Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time to lay GOP to Rest.

GOP served its useful purpose. Now, it's time for it to go. When a horse's leg is broken, you put it out of its misery. You don't let it slowly die in pain. It's truer with an elephant. An injured elephant is useless. It must go. It's time to put a bullet through its head. Not out of hate, but out of love.

The GOP can survive only one way, but it will no longer be the GOP as we've known it. For the GOP to be 'inclusive', it has to pander to blacks and other minorities. It has to be pro-affirmative discrimination. To win over the expanding yuppie and affluent suburban vote, GOP has to become socially liberal, i. e. pro-Gayass Marriage. To win over Hispanics, the Party must purge itself of the anti-Illegal crowd. It's just the fact of culture and demographics.

Black numbers are rising not only due to higher birthrates but increased immigration from Africa and the Carribbean. Mexicans and other Central Americans are flooding into the US in great numbers for jobs(and for reconquista and welfare fiesta). Economically, the most powerful people are the yuppie folks; to be sure, the economic interests of yuppies don't jibe with demands of blacks and illegal Americans, but as Jesus said, 'man doesn't live by bread alone'. Conditioned to worship Martin Luther Bling since babyhood and indoctrinated at radical fancy universities, the affluent class of Americans have become socially very very liberal. Indeed, black Democrats are socially more likely to agree with us than rich white Democrats. If not for non-whites, gayass marriage would have passed in California.

The affluent white class wasn't always like this, but the left won the culture war. The Right lost because too many conservatives were gun-hugging, bible-thumping dimwits afraid of intellectualism and creativity. So, arts and ideas became the domain of liberals and leftists. And, though people like Buchanan went into journalism, most conservatives did not. The media also became the domain of the left and liberals. How do we remember history? Though books and lectures, but who dominates those areas? Liberals and leftists. We can complain about liberals and leftists controlling academia, media, and Hollywood all we want. The fact is libs and leftists took the time and effort to succeed in those areas. Most conservatives just went after money, guns, or church attendance. Money is power, to be sure, but money must buy talent, and the fact is most creative and intellectual talent have been liberal or leftist. So, if a conservative tried to set up a rightwing Hollywood, he would be in deep doodoo because most cons have no artistic talent; even he would have to hire liberal talent in order to succeed. Most conservative universities are second-rate; they don't attract the best minds nor produce new ideas that attract the best minds. So, even or especially the affluent who got fancy education in best colleges turned more and more left.

So, GOP is really in deep doodoo mode. Demographically, it's losing out to blacks and Hispanics. It won't be long before blacks outnumber whites in Red States too. As for SW states, they are already pretty much more Mexican(and other Central American) than white. GOP looked to Asians with hope, and indeed, the majority of Asians in key states like California voted Republican in the 80s. Many were new immigrants who were fed up with crime. They were into family values and work ethic. They were anti-communist. But, things have changed. As many of them have succeeded, their kids went to fancy schools where they sucked up knowledge from radical Jewish professors. Asians are essentially sheepish; they just go along with the leader, and so Asians sucked up to leftist whites and Jews. Also, more and more Chinese arrived from the Mainland. Though capitalist in practice, many revere Mao Zedong, the mass-murdering commie Archie Bunker of China. As many of these Chinese want more of their kind to come, they are gonna favor Democrats who are more lenient on immigration.

Some say the GOP should be more inclusive, but the fact is it is and has been. Buchanan is right that the GOP has been mostly a white party, but not because it barred non-whites. It's because non-white groups have demanded something other than equality and fairness; they've demanded special recognition, special status, special privileges, special favors, special rights, etc. Democrats didn't attract non-whites with appeals of equality but with appeals of more-equal-than-equal. So, blacks got affirmative hiring, Hispanics got affirmative immigration(Asians too), and gays are on the verge of getting assfirmative marriage. With the GOP having taken away the thunder of color-blindness from Democrats with the rise of Nixon and triumph of Reagan, the liberal-leftist-Democratic card became 'multiculturalism'. Fight for equal rights having been won, the Left began to agitate for equal outcomes, special favors, etc. This was pretty lowdown, cheap, and sordid. It was a dirty way of buying votes, a form of political bribery. In the old days of white ethnic domination, it was called 'machine politics'. But, being ever so creative and intellectual-ish, liberals came up with a grand oral/cultural/political/social theory around it. As a result, many well-educated white folks came to see 'multiculturalism' as something wonderful, progressive, brilliant, and noble when in fact it was just a slimey way for liberals and Democrats to gain power by stoking and bribing various tribalisms.

