Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Is a Manufactured Crisis?

Noam Chomsky the famous left-wing Jew spoke at length about manufacturing
consent, about which he must be an expert since he’s been manufacturing ideological
consent among his zombie-followers. Though some people value Chomsky as a voice
that speaks truth to power, he’s really in the tradition of Lenin and Trotsky. Chomsky speaks not so much truth to power but lie to power so as to can hog and control truth himself. A world where the media were owned by the likes of Chomsky would hardly be free. While it is true that
Chomsky has been a tireless crusader against the Consent-driven MSM, he only wants to replace one form of consent with another. To be sure, there are plenty of people on the White Right who would do the same if they had the power. Power is something that corrupts politics, ideals, and souls. We all want and need it, but it often gets the better of us because of the temptation to grab all of it. Even so, some personalities and ideologies are more prone to radical greed for total power than others.
Anyway, for the media to manufacture consent, it must first manufacture crisis. By ‘manufacturing crisis’, the media don’t necessarily have to make things up–though that’s done too; just consider the cases of journalists who made up stories(and even won awards for them). In most cases, a crisis is manufactured through selective reporting, suppression of opposing accounts/stories/ideas, exaggeration of truth, emotional heart-tugging, whipping up of mass hysteria, fear-mongering, guilt-baiting, hope-peddling, and a creation of a grand narrative.
There are some crises which are so huge and major that the media simply do their job. 9/11 or Pearl Harbor were prime examples. Of course, HOW the media covered, handled, and shaped them did involve a fair amount of manipulation and bias, but some crises are really worthy of the name. If an asteroid hit Texas or California and killed millions, the media would merely doing their job by reporting the event.
But more often than not, the crises we hear in the news are more manufactured than news-worthy. Part of the reason is economics. Nothing sells like crisis and anxiety. TIME or NEWSWEEK sell more copies when they run fear-mongering cover stories about the global warming, how some epidemic is gonna wipe us out, how our educational system is a total mess, how Iran is on the cusp of having nukes, etc. Hope sells too but hope must follow crisis. We cling to hope because we are worried about a crisis. Oprah and Dr. Phil peddle crisis and then peddle hope. You need a downer before you need an upper.
But there’s more to the art of manufacturing crisis than dollars and cents. Most people who go into journalism tend to be change-the-world idealists. Today, most of them have been weaned on censorious and self-righteous political correctness. If past journalists grew up in rougher times and came from diverse regions with different experiences–and valued toughness, thick skins, and resilience–, today’s journalists come from nice middle class families, watch the same news, read the same highschool and college textbooks, and have had little experience with the real world. As reporters they finally come to see some of the darker realities, BUT since they’ve been emotionally and intellectually shaped during soft, cushy, and pampered formative years by political correctness, they lack the edge and courage to see beyond their PC blinders. Anyway, what they do have in common with journalists of the past is the change-the-world idealism. To feel morally superior and wonderful about themselves, they report on social crises–poverty, ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, oppression, poverty, ignorance, violence, etc–so as to awaken the nation to confront and fix the problems. And this template especially goes back to the 1950s and 1960s when the Civil Rights Movement was aided and abetted by conscientious and good-willed publishers, broadcasters, and reporters. The role of journalism wasn’t merely to report the news but to change the world. Since there’s no shortage of news and crisis to be found across a country as large as America, the national media have been careful to pick and choose only those stories that suit and serve their liberal agenda. (To be sure, modern journalism has always serve one agenda or another. This has been as true of the Right-wing press as of the Left-wing press. William Randolph Hearst, it is said, used the full force of his media empire to fan the flames of war against the Spanish Empire in places like Cuba and Philippines. He even spread false rumors, a practice that continues to this day, sometimes by mistake, sometimes willfully.)
