Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama Agrees Sotomayor Is WISE But Says White Cop Is STUPID. Regarding The Jiveass Gates Incident.

During the campaign, Obama said blue collar white folks were ‘bitter.’ Today, Obama called the white cops of Cambridge, Ma "STUPID" for doing their job–checking up on a possible burglary at the house of Professor or Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (These black guys sure love pompous names for themselves). It’s no wonder Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor the WISE LATINA. After all, she had ruled against the presumably unwise white firemen who were STUPID enough to score better on exams than most of their black and Hispanic peers. The only prescription against such white ‘stupidity’–cops doing their jobs and firemen scoring well on exams–is, of course, having Obama as President and Sotomayor as Supreme Court Justice.

In an interview, Obama said ‘race is still a factor in our society’ though ‘progress’ has been made, the prime evidence being his presidency. This is too funny! First, the reason why so many whites voted for him had everything to do with RACE. Many white liberals voted out of wimpy guilt while other white liberals(and even some conservatives)voted in the unspoken conviction that blacks are indeed racially superior–naturally cooler, more charismatic, and sexier. But, notice the sly moral blackmail or African-American-mail employed by Obama. ‘Race is still a factor’ BUT our society is presumably getting better... that is IF we kiss his behind and support his agenda. In other words, "we still have social problems, but the more you white boys and girls let me, Lord Obama, succeed, the more you honkeys are off the hook." White folks can only be guilt-free by becoming the political slaves of Obama.

Now, what was the incident in Cambridge really about? It wasn’t about race but a pompous black jerk professor with a preening sense of entitlement and privilege turning it into a racial issue. He’s typical of the ‘rage of the black middle class’ syndrome. On the one hand, he’s been feted and favored by rich whites who promoted him up the academic ladder because he, like Obama, is the kind of black guy white liberals like. He comes across as amiable, gentle, and friendly. Besides, the guy isn’t really all that black. He’s a quarter Jewish and probably over 50% white in terms of DNA. Obama too is only half black. Guys like Obama and Gates have studied, read, and learned how to manipulate the white/Jewish liberal mind(belonging to the Power Elite in this country). They know that white liberals want to make racial amends but are afraid of good many blacks. So, these light-skinned educated blacks do NOT make ‘sudden moves’. They smile a lot in front of their white liberal peers and turn on the charm. So, white liberals cling to these precious well-heeled Negroes as friends and favorite candidates for promotion.
But, this triumph comes with a psychological toll. The successful middle class Negro feels compromised, a bit uncle-tom-ish, sold-out, and favored/promoted for reasons other than real merit. He feels that white liberal society embraced him for his lack of genuine(abrasive and uppity)blackness. Worse, he feels that black society looks upon his kind as OREOS–black on the outside, white on the inside. These inner tensions lead to the so-called RAGE of the Black Middle Class. And, Gates’s raisinette-place-in-the-sun finally exploded.
On the one hand, he feels he’s played by the rules and acted the ‘nice negro’, so why is a honkeyass cop ‘harassing’ him in his own house? On the other, he feels GOOOOOOD showing the black community, the white community, the entire world, and his own jiveass ego that he aint no sell out, he done stood up to honkey, and he sho can howl loud and angry as any rapper. Guys like Gates have been treated nice by white folks everywhere. Such nice treatment has made him feel less authentic(which explains his various popular-intellectual gimmick to search for black roots–mostly for celebrities like Oprah and Chris Rock!). There’s also the fact that much of black America is still poor and backward. Gates cannot accept the fact it may be so because blacks are generally less intelligent, less inhibited, and more aggressive/wild(less able to focus on schoolwork or diligently prepare for the future, less able to function honestly; being less inhibited, blacks tend to be shameless about getting caught lying, cheating, and stealing.) Though Gates likes being treated nice by rich white people, his own success and privileged status have belied his argument that America is an evil society still run by the Ghost of Bull Connors. So, on the fateful night when the white cop approached him, Gates finally got a chance to pull his own Civil-Rights-Movement-where-a-nasty-evil-honkey-cops-oppressed-him-and-violated-his-rights-and-so-he-stood-up-like-a-Man! Also, the prevailing attitude in the black community is macho-centric, with bookish black men denigrated as ‘faggots trying to act white’. So, being a black intellectual isn’t as cool or hip as being a black athlete or a rapper in the black community. So, geeky blacks sometimes want to come across as tough and macho. Just look Spike Lee’s posing with Michael Jordan and other tough black guys to prove his own ‘manhood’. The well-heeled Ivy League Negro professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr finally got to pull his own Jack Jackson/Muhammad Ali stunt.