In the old days of 'machine politics', everyone knew what it was all about. It was about the Irish, Italians, Jews, Greeks, Blacks, etc saying 'hey, gimme mine'. Democrats and liberals accepted and exploited this reality for what it was, but no one pretended it was some higher moral calling or intellectually conceived system. But, multiculturalism attained that kind of aura as 'the smartest' people in the media and academia seemed to promote it. So, Dems not only gained in tribal politics but won over the affluent smart set who should have known better.
How does the GOP compete with this? It can't if it wants to remain the GOP. We can go the Democratic route, but we'll just be another Democratic Party. We'll be gayass elephants, like the ones in Fantasia.

So, it's time to honor and lay the GOP down to rest. So, does that mean it's all over? No, the fun's just begun. I say we all become Democrats and subvert the party from within. It's like this. When commies tried to take over the free world with arms, the free world stood up. But, when the commies subverted us from within, they eventually took over. So, we have the Barack dungheap Obamarx as president. The commies could never ever have done this with arms. They did it by acting like ordinary Americans. By acting mainstream. Eventually, they took over the mainstream institutions. We've become their slaves.

We can still be conservative, rightist, or whatever-ist as Democrats. "Democrat" doesn't mean anything. There have been liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats. If we all join the Democratic Party, we can join forces with conservative and moderate Democrats against the liberal and leftist Democrats. Suppose in 2008, we'd all been Democrats. Obama would not have won. We would not have gotten Fred Thompson or Ron Paul, but we would still have gotten Hillary over Obama--a white person over black person. Suppose all the conservative Democratic votes--ours--joined with all the Hillary supporting moderate Democrat votes. Barack dungheap Obama would not be president right now. I hate Hillary but better her than Obama, the scummiest and sleaziest punk to ever enter the Oval Office.

Indeed, look what happened with Joe Lieberman thanks to Republicans joining togther with moderate Democrats. Lieberman had lost the primary to some superliberal jerk, but he won the general election with the support of moderate Democrats and conservative Republicans. Better a mod lib than a total lib.

Things being what they are, there is slim chance that we are gonna be able to elect a conservative president, but we can still unite with moderates and conservatives among the Democrats to block someone as radical, leftist, and unwhite as Barack dungheap Obama. Something is better than nothing; with Obama, we've ended up with NOTHING.
So, that's what we must do. Honorably lay the GOP to rest. It's served us well, but the changing nature of this country has destroyed the appeal of ideology of colorblind equality. Blacks and Hispanics want affirmative hiring, and Hispanics and Asians want affirmative immigration. The well-educated and affluent white middle and upper-classes, though they lived in mostly segregated/gated communities, wanna put on airs that they are sooo progressive and sophisticated with their 'tolerance' and 'inclusiveness'. Jews are especially masters at this game. Though at the very top and having more power and influence than we can imagine--and living in the whitest of the white neighborhoods--, they want people to look upon Jews as 'the noble saints of history siding with poor people-of-color against those evil WASPS'. Of course, if you're a Palestinian in Gaza, you're worse than an ape and lower than a cockroach.