In a country as large as ours, a news organization can select and create any crisis they wish. There’s a lot of black crime, and if MSM were owned by the likes of Peter Brimelow or Jared Taylor, all of America would be talking about the crisis of BLACK CRIME, especially against whites. But it just so happens that liberal Jews own most of the media and choose not to highlight the crisis of black crime. Not only do the liberal Jewish dominated media suppress stories on black crime, they spread the alarm that anyone who blows the whistle on black crime is a ‘rabid’, ‘virulent’ and unforgivable ‘racist’. So, even media outlets owned by conservatives for the most part do not cover stories where blacks in America assault, rape, and murder whites. In Canada, it is illegal for news organizations to even mention the race of the criminals since a disproportionate number of them are black. The media not only can manufacture bullshit crisis but it can suppress real crisis.
This was obviously true enough in Nazi Germany and Maoist China. When Nazis were rounding up and slaughtering millions of ‘subhumans’, there wasn’t a peep about it in the Nazi-controlled media. When 30 million starved to death in China in the late 50s due to Mao’s economic policies, not a single communist controlled newspaper covered it. Totalitarian media are not free, we all know that. They can create monsters out of thin air and hide real monsters.
But it would be foolish for people in democracies to think that they enjoy a truly balanced press. What passes for news in democracies almost entirely depends on what a handful of corporate conglomerates decide is newsworthy. Most of these conglomerates are owned by liberal Zionist Jews. Since the media determine what is true and untrue and can even make or unmake the reputation of politicians, even politicians dare not question the truisms set forth by the media. To be sure, politicians being afraid of the media sounds like a good thing and indeed would be in an ideal world. The real problem is that even good honest politicians are afraid of speaking the truth because the liberal MSM care less for the truth than for the liberal agenda. Suppose a courageous and honest politician wants to discuss the dangers of illegal immigration and what it’s doing to this country. The MSM will tear him down as a ‘racist’ and ruin his career–and then go after his funders and supporters. The MSM, instead of giving voice to contrarian and opposing voices, favor only the politically correct voices who play by the rules. Again, things would not be much better if MSM were controlled mostly by conservatives as power corrupts all. Nevertheless, the point is the MSM, rather than standing up to the government and those in power, merely seek to work–or even collude–with those in power to push certain agendas. The MSM will pretend to represent or give voice to the little people or ‘oppressed’ groups but this has less to do with social reality than with political agendas. We all know illegal aliens are not oppressed. They violated the law to enter into this country by breaking the law. We know that rich blacks step over poor whites via affirmative action programs. We know that rich liberal whites–and even rich conservative whites–made a pact with rich blacks to keep power for themselves while sacrificing the rights of poor whites. Affirmative action doesn’t affect rich whites as it does poor whites. Rich whites generally score higher than poor whites(and/or have political connections), so it is poor whites who are set aside to make way for rich blacks or well-groomed chosen for instant success by the liberal white elite. We know that Jews are the richest and most powerful people in America. But by playing up the Holocaust Card, Jews justify their hogging of the media and academia in the name of serving minority or ‘victim’ interests. Jews are big people acting like little people.
Certain crises are indeed manufactured, as in falsely made up. One such crisis was the story that one out of four college girls are raped. This was a cover story in TIME magazine in the late 80s or early 90s. People all across were alarmed and shocked.
It turns out ‘rape’ in this scenario was a semantic sleight of hand. Rape even included sex in which the girl was initially unwilling but changed her mind. In other words, if she first said ‘no’ but then later said ‘yes’ because of sweet nothings whispered into her ears, that counted as rape. Or, if a guy got sex from a girl by showing off his superior status–as an upper class man or as ‘big man on campus’–, that was counted as rape too. (Following that logic, any rock star or athlete who gets sex from his fans is a rapist too.) It was all manufactured bullshit.
In the book BEAUTY MYTH, Naomi Wolf said 100,000s of women die each year from anorexia nervosa, and she blamed this on the beauty ideal erected by patriarchal men. The national media ran with this CRISIS and Wolf became an overnight sensation. Needless to say, she’s a left-wing Jewess. It turns out a only handful of women die from the disease per year. Also, the ideal of super-slimness is not something desired by most men but one favored by gay men who dominate the fashion industry, something feminists like Wolf dare not admit or deal with.
