Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Goldman Sachs Says United Korea Economy Could Surpass Germany and Japan. Just Another Trick from the Liberal Global Jewish Elite!

This report is so socio-economically bankrupt that it's surely due for bailout money!! From what I've read, South Korea doesn't want to re-unify with North Korea--at least anytime soon--precisely because they've seen the problems of German reunification. The idea of Korea, reunified or not, surpassing Germany or Japan, is too funny.  Of course, Koreans are stupid and lacking in vision and imagination, but that's precisely why the Korean economy won't truly reach global standards--despite some companies like Hyundai and Samsung. Koreans are followers than leaders. Even much of the technology and machine parts they use in their autos, computers, and cellphones come from Japan. Also, South Korea has the lowest birthrates in the world. Korean share of world patents annually is less than 1% while Japan produces over 20%.
North Korea has been ravaged by decades of insane communism, and its robotized population living under a psychotic and corrupt leadership won't recover anytime soon. At best, they'll serve as factory ants useful only for making cheap goods. If by some chance the North Korean regime falls and freedom comes to North Koreans, it may be so traumatic that it might produce more problems than progress. A people infantilized for decades wouldn't much know what to do with freedom.

Goldman Sachs is either just looney or pulling a yellow-peril trick on the American public. Though it mentions Japan in the report(to play it safe), it really wants American readers to think 'yellow power to overtake Western nation, namely Germany'. Now, if dinky little Korea can overtake Germany, the implication is that Big Yellow Power China will overtake US within the same period and rule the world like Ming the Merciless. And, Hollywood is remaking Red Dawn as Yellow Dragon. ROTFLMAO. No, no, the liberal Jews don't fool me. I know how they think and play the game.

Btw, isn't it funny how the Jewish media and institutions don't much discuss the Bagel Power or Hook-Nosed Peril? While China is indeed a nation we need to watch closely and even fear, Chinese will always be OVER THERE and have little direct influence over us--let alone over other Asian nations(with the possible exception of Mongolia and Korea--but even Korea may avoid this through closer ties to Japan and US). The people who control much of our media, academia, culture, and government are liberal globalist Jews whose policies are indeed bad for America, especially white America. Don't let liberal global Jews distract us from the dangers they pose to us by hoodwinking us about the yellow dragon-octopus swallowing the world. The world has already been swallowed up the globalist Jewish serpent.

Besides, though China has greatly benefitted from the NWO, it didn't play any significant in creating it in the first place. Western globalist elitists--good number of them Jews--created and expanded it for their own interests and power. They created a system where they've profited greatly while Middle America stagnated. They sense rising populist rage among Middle Americans, and so they intend to channel our rage at The Chinese and away from themselves. But, Chinese would not have this massive trade surplus with us if the Western global elites didn't set up the NWO and welcomed China into it. And, not even the Chinese have reaped the kind of profits that the global Western elite has in the past 20 yrs.

Goldman Sachs isn't an American company nor even a world company. It is the banking interest of Organized Jewry and the idea and agenda behind its every report is: WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE JEWS?
We need to think in terms of WHAT IS GOOD FOR WHITE GENTILES. Well, liberal globalist Jews are BAD for us, but they comprise most Jews.

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