Jews sure are superpowerful. Indeed, read Buchanans' article, and he barely mentions the role of Jewish power in the rise of Democrats and election of Barack dungheap Obama. Buchanan instead reminds us that Asians voted 60 to 40 for Obama. But, there is no mention of the fact that Jews voted for Obama 8 to 2. Also, which group pumped most money into Obama's campaign? Jews. Who operated the Obama machine? The Jews. Who owns and runs the media that gave Obama a pass at every turn? Jews. Jews are so powerful that even pitbull Buchanan turns chihuahua.

In a big way, even our immigration problem is essentially a Jewish problem. Liberal Jews pushed for loose immigration policy more than any other group. Liberal Jews have also used schools and media to fool us that anyone who opposes tidal wave immigration, both legal and illegal, are bigots. Jewish control of laws and courts have made it impossible to enforce immigration policies. Liberal Jewish media also block out much of the news about what's happening to decent Americans as a result of illegal immigration. We've seen very little of what has happened to Palestinians in the Gaza Massacre or the Rape of Gaza, but the same is true of what's been happening as a result of illegal immigration. We see or hear almost nothing of American victims of this massive problem. It's all blocked out. Instead, we get news stories about how minutemen patrolling the border are subhuman apes or cretins. When water leaks into your house, don't blame the water. Water naturally will flow to open spaces. The question is who's designed the pipe, who built the wall? And why won't anyone fix the problem? The problem is the liberal Jewish control of our eyes, ears, and minds.

Anyway, we should look forward to becoming Democrats. Also, let us remember the words of the Founding Fathers who were deeply worried about Party politics. If we all become Democrats, we can focus on the worth of indivdual politicians than just go with party labels. With our two party system, we are kneejerkedly likely to vote for a Republican while liberals and negroes are likely to kneejerkedly vote a Democrat. If we are ALL Democrats, we'll have to judge each person according to his own merits, his stances on issues. There will be less blind-folded touch-feel politics.

And, consider the fact that even blue states are not all that liberal if you look closely. White Democrats and black Democrats are really two different animals. They fight for the same pie in NY, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc. There is very little trust. And, there is very little trust between negroes and Hispanics. If anything, the reason why white liberals and minorities have stuck so closely together is to stand against us--the enemy of your enemy is your friend. But, if we are their 'friends' too, there will be far more confusion and division within the liberal ranks. The Cold War united neocons and paleocons. In the 80s, Pat Buchanan and Ben Wattenberg could put aside their differences to fight the Russkies. But, Cold War ended, and Paleos and Neos have been acting like Keith 'the dean of mean' Jardine vs. Chuck Liddell. George W. Bush was the GREAT uniter among the Democrats. But, if we all join up with the Dems, many moderate and conservative-leaning Dems might think, 'hey, I have more in common with conservative Dems--that be us--than with them crazy negroes and illegal hispanics.'

It is time to be devious, it is time to be creative, it is time to have some fun. We can sit by the slowly dying elephant and weep all we want--to the delight of the Jewish jerks in New Republic who are gloating and every right to gloat. Or, we can be like a man of the West who knows when his horse is done for. He would shoot the horse. It's time we shot the elephant.
Then...let us learn from the leftwing Jews. Let us be devious and subversive. Let us join the Democrats. All of us. Let's mess them up from the inside. When Rush Limbaugh called on Operation Choas, I thought it was lowdown and dirty--and it was, in a way. But, it's the only option left if we're gonna fight for our interests. ALL OF US have to pull an operation chaos within the Democratic Party. We must favor conservative Democrats whenever possible but in places where cons have no chance, we can still unite with moderates to favor a moderate liberal over a hard liberal. Something is better than nothing.

I've said we're all Palestinians now because we're all under Jewish occupied territory. But, we must all fight like Jews--that is to be devious and subversive. Indeed, this is where Palestinians have failed most. If Palestinians had played it like Jews, they would be winning. Suppose Palestinians had acted like they're all for peace and coexistence in the 80s instead of starting intifada. There would have been no wall between Israel and West Bank. There would have been no checkpoints. West Bankers would today be entering and leaving Israel with ease. With their fast expanding population, Palestinians would eventually take over Israel. But, Palestinians got hotheaded and decided to fight headon. This united the much divided Likud and Labor in Israel to crush the Palestinians.