In an interview, Obama sided with his friend–or should we say clone brother? (So much for post-racial politics. When push comes to shove, Obama sticks with his own kind.) Obama rationalized Gates’s behavior within the context of US history. In other words, cops should have treated Gates with sensitivity and kid gloves(which they did by the way) because non-whites have been ‘detained’ in larger numbers proportionally than whites. Well, if he wants to play the game of CONTEXT, blacks have committed the larger share of the crimes too!
The reliance on context reminded me of Obama’s speech about Jeremiah Wright. There too, Obama rationalized Wright’s crazy words in the context of American history. In other words, the evil of white society drove men like Wright to rage. So, Wright’s dementia was really the white man’s fault.

Though many people saw Wright as a possible albatross around Obama’s neck, Wright actually turned out to be an advantage to Obama as an effective weapon of racial blackmail. Contrast Wright and Obama, and what message did white folks get? The subliminal message was, "Isn’t Obama a nice clean-cut black guy who smiles a lot and isn’t openly hostile to white folks? Don’t you want him–and his kind–to stay that way instead of becoming like the angry and spiteful Wright? If so, you must love, admire, support, and worship him, and then he will remain the nice clean-cut Negro and hopefully serve as the model for ALL the troubled black males out there. But, if you don’t support him, he might lose it, grow bitter, become another Wright, and lead black men to violence, hatred, and resentment."
There was a implicit moral/racial threat in the Obama campaign. The message was HERE IS A Wonderful Black Guy Who Deserve To Win And Has All the Right Credentials; If He Doesn’t Win, Then Blacks Will All Conclude Whites Will Never Give Them a Fair Chance, Even the Black Middle Class Will Embrace Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan(as if they haven’t done already), And There Will Be Fire Next Time Forever and Ever. Once the message was out there for all to see and hear, the Fix was in thanks to the Liberal Jewish Power Elite.

Conservatives tried to use Wright AGAINST Obama, but the liberal Jewish media used Wright as a CONTRAST to Obama. An unspoken message was conveyed to fearful white folks that there is a latent seed of Wright-ism within Obama’s heart(and in the hearts of all black males). In order to prevent this dangerous seed from sprouting, the idea was that white folks should massage Obama’s ego and vote for him. Then, Obama will choose the Good Side of the Force than the Dark Side.

Anyway, we are back to contexts. Whenever Obama has trouble with details, he falls back on contexts. Contexts can be all-consuming, all-obfuscating, all-distracting, and all-rationalizing. So, never mind that Gates acted like a jerk in the recent incident. Seen through the CONTEXT of American history, Gates was in the right even though he acted wrongly because he’s deserving of the rights and respect denied to his ancestors. This is Affirmative Action justice. Though Obama likes to describe his judicial philosophy as ‘empathetic’, a better word would be ‘contextual’. So, even when blacks do wrong, they are right due to historical context. And, even when whites do right–as cops doing their duty or firemen passing exams–, they are in the wrong because of historical context.

What’s amusing is the strong and unambiguous choice of words by Obama to describe the policeman who conscientiously did his job–and puts his life on the line every day and night to protect the lives and properties of people like Obama and Gates. Obama called the cop "STUPID". (Well, next time some non-white guy tries to break into the White House, Obama should tell his secret service agents not to act ‘stupid’.) This is strange indeed. Obama the sly snake oil salesman has been careful not to use strong words in public. After all, he’s Mr. Empathy who has ears for all sides, all peoples, all points of views! So, he didn’t use harsh word in his speech in Cairo. He even refused to use the word ‘genocide’ when he spoke of the Armenia massacres that happened in early 20th century Turkey. Obama used mild language to describe the venomous, hateful, insane, and deranged Jeremiah Wright. But, and it’s a BIG BUT(bigger than Michelle’s), Obama came right out and described the white policeman as ‘STUPID’. When Wright howled about AmeriKKKa when 9/11, Obama didn’t say a word of protest. Indeed, he promoted Wright as a man of ‘AUDACITY’ and ‘HOPE’, indeed ‘AUDACITY OF HOPE’. But, a cop does his job in the wee hours of the morning to protect the property of some professor, and Lord Obama declares him ‘STUPID’.

