Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Like the Term ACTRESS!!!

I'm sure all of you have realized that the term 'actress' has become something of a dirty word. All the actresses in Hollywood now refer to themselves as 'actors'. They think they are standing up for new freedom, justice, equality, and progress but they are only lobotomastically toeing the latest Politically Correct Party Line. So much for originality.

Now, I can understand why some women want to get rid of words like doctoress, professoress, acountantess, bus driveress, and whatever.

Those are sex-neutral roles. A woman doctor does the same work as a man doctor. There are no special rules for a female accountant than those for a male accountant. So, sexual identity doesn't or shouldn't matters in many professions. Specifying that a person is a WOMAN is irrelevant and even dismissive. It's as if to say a male accountant is THE accountant whereas a female accountant isn't quite up to par.

BUT, the issue is different in acting because 99.9% of acting roles are sex-specific. A man or a woman can be a doctor, but in most cases, men play men, and women play women. Audience look for, want, and expect different qualities from male actor and from female actors--aka actresses. Even when women play traditionally male roles--especially in action movies--, we respond to their toughness differently. We see female action heroes as HOT SEXY BABES than merely as tough killers. Because acting roles are sex-specific, it makes sense to distinguish between an actor(male) and actress(female). Of course, 'actor' can have a general meaning denoting anyone in the profession of acting. "Man" and "mankind" can be used the same way. Even so, when we get down to the nitty gritty, males take on actor roles and females take on actress roles. Sure, a man CAN play a female role and a woman can play a male role, but that's usually for comedy--we realize right away how funny it seems. (and, thank god guys no longer play female roles in shakespeare plays. that must have been so gay).

By the way, if radical feminists are so intent on getting rid of -ess to denote woman, why not get rid of wo- as well. Why should we distinguish between MAN and WOMAN. Maybe women should be called 'man' too. If differences between sexes were purely artificial constructed, then even the concept of 'man' and 'woman' are flawed. There are only men and that would include those with penises and those with vaginas.

Finally, conservatives and libertarians complain of political correctness, YET THEY USE THE TERM 'GENDER'. 'Gender' connotes that sexual differences are NOT real but merely the construct of culture. So, if they use the term GENDER, they've already given into PC. So, the term to use is 'sex' and 'sexual', not 'gender'. (Worse, 'gender' sounds so soft goo goo.)

I would agree that culture does play a significant role in defining what is masculine and feminine BUT I disagree with the LEFT in a fundamental way. It's obvious that cultural differences are rooted in genuine and verifiable BIOLOGICAL DIFFERNCES. Culture rises from biology. Culture can be used to restrict OR expand a man or a woman's freedom of choice in relation to nature. For example, men are generally stronger than women, so men have naturally been warriors and women have been homemakers. So, this division of the sexes has been based on biology. But, some women are stronger than men and would probably make better warriors, a biological fact. But, if a culture commands that ALL women must be homemakes, even tough women must make home while even wussy weakling men must go into battle.

So, culture can be a curse or blessing when it comes to freedom. Culture, by establishing a world of ideals and laws, can liberate us from brutal biological constraints. Or, culture can oppress us from realizing our natural aspirations by forcing THIS group to only do THIS while THAT group must only do THAT. The Left follows the Roussean line that Nature is benign and wonderful, and therefore, all the oppression we see in the world are the result of CULTURAL oppression. The Left argues that if we get rid of cultural hangups and return to nature--like in Woodstock--, there will be peace and harmony. The Right is fearful of human nature and therefore looks to cultural restraints to keep the Beast-Within locked inside the cage.

Anyway, isn't it funny how the Left tries to have it both ways. On the issue of men and women, they say the differences are mainly cultural, therefore they insist on the term 'gender'. As with the issue of race, they reject the notion of biological differences or factors.

BUT, when it comes to the issue of HOMOSEXUALS, the Left adamantly claims that HOMOS were born that way, their orientation has NOTHING to do with culture, and that's that. (I agree that's true in 99% of cases.) The LEFT operates in BAD FAITH but is comfortable doing so because it flatters itself on being SUBVERSIVE and JAZZY in toying, fooling, and messing with lame-square society. What's really funny is that many white leftists are really lame square boys and girls who think they are so cool, subversive, and avant-garde because they listened to some jazz, kiss Obama's ass, and read Chomsky. What a bunch of sorryass lame square losers who ONLY think they are so hip, cool, and radical.