So, though we are like Palestinians, we must all fight like the Jews. Be devious. Act like, 'oh yeah, we're defeated. Libs are the boss. We're all gonna join the Democratic Party'. And, then mess it up from within like a mofo.
Some may ask... but what if this leads to the collapse of the Republic? All the better, for we can build a new republic in a great revolution. Are you men or are you wimps? We must be for the American civilization, not for the American party system, American government, American democracy. I'd rather live in an America that is a mostly white socialist dictatorship than in an America that is democratic and capitalist but looks like South Africa or Brazil.

GOP should mean nothing to us. It was just a vehicle, a useful vehicle. A hardy and tough vehicle as long as it lasted. But, no car lasts forever. Just because we get a new car doesn't mean our life is over. We must be attached to the nation, not to a party. Blacks had once been deeply attached to the GOP but they switched overnight to Dems. Southern Whites had long been Democrats but most of them became Republicans. So much for party politics. They can take my party but they cannot take my nation. To save the nation, we must lay the GOP to rest and subvert the Dems from within. Use the bullet on the elephant and the virus on the donkey.

As for libertarianism, it's time to toss that funny joke away. Liberals and leftists love nothing more than when whites--especially white males--adopt libertarianism. Why? Because libertarianism atomizes, separates, and isolates us. Instead of fighting for something solid, substantial, and real like racial unity, territory, political power, etc, we all end up chasing some abstract notion of 'liberty'. Liberty is meaningless outside community, freedom is meaningless outside a polity. I'm all for freedom and liberty, but such can only meaningfully operate within a community; the real question is what kind of racial, national, cultural community do we want? Is 'my freedom to smoke pot, own kiddie porn, and gamble my money away' the greatest political principle in the world? Libertarians, like anarchists, will never ever ever come to power or ever exert any kind of significant political pressure. Individualism is fine, but absent community it is meaningless and lonely. Just watch "Into The Wild" if you don't believe me. John Wayne didn't just fight for freedom; he fought for freedom as a white man in a white country. Today, blacks are for black power, Hispanics are for Hispanic power, Asians are for Asian power, and you know Jews are for Jewish power(despite their devious bogus universalist charade). It's time to be for white power. It's not a supremacist idea but a survivalist idea. White power must come BEFORE individual liberty. It's not either/or where we must have one and not the other. We can have both by acknowledging that white freedom can only exist along with white power. For there to be white power, there must be white unity, white identity, white sense of brotherhood and sisterhood and motherhood and fatherhood. Cokie Roberts wrote a book called "We are our mother's daughters", but let's not forget we are our daughter's mothers too.

I know why some white boys are libertarian. They are trying to have it three ways. What with 'conservatism' sounding old-fashioned, fogey, and stuffy, they want a sexy and youthful label. Also, the emphasis on individuality shields libertarian white males from accusations of bigotry; a libertarian can always say, "I'm for equal freedom and liberty for all regardless of skin color or sex.". BUT, white libertarians know that white folks have more and tend to be more successful than blacks or browns, so libertarianism, in effect, does favor whites over non-whites. Yes, very clever of you libertarian knuckleheads. Like NO ONE can see through this bogusness.
The fact, however, is that Jews are even smarter and more successful than gentile whites. Jews gain more power and money in a freewheeling capitalist system, and they get to do whatever they want with their influence. This power cannot be challenged capitalistically because Jews whup our asses in moneymaking. The only way to combat Jewish power is by white socialism or national socialism. This is what the Irish did to gain power in Boston and Chicago. WASPs had the wealth, so the drunken dimwit Irish used their great numbers to take over city hall, fire department, the police, and etc. I'm all for capitalism when it serves white power. I'm all for socialism when it serves white power. Hitler was a lowlife murderous scumbag who ruined Europe BUT the economic side of National Socialism was genius. It was both pro-capitalism and pro-socialism as long as both could serve German interests.

