post-white world, college history book analysing how the white race was undermined and finally destroyed by the Jews. It could be discussed in a multi-cultural classrom where all the students possess a Brazilian complexion
    and speak only in politically correct tones.
    If you truly can see between the lines, you can certainly see that these people seek our utter destruction. We are not just fetching sticks for them, we are supplying the blood of our young soldiers to die, for them, in far away dessert lands, in the name of their God, Zionism. Jews are a cruel and vicious people, just ask the Gazans. Over 300 children were killed in the last offensive against Gaza. If we allow them to succeed there, it will be our children, next.

    "So, we have Jews telling us to beware of Muslims because those evil towelheads are dangerous to saintly darling little Jews. Jews say we must stand up to Muslims because Muslims don’t like Jews in Europe and in the US. But, which group caused more harm to Western Civilization?"

    We are fighting the evil "terrorists" because Israel kills their children with impunity.