Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Hidden Liberal Elite Motive behind Affirmative Action

Many reasons are put forth for affirmative action policies, but there’s one that is almost never discussed. Affirmative Action, especially at top ranked schools, is a means by which the liberal Jewish elites seek to gain control of the intellectual, economic, cultural, and political leaderships of the two main minority communities–blacks and Hispanics. Since both groups are very large and tend to be mired in poverty–especially blacks and non-white Hispanics–, they are bound to be a source of much social tensions and problems. The rich and powerful Jews don’t want to be called out, scapegoated, and attacked by blacks and Hispanics. They’d rather mold blacks and Hispanics to direct their anger against white gentiles.
Every community has a head and body. The head comprises the most intelligent, industrious, ambitious, shrewd, clever, and ruthless members of the community. Generally, most people–the body–don’t think and don’t even want to think. They want to be led, to be told what to think, how to feel, and what to do. The leaders of any community are its top businessmen, politicians, artists, entertainers, intellectuals, and spiritual leaders. Generally, the cream of the crop of any ethnic community go to the best schools and achieve the greatest successes in life.
The problem is even the smartest blacks and non-white Hispanics generally aren’t qualified to be admitted to the best schools where Jews dominate as both faculty and student body. This means that powerful Jews in the academia cannot gain direct contact with the future leaders of the black and Hispanic community.
For that reason, liberal Jews favor affirmative action so that the best of the blacks and non-white Hispanics can attend schools like Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. Liberal Jewish professors and students can then ‘work on’ these future elites of the black and Hispanic community. Jews will teach them that evil white oppression–‘racism’–is the main problem in history and society. Jews will teach Hispanics and blacks that Jews are their natural allies against evil ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’ whites. Jewish professors will lecture on white evil. And even non-Jewish white professors will teach blacks and Hispanics the same thing since most of them are intellectual toys or puppets of radical left-wing Jews. This way, liberal Jews achieve two things. They make themselves the patrons and ‘friends’ of the elites of the black and brown community, and black/brown anger, resentment, and hatred are diverted toward non-Jewish whites.
Just look at Barack and Michelle Obama. Could Jews at Princeton, Columbia, Harvard, and University of Chicago been able to contact and work on those two IF it weren’t for affirmative action? No, there are smart blacks, but even most smart blacks are not smart enough to make it Ivy League schools on intellectual merit alone. They need the aid of racial preference. Jews don’t want to live in close proximity with masses of poor blacks and Hispanics, but they want to gain access to the prospective elites of both communities. And, Jews want to get started with the best of black and brown minds from a young age. Jews want to mold and shape the minds of blacks and browns. Jews figure that if they control the heads of blacks and browns, they will also control the bodies–the masses. After all, blacks ideologically and politically follow their leaders. Until Obama, Jews had a difficult time controlling black politics since most of the leaders were not products of Ivy League but of street politics. But, Jews gained access to Obama because Obama got into Columbia and Harvard through affirmative action. And though he was an intellectual lightweight, Obama was given a job at University of Chicago law school because of Jewish connections. Obama got admitted to schools and got hired on the basis of affirmative action. Jews support affirmative action because it gives them direct access to the future stars of the black and brown communities.
During the peak of Ottoman power, the Turks scrounged through Greece to pick out the brightest, strongest, and most promising Greek boys. They were brought to Turkey, converted to Islam, and raised as Janissaries–military men committed to the defense and expansion of Ottoman power. Though Jews can’t go that far, they too hope to pick the best of the black and brown community and mold them into agents of Jewish power. Of course, Jews don’t spell this out or spill the beans. How could they? Rather, Jews speak of ‘diversity’, ‘equal opportunity’, and ‘progress’. And blacks and browns who graduate from Ivy League schools may sincerely believe they are studying and working to serve their own communities–and that Jews favored and helped them out of good will.
But, to the extent that they are turned anti-white and converted into political allies of the Jews, the result is very much something orchestrated by the Jews. Consider that 30-40% of Hispanics have been conservative. Yet, something like 95% of the Hispanic leadership in politics is Democratic. Why would this be? Shouldn’t the leadership be at least 30% conservative or pro-GOP? It’s because the academia and media work on cream of the crop of the Hispanic community. It doesn’t matter what the brown masses believe. The fact is Jews gain direct access to and work on the prospective elites or the heads of the Hispanic masses. Control the head, the body will follow.
Besides, affirmative action isn’t about helping poor browns or blacks. It generally favors rich or upper middle class blacks or browns over poor and working class whites. So, affirmative action isn’t really about so-called ‘social justice’ or helping the poor. No, it’s about Jewish elites gaining direct access to the most privileged elements of the black and brown communities. Jews want to control and shape the minds of people like Michael Dyson, Cornel West, and Henry Louis Gates so that these guys will, in turn, control the minds of the rest of the black community. And, the message is overwhelmingly anti-white.
But, we can see the effect of this on the GOP as well. We know that the GOP is controlled by Jewish neocons. Jews figure that as long as they control and buy & sell the gentile elites of the GOP, the conservative masses will just follow like sheep. And the conservative masses did indeed follow lockstep behind Bush into the war in Iraq and all the other policies of ‘compassionate conservatism’ which were really big government liberalism favored by the likes of David Frum. The conservative masses finally woke up and challenged the GOP elite when Bush and McCain tried to push amnesty, but much of the damage has been done.
Even today, the GOP is essentially controlled by Neocon Jews. It doesn’t matter what WE want since the likes of Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin will do as their neocon masters tell them to.
Anyway, this is one more reason to oppose affirmative action. It is a Jewish ploy to gain access to the cream of the crop of blacks and browns and turn them against whites. And since privileged blacks and browns, through the aid of rich powerful liberal Jews, gain great wealth and power by stepping over poor and working class whites, the lessons that they learn is "stick with the Jews against the whites and reap great rewards!!"


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