Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Belleville School Bus Attack Was Racial.

Initially, the police reported the beating as racially motivated but then back-tracked and stated that it had resulted from a squabble over a seat. I would argue it’s irrelevant whether it was racially MOTIVATED or not. After all, black kids often beat up one another all the time. They sometimes kill one another over gym shoes. So, we cannot say for sure that the white kid got beat up simply because he’s white. True enough.

But, I would argue the beating was still racial IN NATURE even if it weren’t racially MOTIVATED. Consider a case where a man beats up a woman. Suppose he didn’t beat her up because she was a woman but over an argument. Even if the beating wasn’t sexually MOTIVATED, one can still argue that the beating was sexual IN NATURE because the man struck and beat up the woman and not the other way around. Why didn’t the woman beat up the man? Because 99 times out of 100, men are stronger than women. So, even if the man didn’t beat the woman for sexual reasons, the outcome of the violence was sexual in nature just the same. This is why there is a social and moral taboo against men hitting women EVEN when the woman may be in the wrong. Even when a woman slaps a man, we don’t expect a man to beat the crap out of her. At most, we can tolerate him slapping her back or restraining her. A man is not supposed to take advantage of his advantage in physical strength.

So, let us examine the Belleville Overkill again. A black kid first attacked and beat up a white kid who didn’t fight back because he was scared and knew well that if he fought back, he would get hurt even worse. After he got beat up by one Negro punk, others took turns beating him up. Why did the first Negro kid give the white kid a hard time, refusing to share the seat with the him? Because the Negro kid felt nothing but contempt for the weakling white boy. The contempt was racial in nature even if not consciously racially motivated. (Especially with the rise of Rap music, the social ideal within the black community is Da Thug, and ‘faggotyass pussyass mothafuckas’, aka ‘white boys’, are utterly despised.) Why did the Negro boy so readily start punching the white kid? Because he knew that he’d easily whup a white boy’s ass. Why did other black kids enjoy the spectacle? Because it was fun to watch a ‘ faggoty ass white pussy boy’ helplessly get his ass kicked. Why did other white kids in the bus do NOTHING to help the white kid? Because they too feared the stronger and more aggressive black kids. Why did so many blacks find it so amusing? Because blacks routinely make fun of slow, lardy, soft, faggoty ass, and pussy ass white boys are. Black kids laugh at slow white athletes in sports. Black grow up with the full knowledge that in most cases, they can ‘kick the white boy’s ass.’ So, even if the Belleville Incident wasn’t necessarily racially motivated, honest people must say it was indeed racial in nature. Things like that happen all over America–with most of the violence being black-on-white in schools, buses, public spaces, streets, parks, etc–because blacks are stronger than whites.
Why is most sexual violence male-on-female? Because men are stronger. Men don’t walk the streets with fear of female muggers or rapists, but many women do fear male muggers and rapists. Even when women are victims of crime which isn’t sexually motivated, they are victims precisely because they are of the weaker sex. So, male-on-female violence, even when not explicitly sexual in intent, is sexual in nature.
Same must be said for racial violence. How come there are innumerable black-on-white, black-on-Jewish, black-on-Hispanic, black-on-Arab-American, black-on-Asian crime, but relatively few white/Jewish/Hispanic/Arab-American/Asian-on-black street crime or violence? Because blacks know they are the predator and non-blacks are the prey. Lions hunt wildebeests, wildebeests do not hunt lions.

So, the oft-asked question, "was it racially motivated?" misses the point. The real question is, "is co-existence with blacks viable for non-blacks when so many blacks are dumb, aggressive, strong, violent, and filled with arrogant contempt for ‘pussy ass’ non-blacks?"
There are two solutions to this problem. One is segregation or separation of non-black races from blacks. Blacks outside US, Europe, or Canada cannot hurt whites. Jamaicans can only hurt themselves. But, when Jamaicans migrate to UK or Canada, they soon end up kicking the white boys’ ass. Since humans naturally admire and worship power–due to our evolutionary sexual and hunter-warrior instincts–, black men are soon swooned over by white women who become mudsharks having mulatto babies like Barack Obama. And even white boys brutalized and ‘pussified’ by black guys start imitating blackness because it has become the standard of alpha male toughness. Even Mexican-American gangs act and talk black. (Mexican-Americans, by their sheer numbers and lack of politically correct brainwashing, are ganging up together and scoring huge successes against blacks in parts of the Southwest. Though pound-for-pound, a black guy can easily destroy a Mexican-American, blacks have become hopelessly outnumbered by organized Mexican gangs who aren’t paralyzed by historical or social guilt regarding blacks. And, since the liberal Jewish media prop up the Grand Narrative of various peoples-of-color living in peace, the extent of hatred and distrust among blacks and the Mexican-American community has been suppressed.)

If separation or segregation is out of the question, the only other hope for some degree of racial peace is the ostracization of black violence. This has been achieved in the realm of men and women. Though men can easily beat up women, modern Western society has placed a heavy taboo against men using violence against women. Men who attack women are roundly condemned by society as brutes, bullies, a**holes, etc.. There are also laws heavily penalizing male violence against women. The combination of social, moral, and legal pressures on men has led to a great decline of violence against women in the West–at least in sane communities inhabited by mostly white folks(minus white trash folks who still get it on with their younger sisters). There are still many societies around the world where it’s socially and legally acceptable for men to beat up women. In the West, most men don’t hit women because they’ve been inculcated with the ideal that real men don’t hit women; only a bully or a coward hits the weaker or fairer sex.
It may be possible to instill this kind of taboo against black violence. Suppose society spreads the message that since blacks are stronger and can easily beat up non-blacks, it would be bullying and brutish for blacks to take advantage of their superior strength to physically or otherwise assault non-blacks. Perhaps, blacks who attack non-blacks can be shamed by society, just like men who attack women.
There is one big problem with this proposal. It can only be achieved through what might be called the pussification of the white male. For there to be a social/moral taboo against black aggression, society has to assume that white men are to black men what women are to men. The message would be black males shouldn’t attack white males because that would be like men beating up women. Such may indeed reduced the level of black violence through social ostracization–blacks who attack whites would be socially rejected as cowardly bullies who pick on weaker victims–, but the psychological toll on white men would be immense. They would have to live a pussified existence. They would be socially patronized and protected from black violence like women are socially patronized and protected from male violence. If the pussification of white male happens, even more white women will go with black men who are seen as TRUE MEN.

The option I haven’t mentioned is bio-technology. It may be possible in the not–too-distant future to genetically engineer white men who can kick the Negro’s ass. And hopefully, there may be ways to boost white gentile IQs to levels of Ashkenazi Jews or even higher. The reason why Jews dominate America is because they are smarter. The reason why blacks terrorize America is because they are stronger. All this racial equality crap is for the birds. Until the day arrives when we can find bio-technological means to improve the white race–ironically, the discoveries will most likely be made by the super-smart Ashkenazi Jews–all white people can hope for is to be properly racist. By racist, I don’t mean acting like stupid KKK or crazy Neo-Nazis. No, I mean spread the truth about race and know that we are suffering because of intellectual superiority of the Jews and physical superiority of the Negro.
There is power in numbers. There are still many whites, and if we act as a united group, we have a better chance of surviving as a proud and powerful people. The West came to dominate the world not because whites were physically the strongest nor because they were the most intelligent–Asians are comparable in terms of IQ and Ashkenazi Jews are decisively more intelligent. It was because whites found a balance between individualism and communalism, the balance between the spiritual(Judeo-Christian), sensual-creative(Euro-pagan), and rational(Hellenic). It was also because white folks stuck together.

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