Friday, July 24, 2009

The Phenomenon of the DOWNITY BLACK as Opposed to the Uppity Black.

There used to the notion of the 'uppity nigger'. An uppy was a black guy who 'didn't know his place'. At worst, he acted like he wanted to push everyone around. Many whites disliked the uppy. They felt threatened and/or offended that a black person would strive to be the equal of white folks. But, some white people embraced the uppy ideal. Some white folks felt that the oppressed blacks had a right to stand up and challenge white authority or status quo. After all, what was wrong with demanding equality? Why should blacks have to sit in the back of the bus? (This attitude was telling when Hillary, as the trailing candidate during the Democratic Primaries, suggested that Obama be her running mate. It was like telling Obama,'get to the back of the bus'.) Some whites supported uppitiness out of guilt. This got problematic when uppitiness went from demand-for-equality to expression-of-superiority. Muhammad ali was not saying, 'I'm the equal of you'; he meant, 'I'm better than you slow white boys'. Of course, being a megalomanicac, Ali's black consciousness soon lost its meaning as he trashed his black opponents just as mercilessly(it soon turned into I am better than all you 'niggers'). More important than black glory was 'my glory' for Ali. In a way, this is why black community is so messed up. For all the talk of black unity and brotherhood/sisterhood, most blacks only think in terms of self-centered uppitiness. The putrid show 'Flavor of Love' perfectly embodies this retarded mentality. And, every street thug in the inner-city is killing other street thugs--mostly black--in the name of 'I'm the greatest'. This isn't individualism that acknowledges and respects other individuals but tribal- individualism which sees other individuals as enemies to conquer or destroy.

Anyway, if some whites tolerated or even accept black uppitiness either out of sense of justice or guilt, some embraced--and hoped to emulate--it out of admiration and worship. With the rise of Muhammad Ali, other black athletes, and rising black dominance in pop music, many whites began to loathe themselves as slow, dull, lame, bland, white-bread, and boring turds. To be REAL and TRUE, they felt a need to become 'white negroes'. Some hoped that by hanging around and imitating blacks, they could/would be just as badass by social osmosis. But, whites soon realized that, no matter how much they imitated blacks, they can never equal blacks in the arena of physical and sexual prowess, charisma, and badassness(similarly, a woman imitating a man cannot whup a man in a boxing ring); so, the only thing whites could hope for was to bow down before the black man or woman. Blacks were seen as the alpha race, whites as the beta race. As for (non-black)Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, etc, they were seen as lower forms of humanity when it came to being badass, hip, and cool. Though the liberal dominated media/academia officially upholds the idea of equality/diversity, some groups are prized more than others. Racial favoritism and the Imperialism of Guilt(pushing white guilt to all of humanity) are big agendas of the Left; in other words, we expect Hindus and Chinese to feel guilty of what happened to blacks and Jews, but we don't demand that blacks and jews feel guilty for the Hindu or Chinese historical suffering; since white people--at least Germans and Anglo-Americans-- feel guilt toward jews or blacks, the ENTIRE world must share in this guilt.

During a time when blacks were seen as inferior, whites were faced with uppity blacks who wanted equality. Once blacks got equality, uppitiness turned into expression of superiority. Once blacks gained the alpha race status and were seen as the superior race, uppitiness no longer became an issue. In the areas that matter most to americans--sports, sex, entertainment, charisma, etc--blacks totally whupped the whites. Also, uppitiness was upheld by the new liberal media/academia as a model to follow than as a problem to confront. So, we should all try to be uppity in the black manner-- especially against heterosexual gentile white males(hegewhales). So, women should be uppity against hegewhales. And, illegal Mexicans ought to be uppity against hegewhales--like during the illegal immigrant pride marches last year. Imagine that, people who shouldn't even be in this country acting uppity and thumbing their noses at legal citizens of America. Uppitiness against hegewhales has become such a cool, hip attitude that legal citizens in the US hid in their homes--afraid of being called 'racist'--while illegals flagrantly violated american laws. Blacks weren't exactly happy, as they resented the flood of illegal Hispanic immigration; on the other hand, black political culture is defined so much by mass marches and giving White Society the middle finger that many blacks didn't oppose the illegal march either. After all, it was stamped with the black uppity style of politics.

Anyway, there is one problem with uppitiness. Blacks have become so established in the national psyche as the superior alpha race that uppitiness is no longer an issue. Never mind Ali, who looks downright gentle today. In the 80s and 90s, we've had mean Mike Tyson mauling everyone and threatening murder. We've had Rap Music which delivered a KO to what had once been a white-dominated rock industry. Since the late 80s to now, hip hop has been the Mainstream. And, look at all the most popular sports. They are dominated by blacks. Baseball is seeing more Hispanics but they are mostly Hispanic blacks than Hispanic whites and certainly not Hispanic of Indian origin.