Also, why was there so much emphasis on white males raping white females in college? Consider that the majority of American youths don’t go to college. Consider the far more numerous cases of rape and assault among black and Hispanic youths. And consider the problem of black-on-white rape, which has risen to epidemic proportions. Yet, the media suppressed all such real crises. They didn’t fit into the liberal political agenda. Such stories might make blacks come across as savages. And reporting on black-on-white rape may stoke white ‘racism’, and of course, we can’t have that, so says the left-wing Jew.
Instead, the liberal Jew-owned media decided to focus on white college males raping white coeds en masse. Why? The whole story wasn’t really about rape. Indeed, it wasn’t really even a news story but an epic use of liberal Jewish feminist propaganda to make white females fear and hate white males. No race was specifically mentioned, but almost all the news were about white fraternity boys, white seniors, white this, white that. And, most of the so-called victims were white too. The whole bullshit crisis was an ideological program to drive a wedge between white females and white males, between oh-so-sensitive white liberal males from manlier conservative males.
And we’ve heard endless stories about ‘campus racism’, though most of the incidents have been carried out by ‘people of color’. But even when the culprits turn out to be non-white, the liberal media turn the stories into issues about ‘white racism’.
And who can forget the Duke Lacrosse case where the entire national media and academic organizations jumped to conclusion and called for lynching of those white males. The liberal Jews in the media have done to white gentile males what Nazis once did to Jews. The liberal Jews are hellbent on dehumanizing white males. Liberal Jews even perform a kind of spiritual or mental eugenics. They may not cut off the actual balls of white gentile males, but white gentile males are utterly feminized and wussified by constant assault on their manhood, racial pride, and sexual health.
And there is the issue of ‘gay rights’ and ‘gay marriage’. Though there are indeed instances of ugly gaybashing, we know full well that most gays are getting on well enough. But, you’d think there’s a huge crisis of gays-in-danger all across America. Worse, the targets of the gay agenda are not only violent gaybashers but good normal people who oppose abominations like ‘gay marriage’. (Notice that the clever liberal Jew media now changed it to ‘same sex marriage’ to give it a mainstream ring.)
In foreign policy, why was there so much more news about Sudan than about Congo? We were reminded over and over that 100,000s of people were dying in Darfur, but we heard almost nothing about the 3 million that died in the Congo in the same period. Why was Darfur a bigger issue? Because Chinese heavily invested in Sudan, the anti-Chinese liberal Jew media sought to morally and politically embarrass the Chinese. Also, the crisis could be spun as Muslim Arabs killing innocent blacks. In other words, Zionist Jews in the media were trying to send a message to the black community that Arab Muslims are the enemies of blacks–meaning blacks should keep their political alliance with Jews. (The Janjaweed who were accused of the crimes are indeed Arab in the cultural-lingustic sense, but they are mostly racially black., a fact suppressed by the liberal Jew media.) And we know all about how the liberal Jewish media report heavily on Palestinian violence on Jews but under-reports all the violence and oppression committed by Jews against Palestinians. And the liberal Jew media don’t give a damn about crises such as Afrikaner farmers being robbed, raped, and murdered en masse by savage South African blacks.
So, what goes by the name of ‘crisis’ in most cases is simply a matter of what the liberal Jews who run the academia and media designate as such in order to push a certain ideological and ethnic agenda. A famous case is the rise of Fidel Castro. When Castro had just a handful of men in the jungles and was on the ropes, NY Times reporter Herbert Matthews wrote up one helluva inspiring story that Castro out to be a shining hero leading an mass uprising. Liberal Jews in this country manufactured the ‘crisis’ and ‘hope’ that led to Castro’s victory. Cuba was a country with many problems to be sure, but Castro couldn’t have come to power without the aid of the Western Press, which is to say the liberal Jew press. So, when you hear ‘crisis’, more often than not, it’s some liberal Jew who’s been taught to cry wolf. And when there’s major crisis, the liberal Jews can always make something up–just like they inflate economic bubbles through their buddies on Wall Street and the Fed. And when a real crisis is the product of liberal policies such as Great Society, the liberal Jews will evade blame by distracting out attention to some new hopeful solution... devised by liberal Jews of course.

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