In a way, the book "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg was briliant. Overstated and childish in many ways, true. But, it's also true that liberals have adopted national socialism to serve their own interests. Liberals gained tremendous economic power; so they've put Obama in office so they can expand their govenrment power as well. Transnational capitalism makes them rich, big government socialism makes them powerful. Well, how stupid for conservatives to only call for lower taxes, less government, blah blah blah, as though the GOP is still the party of the rich when the superrich are mostly liberal now. I mean how retarded can we be? We are occupied like the Palestinians. We must be devious like the Jews. We must work hard through capitalism. But, we must also use the drunken Irish machine politics socialism to gain power for our interests. Anything and everything. The Third Way Our Way.

When I say we should look to government, I don't mean we should be for massive Big Government. Instead, we should try to go into government. As many conservatives are intellectually second-rate(including yours truly), they can do well in government. It takes special Jewishy brilliance to win big in business. It takes special black braun to win big in sports. But, ANYONE with diligence and work ethic can do well in government. There are many lazy and wasteful people in government, mostly liberal. Why? Because we've avoided and ignored government as career. This is too bad. If we went into government, we would (1) gain more power (2) blow the whistle on corruption as we'll be on the spot to witness the workings of the system (3) work hard to make sure government runs fairly and cleanly. For centuries, generations of Europeans joined the Jesuit brotherhood or such to serve God and community. Most of these people joined for a higher cause, not just for three square meals a day. Many generations of Americans have served in the miltary, a form of government, to defend their nation. Why can't conservatives see government the same way? Government can be the problem--bloated, wasteful, lazy, corrupt. But, it can also be the solution if run right and operated efficiently. It takes no special brilliance to work in government. You just have to be hard working, dedicted, and decent--just like in the miltary. If there were many cons in the bureaucracy, we could run it better. We could root our corruption. We could blow the whistle. If some welfare cheat demanded more benefits, we would go the extra step and see if she's lying or not instead of just pushing paperwork and giving her more benefits. Working in government can be like serving in the military or in the fire department. Firemen fight fires. Soldiers fight foreign enemies. Government workers can fight corruption from within. They can also serve good people and fight bad people. If cons were all over government, we'd be blowing whistles constantly on how much of taxpayer dollars are being wasted.

Conservatives should also look to education. Education is a war against ignorance. The problem is most liberal teachers are not promoting education but indoctrination, a form of higher ignorance, and political correctness, a form of higher bigotry.
Cons always idolize the businessman but most cons don't have the brains to make it big. Sure, anyone can run a small shop and do okay, but if you really wanna succeed like an Ayn Rand hero, you gotta be supersmart in pharameuticals, hightech, computers, finance, etc, and it's the liberal Jews and other such who are raking in the billions. We should look to government because anyone can serve well. Your lack of brilliance can be made up with your dedication and seriousness.

Anyway, who has a highpowered rifle, and who wants to put the bullet in the GOP? I think that honor should go to Pat Buchanan. And, we'll consider the Reagan Library as the elephant's graveyard since he was the last hurrah of the party.


  1. Powerful article. We certainly need to do something.

  2. Great article, great blog. You are an excellent writer and researcher. I also saw your excellent comments over on Pat Buchanan's blog.

    Come comment sometime at - we need more people like you.

  3. I have just been directed here by a commenter at MR. I second Eman's remark. You would be most welcome on our threads, Andrea.

  4. there is no mention of the fact that Jews voted for Obama 8 to 2

    I don't doubt it but what is the source for that figure?

    In debate I like to have the figures to hand.

  5. Read Between the Jewish LinesFebruary 4, 2009 at 1:31 AM

    Increasingly nervous economic Jew Robert Reich writes - with me filling in what he is really thinking when he speaks of "populist revolt"...

