Monday, February 23, 2009

Jewish Use of Blacks Against Muslims.

Isn’t it striking that the movies The Kingdom and The Traitor star, respectively, Jamie Foxx and Don Cheadle? Both films take place in the Middle East, and the enemies are Arab terrorists. Other than the fact that Hollywood often cast Muslims as The Enemy, what is noteworthy that stars of both films are black. Why would this be?

My guess is that the Jews want to bring American blacks to their side or at least turn them against the Muslim and Arab world. This is largely because American Jews are Zionist and care about Israel. In America, the Jewish-black relations aren’t that good. Many black leaders secretly and even openly denounce Jews. Blacks offer three main justifications for their anger. 1. Israel was a close ally of South Africa during the apartheid years. 2. Jewish businessmen in the past exploited blacks socially and economically(and do so to this day). 3. Jews succeeded and became the elite of America while many blacks still remain mired in poverty.
These are the ostensible reasons, but blacks are just jealous of Jewish success like they are jealous of success of all other groups–white or minority.

Why are Jews so concerned about what blacks think? There are several reasons. Many Jews make tons of money in the music, movie, and sports industry where black stars are prominent and crucial; also, blacks make up a sizable portion of the paying audience for Jewish produced goods, especially TV and movies. As successful as Jews are, they want everyone to see them as eternal historical victims, and as such, Jews want to be associated with blacks–the people who experienced American slavery. Especially as Jews are so rich and powerful–potential targets of the envious and resentful goy masses–, Jews want to mask their real power and influence by playing victim. Since Jews are the richest and most powerful people in America, Jews can gain victim status only by two means–memorialization of the Holocaust(hence the endless stream of Holocaust documentaries, movies, anniversaries, books, articles, etc.) and by association with other groups. Since blacks are a vocal and politically powerful ‘victim group’ in the US, Jews want to be associated(at least politically if not socially)with them. With a strong Jewish-black alliance, Jews can say, ‘how can we be elitist oppressors when we are so chummy with the poor negroes?’ Having close ties with blacks also helps the cause of Zionism. To people around the world and Americans who point to the horrors of Israeli treatment of Palestinians, Jews can say, ‘but how can we oppressors when American blacks, whose ancestors were brought here as slaves, are our friends?’ Recall that Martin Luther King never lodged a critical word about Jewish treatment of Palestinians; he depended on Jewish money and associations.

So, this is the dirty Jewish game. The rise of Obama has everything to do with Jews seeking to gain cover from criticism by associating themselves with a black guy. Of course, Jews also supported Obama–as opposed to guys like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton–because they hope to remake the black community in the Jewish image. Obama is an intellectual black guy steeped in liberal Jewish ideology–more so than in black ideology–, and by putting Obama on a pedestal, Jews hope that successful blacks will follow in the footsteps of Obama than those of Farrakhan, Jackson, or Sharpton. Obama understands what this Jewish trick is all about; he knew that if he played along with the Jewish script, he would be President since Jews would shower him with 100s of millions of dollars and give him media support–you all know who owns and controls the media.

So, take a film like The Kingdom or The Traitor. Why do they star black actors? It’s because American Jews want to condition black Americans to identify with anti-Islamism. Both films send a message to blacks that, "look, the Muslims and Arabs are YOUR enemy and brothas like Foxx and Cheadle be shooting and killing them raghead mothafuc*as!". Of course, both films are clever enough to show some bad Americans and some good Arabs/Muslims. This way, Hollywood can give itself cover from charges of ‘Islamophobia’ or bigotry. But, it’s clear that both films are trying to woo blacks over to the Jewish side or at least against the Muslim/Arab side. Since Hollywood is world cinema, films such as these are also meant to influence stupid and gullible audiences on all five continents. But, perhaps they are not as influential because, after all, so many people hate Israel and Jews just the same.
Having black characters in leading roles also make it easier for white audiences to enjoy their hatred of or animosity toward Muslims or Arabs. In our politically correct age, white males are the lowest of the low–unless they are leftist rebels like Matt ‘Bourne’ Damon. So, an anti-Arab or anti-Muslim movie with good gung ho white guys might come across as ‘racist’, not least to liberal whites. But, if these films have ‘noble’ or ‘cool’ blacks fighting evil Arabs or Muslims, even white liberals can enjoy the spectacle of whupping Muslims or Arabs guilt free. How can it be bigoted when the good guys are black?

Yes, Jews are very clever. And, they play very dirty.

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