  1. Yes I do find Actresses calling themselves "Actors" annoying.

  2. Don't forget "stewardess", a word that radical feminists have practically redifined to mean "sex slave". Referring to a "flight attendant" as a "stewardess" nowadays will, at the very least, prompt people to look at you like a dinosaur. Hopefully the term "actress" can still be saved from this kind of language destruction.

  3. [------here's part two-------A.]

    * * * * *

    Actually, I wasn't especially aware actresses are now calling themselves "actors," until Andrea made that note for us--so I guess I'm indebted for that new info. But then, we all always knew Hollywood is so Jew-oriented and queer-infested, and anything of that idiotically affected sort as actresses calling themselves actors isn't surprising, not nowadays.

    Thus in CYCLE of history, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, things inexorably REDUCE-TO-ABSURDITY. After all, we got a nigger for president now, don't we?

    But comrades, soon enough proverbial excrement is going to hit the fan when US Dollar collapses, any moment now, with hyper-inflation, shortages, rationing, and massive hunger and starvation. Then people are seriously going to start looking for WHO TO KILL.

    And since Jews know they're at top of the shit-list for all honest people, victims of Judaic fraud, Jews will naturally work to CONFUSE and pre-empt the economic issue--by attacking N. Korea, or Iran, or Pakistan--or maybe all of them.

    So then, what to do?--once again. And answer is to continue to CONSOLIDATING the ranks of the volk who adhere to HONESTY and objective (Aristotelian) reality, basis of TRUTH.

    For even if most volk don't explicitly understand Aristotle, they do understand necessity and virtue of that basic honesty (and that's why they're so sympathetic to that basic Christianity too). And best way to do this consolidating is to TARGET the WEAK-POINT of Judeo-conspiracy, the JCs, I say again.

    Truth is people don't take "left" or left-ism seriously--it's just too vague in first place, and people naturally shy fm queers and bolsheviki. And Christ was absolute anti-semite (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) who defended objective ("God-given," according to Christianity) reality, never doubt, this against Jew lies and conspiracy, etc., in accord w. Gosp. JOHN.

    CONCLUSION: So thanks again to Andrea who goes to trouble and makes this "note" for us--it is indeed useful to consider along with all the other subversive Jew-inspired/promoted idiocy that's taking place presently in US of ENRON, formerly the USA. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  4. Jew Lies, Corruption Marches On In Cycle Of Historic "Decline..."
    (Apollonian, 18 Jun 09)

    I must say, upon first glance, I guess it's useful to follow the distinction of actor and actress; I see no problem w. it, and calling a female "actor" would be too weird, as I've become so used to the distinction, again.

    And I think it's generally objectionable to blur distinctions as it's really a kind of lying which is so Jew-like, the two going together, being synonyms (Jew, liar). A Jew liar is simply redundancy.

    But the real problem I have w. this essay of Andrea's, "...Brief Note...," is the definition for "left," etc.--is it really clear enough?

    For the distinctions I understand begin, like Ayn Rand's analysis, with objective vs. subjective at the basic philosophic level regarding nature of reality, then to HONESTY in accord with Truth on ethical level--vs. that subjectivistic dis-honesty which attempts to create reality within the mind, upon excuse of "morality," like Immanuel Kant, morality then TRUMPING and coloring (and thus actually determining) truth, hence reality.

    In politics then, it washes out as FASCISM for the subjectivists and Jews which enforces this dis-honesty which determines truth, fascism against the rule-of-law, reason, ind. freedom, etc. for the Christian/rationalist, Christian then defined as anti-Jew, anti-semite, necessarily.

    And indeed, observe actual, literal fascism taking place as now US gov. takes control of General Motors Corp., along w. so much of the financial industry.

    So "left" and "right" are nebulous and vague, hence extremely questionable for serious, genuine usefulness. Jews, for most part, typically affect left-ism as excuse/cover for their signature fascism. A lot of queers also affect left-ism. Bolsheviki and communists additionally affect leftism for their excuse as enforcers for Jews.