    Typical [non-Jewish] Americans are hurting very badly right now. They resent [the Jewish] people who appear to be living high off a [Jew-corrupted] system dominated by [Jewish] insiders with the right [Jewish] connections. They [non-Jews] have become increasingly suspicious of the [Jewish] conflicts of interest, cozy [Jewish] relationships, and [Jewish] payoffs that seem to pervade not only official [Jewish] Washington but our biggest [Jewish] banks and [Jewish] corporations. In short, many [non-Jewish] Americans who have worked hard, saved as much as they can, bought a home, obeyed the law, and paid every cent of taxes that were due [to the Jewish-dominated IRS and FED] are beginning to feel like chumps. Their jobs are disappearing, their savings are disappearing, their homes are worth far less than they thought they were, their [Jewish levied] tax bills are as high as ever if not higher.

    Meanwhile, [the Jewish] people at the top seem to be living far different lives in a different [Jewish only] universe. They’re the [Jewish] executives and [Jewish] traders on Wall Street who have lived like [Jewish] kings for years off a [Jewish] bubble of their own [Jewish] making while ripping off small [non-Jewish] investors, the [Jewish] financial louts who are now taking hundreds of billions of taxpayer [i.e., non-Jewish] bailout money while awarding themselves huge [Jewish-only] bonuses and throwing lavish [Jewish only] parties, the corporate [Jewish] CEOs who are earning seven figures while laying off thousands of [non-Jewish] workers, the [Jewish] billionaire hedge-fund and [Jewish] private-equity managers who are paying a marginal tax rate of 15 percent on what they say are capital gains while [non-Jewish] people who earn a fraction of that are paying a higher rate, and, not the least, the [Jewish] Washington insiders who have served on the Hill or in an administration and then gone on to pocket millions as [Jewish] lobbyists for the same [Jewish] companies they once regulated or subsidized. To the [non-Jewish] American who’s outside the [Jewish] power centers—the places of [Jewish] entitlement and I’ll-scratch-your-[Jewish]-back-while-you-scratch-mine [Jewish] deal making—the entire [Jewish] system seems rotten.


  6. You said:

    "The affluent white class wasn't always like this, but the left won the culture war. The Right lost because too many conservatives were gun-hugging, bible-thumping dimwits afraid of intellectualism and creativity. So, arts and ideas became the domain of liberals and leftists."

    This I disagree with. The affluent class is exactly where liberalism and the culture war originated. And it STARTED with the rejection of Western Christian structures. Liberalism didn't produce creativity and intellect; it DESTROYED them. Liberalism didn't hijack art. It replaced classicism with undisciplined scribbles. Liberalism is the very essence of primitivism hiding behind the mask of modernity. WE are, or were, the progressives in this world. Not Lenin.

    You unfairly stereotype middle class evangelicals, but these people you brand "dimwits" are valiantly engaged in fighting the culture war in education. Homeschool and private school end results are usually superior to any liberal public school in the country. These institutions hold the key to turning the culture around, and ultimately to SAVING America. We should HONOR them for this.

    This is why the liberals attempt to peel apart fiscal and social conservatives in the GOP, to isolate the latter into irrelevance though they are a leading majority in the country.

    As a Westerner, I cannot accept that MY 2000 year old heritage is ultimately one of ignorance. We've had our bad moments, but I no more reject this than I reject America's because of slavery and Jim Crow.

    I can point with pride to Da Vinci. Liberals can point to Whoopie Goldberg. I can point to the magnificence of Rembrandt. Liberals point to Warhol and his soup can. I point to St Peter's basilica. Liberals point to housing projects in Newark.

    The Western Tradition lost the culture war because we were APATHETIC in our pride. People laughed at the earliest warnings of the impending culture war, and the new world order coming even 50 years ago from Christians. There is NO resurrection of American capitalism without the Christian metaphysical outlook, because our system rests in the honoring of agreements.

    Ultimately, fiscal conservatives are waging a useless war unless they are social conservatives also. Alexandre De Tocqueville was absolutely right.