In the world according to Obama, it’s perfectly fine for a Hispanic Justice of the Court praising herself as a ‘wise Latina’ as opposed to all those stupid white males(who only built the richest, freest, and most advanced civilization on Earth so her ilk can enjoy everything for free), but there’s everything wrong with white males acting ‘STUPID’, e.g. a white cop doing his job or, presumably, white firemen studying their butts off to do well on exams. THIS is The World According to Obama. .
And, do you notice a pattern here? Barry Soetoro, Sonia Sotomayor, rich liberal Jews, and white liberals have an agenda against blue-collar white cops and firemen. These privileged ‘progressives’ yammer about equality, justice, fairness, and etc, etc, but they are part of the upper elite in this country. I dare anyone to compare the salaries, net worth, influence, housing, and benefits of professors like Gates or justices like Sotomayor with the those of blue collar white firemen and policemen. The former like kings and emperors. And, people like Sotomayor, Obama, and Gates never have to get their hands dirty, wrestle with dangerous thugs, or put their lives on the line to save the lives, limbs, and properties of other people from criminals or natural disasters. Also, we know that an average white cop or fireman got his job and moved up the ladder through means more meritocratic and fair than Affirmative Action babies like Soetoro, Sotomayor, and Gates ever did.

What is truly disgusting is that rich white liberals who have it so good and choose to live in mostly white neighborhoods–protected by white cops who risk their own lives–go along with the liberal Jewish agenda and mantra that the biggest villains in our society are ‘stupid’ blue-collar white cops, firemen, and other people. These white liberals control schools and the media and played a dominant role in the election of the lowlife thug president Obama.
The white/liberal conceit is that true progress is possible only if all white people became as wonderful and enlightened as liberals; alas, bigoted and ‘stupid’ white blue-collar types still oppose Affirmative Discrimination and are reluctant to support someone like Obama or watch the PBS documentaries of Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

But, who’s kidding whom? These white liberals live in their own gated communities or affluent areas separated from the criminal elements who happen to be, by and large, black(and increasingly Hispanic of illegal status). Also, these affluent white(and black)liberals hire cops to do all the dirty job of keeping the bad elements out in their affluent communities.
So, the affluent liberals choose to live the safe and privileged life that excludes poor criminal blacks, but then they accuse the cops of keeping the black man down. (We know there were many witnesses who saw the whole thing last night in that neighborhood, but will any white liberal come forth to speak the truth and defend the cop? Of course not. If blacks stick together, white liberals stick with their cowardice masquerading as ‘guilt conscience’).

Well, here’s a message for all the lowlife hypocritical liberals. If they think blue collar white cops are ‘racist,’ , then they should go into police work and deal with hoodlums 24/7 than become lawyers, professors, financiers, journalists, writers, and other ‘creative’ people who rake in easy dough while keeping their hands soft and ‘clean’.
Or better yet, stop settling in gated or affluent communities which need protection from the criminal elements. If white liberals are so eager to integrate racially and economically with ALL Americans, then they should all settle into black neighborhoods or open their gates to poor blacks. They should also pass a law in their community banning all ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ policemen or the police force altogether. That way, there will be true ‘progress’. And, next time some thugs break into Gates’s house and cracks his skull as he screams for mercy, there won’t be no ‘stupid’ white cops to stand in the way of truth and justice.

PS: Suppose a black police officer had arrived at the home of a snot-nosed, pompous, arrogant, conceited white professor to check up on a possible burglary. Suppose the white professor treated the black officer with contempt and disdain, shouting and demeaning the man who's only trying to do his job. Would Obama have called the black officer 'stupid' while praising the rich pompous white professor?
These liberals and leftists claim to be for the 'little guy' and the working class, but their attitude to people(at least white people)in blue collar professions is one of arrogance, snobbery, and aristocratic high-handedness. Gates was angry at the white officer for daring to be 'uppity' instead of ho-de-do-ing and shuffling before Esteemed Massuh Gates.

PSS: If it's racially prejudiced and morally impermissible to suspect all black men of being criminals, why is it okay for liberals, blacks, Gates, and Obama to stereotype all of Irish Boston or White America as 'guilty' of prejudice against blacks?
What convoluted logic. We are told that we must judge every black person as an individual despite the high levels of criminality in the black community; however, EVEN innocent and decent whites must answer for and judged according to the wrongs visited upon blacks by White America or Irish Boston throughout history. If blacks and liberals can excuse Gates's behavior by invoking the 'racist' past or reality of the Boston Irish, then whites and conservatives should excuse the behavior of 'racist' wihte cops by invoking the horrendous rates of crimes among blacks. If even a good white cop must answer for the 'collective sins' of his kind, then even a law-abiding black professor must answer for the criminal atrocities of his racial brethren.

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