    As practical matter, the only "leftists" one ever sees are Jews, queers, and bolsheviki/communists, these always a minority compared w. rest of the volk who prefer Christian, though nowadays, Christian itself is so horribly confused--as "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and, who are construed by their leadership as being a variation/variety of Jew, etc.

    [------blogger Jew says I gotta break it up again; part two just below----------A.]

  5. Andrea, if I knew your email address, I would say this privately, as I have no desire to start something up on your blog.

    The person who calls himself "Apollonion" will defile your readership if you don't take steps to keep him from posting those patented lunatic screeds. I think most people stop reading the comments as soon as they see his moniker on the monitor. Polite folks might not say it in public, but everyone is thinking the same thing: Apollonian is deranged.

    Of course, if you decide to try to curtail his cyberdroolings, you'll open yourself up to being called some unpleasant names. For merely disagreeing with him and asking him to stop soapboxing on my blog, I was outed as a "punk-ass white nigger." And I'm still crying myself to sleep over it.

  6. Wheeler The Dealer's Death Wish To Challenge Apollonian--Fails, Predictably
    (Apollonian, 18 Jun 09)

    Wheeler: u're glutton for punishment--as now I'm sure Andrea won't blame me (too much) for speaking a few truths in response regarding u and ur own delusions--I only wonder where to start. But a good place (to start) is to refer the good folk to ur own blog ( comments section of 28 Apr which will say a lot by itself--just look at my arguments and ck Wheeler's. We had a jolly dialectic back then, didn't we?

    See Wheelie, senile old comrade, if u have any respect for people, u'd know u need to speak in terms of particulars by which u inform ur generality to supposed effect of my "derangement." Is there something specific u might pt. out as to what may be wrong w. my expo?

    I mean, I know I'm a sinner--but did u have anything in mind regarding specific statements of mine which u object to?--do u think the folks might want to know exactly WHY u object?

    Truth is u, Wheelie, just have difficulty conducting a rational argument, don't u? And tell us Wheelie--is it God who tells u what people are "thinking"?--or do have telepathic powers now?

    U see folks, Wheeler, the dealer, MacPherson is one of those British Israeliters--he seriously believes he's descended fm the Israelites of the Old Testament (OT), and that all he has to do is to follow the "covenant" that God Almighty made with the original Israelites, his distant ancestors. Think I'm joking?--ck his blog.

    This is no kidding: Wheeler, the dealer, thinks God the Almighty actually made an exclusive CONTRACT with his ancestors, therefore with him. And Wheeler the dealer doesn't think he's being in any way presumptuous for his insisting an almighty God would so stoop for the sake of shit such as he, the dealer-man, Wheeler. And Wheelie, the dealie, says I'm "deranged"?

    Ck esp. dealer Wheeler's entry to his aforementioned 28 Apr blog at 5:56 pm whence he tells me I'm "lunatic" and "provocateur"--and then explains he's been "courteous" to me. Wheeler dealer is indubitaly white-trash, white nigger puke, without slightest doubt, if u want to know my honest opinion--but of course, I'm "deranged."

    So now, dealer the Wheeler, as u've made horrible mistake of challenging me on a neutral blog (I hope I'm not presuming too much), imagine ur agony as u rather find urself obligated to think of something to say by way of continuation of this jolly dialectic u were fool enough to start, senile old punk.

    CONCLUSION: Dealer the Wheeler, u may not be "crying urself to sleep," but one must wonder why u decided to commit suicide, so to speak, by challenging mighty Apollonian--and getting duly crushed and shot down so ingloriously. Now if only I can contrive to similarly trap that hereticalist scum, "Fr. John." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  7. Hey, I see that you like and link to the website The Ocidental Observer...however, have you heard of The Occidental Quarterly Online?

    If not, check it out and link to that site too -

  8. Apollonian is harmless. You'll get over the antipathy.

    Andrea, if I knew your e-mail address, I'd ask you to dinner.

    BTW I'm in Newburgh.

  9. Wheeler,

    You can get her email from her Google group. Look in the blogger profile.

    Death to the elections and free Fed.