So, uppityness is passe. If anything, the uncle toms of today are white. We have white toms everywhere. Whites are no longer trying to keep the black man down. Whites are not even trying to maintain the idea of equality--except in some conservative quarters. (But, even conservatives have accepted some notion of black superiority. So, if Thomas Sowell or Shelby Steele says something, it's received as the wisdom of the ages. Or, Clarence Thomas is discussed in sanctimonious terms that defy rational analysis. And, even cons, who used to rationally dissect the myth of Martin Luther King, are falling all over themselves honoring the Great Man. In truth, King was for Affirmative Action, generally leaned toward socialism, rubbed shoulders with communists all his life, and chose pacifism ONLY as a tactic than as the Golden Rule. Were he alive today, he'd surely be with the Jesse jackson, Al Sharpton, and the like.)

For the most part, white people have accepted that blacks are superior because the latter are stronger, sexier, funkier, funnier, and more charismatic. So, whites are now willing to follow and look up to blacks. But, there's a problem. Most blacks are idiots and difficult to take seriously. Of course, not all whites agree. There are plenty of white kids who would vote for Kanye West or Snoop Dogg for president. But, many other whites, while acknowledging black superiority, want some dignity associated with black superiority. In other words, their unspoken message to blacks is, "look, I accept that you are superior. I will kiss your ass, suckle your toes, and even suck your d___. Just dont whup or humiliate me and act with a little class." When Jack Johnson whupped Jim Jeffries, he took his time to hurt and humiliate the white boy. This is what many whites fear. They are willing to accept defeat and inferiority; they just hope that the triumphant black man will not mock and humiliate them so much. In other words,"you can knock me out but please don't taunt me"--like Johnson did with Jeffries. Or, "you can take my wife but just don't beat me up to take her from me". Or "you can marry my daughter but just don't beat her up'. Indeed, white girls have this problem too--call it the OJ syndrome. On the one hand, many white women are attracted to black men but soon find out that black men are not loyal nor trustworthy. Black men take pride in hopping from one bed to another, more enamoured of their sexual mastery and prowess than with well-being of their partners--just like Ali ultimately loved himself more than his family or black people. Black men piss off black women by going with white women; but, they soon piss off white women by going with other white women. White women think, "this black guy will stick with me because he's grateful that he's getting white p___y." That may have been the case several decades ago. But, today, countless white women are putting out to black men, so there's no guarantee that black men will stay true to any single white woman.

So, many white people want some kind of guarantee. They are willing to say, "Mr. Black Man, you are superior to us. But as we honor and bow down before you, please go easy on us. Don't laugh at our 'faggoty-ass' bland whitness. If we suck your d___, please don't d___slap us. Don't be like Al Sharpton. Be nice." And, so we have Obama. No one sees Obama as an 'uppity nigger' because blacks have long proven not only their equality but supeirority. So, now the main issue is how blacks, as the superior race, treats us. It's about HOW they look DOWN on us. We are confronted with downity 'crazy niggers' like Farrakhan, Sharpton, and Jeremiah Wright. Or, we have downity buppies like Obama who act with ersatz grace, style, and even refinement.

In the Old South, blacks were afeared of mean, trashy rednecks who had power over them with the whip. Blacks much preferred the refined southern gentleman who, though in the superior social position, treated blacks with some patronizing civility and kindness. Remember the TV series ROOTS? Father Brady(of The Brady Bunch)played a relatively enlightened southern gentleman, and blacks generally liked him much more than they liked thuggish redneck goons.

Today, the whole relationship has been turned upside down. Obama now plays the role of the genteel southern aristocrat who won't whip the white slaves too much. Jeremiah Wright WHIPS the white boys with guilt- lashings. But, obama handles the whip in a much more elegant and forgiving manner. He twacks us gently and then rubs some ointment on us. And, there is Oprah who has mastered this art and made a mega-fortune from off it as the billionaire-mammy-who-inherited-the-master's-mansion. Her message is "as long as you fatten my purse and kiss my ass, I will not take revenge on you honkeys but smile at you with soulful forgiving eyes. Just keep the dough coming." And whites have fallen for this swindle.

Of course, the racial dynamic is screwy because even as blacks have attained alpha race status, there is the massive problem of poor blacks. In the popular arena--sports, entertainment, politics, etc-- blacks are very prominent. But, in many professions and institutions, many blacks still lag behind. Also, the liberal-dominated media and academia never let us forget slavery(and the Holocaust, even though they've done everything to make us forget the mass crimes of communism which killed 100 million in the 20th century).

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