Saturday, December 19, 2009

Adolf Hitler, not the Frankfurt School, Was the Real Cause of Downfall of the White Right.

There is a prevailing view among the antisemitic and some of the counter-Jewite Right that the decline and dissipation of the white race and Western culture are the invariable result of the influence of the Frankfurt School. Some even argue that the Frankfurt variation of Marxism ultimately did more damage than hardline Marxism ever did. If the main school of Marxism called for violent revolution and overthrow of the capitalist/conservative order–and thus could be countered and fought against as a dangerous enemy–, members of the Frankfurt School appeared on the scene as respectable, balanced, and judicious scholars. They rode inside the Trojan Horse of bourgeois respectability. For their heterodoxy, they were denounced and distrusted by dogmatic and statist leftists AND admired and respected by the educated/progressive capitalist class with intellectual aspirations. Had Frankfurters called for an outright assault on the Free West, they would have been identified and targeted as hardline radicals. But, they arrived on American shores as free-thinking intellectuals interested mainly in academic matters. Therefore, they were not met with the same suspicion as men like Lenin or Trotsky had been in pre-revolutionary Russia. Frankurters didn’t lead the masses to overthrow the government; indeed, they even admitted that possibility of violent revolution has either passed or was undesirable. Instead of playing the ardent warrior out to attack your body, the Frankfurt School played the doctor wanting to diagnose and cure you. For this reason, many members of the American intellectual elite were seduced by their observations, ideas, and proposals. White Americans failed to understand that the analysis and medicine being prescribed by the Frankfurters were really a form of poison. In this sense, the Frankfurters didn’t destroyl White America as an EXTERNAL enemy but as an INTERNAL agent. This isn’t to say that the Frankfurters consciously knew what they were doing. For all we know, they might have been sincere in their conviction in the progress and advancement of mankind. Even so, the Frankfurters couldn’t have failed to notice that they were working deceptively on some level.
The great deviousness of the Frankfurters’ achievement was that they didn’t need hard weapons to kill White America. No, they used the soft weapon of intellectualism to convince White America to either lay down its weapon or feel too paralyzed to use it. Thus, the Frankfurter School made white Americans PSYCHOLOGICALLY and MORALLY defenseless against the rising assault by blacks, illegal aliens, decadence, degeneration, and crime. White Americans had the material means to work and fight for their interests, but they became mentally and ‘spiritually’ unwilling to act lest such action be deemed ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ or whatever. In Godfather II, Michael recounts what his father said: "Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer." Frankfurters, in the long run, accomplished more than hardline Marxists because their ‘respectability’, ‘academic intellectualism’, and ‘moderate’ radicalism disarmed white Americans who might have otherwise not trusted them.
In a way, one could argue that the Obama presidency is the ultimate product of the Frankfurt influence. Obama is a student of Alinsky-ism. Alinsky was a Marxist who argued that the only way radicalism had a chance of transforming society was by posing as a moderate and even patriotic middle class movement. Obama has been able to rise so high so fast because so many American institutions have become penetrated and dominated by Trojan Horse leftists and radicals.
Even so, it would be simple-minded to scapegoat the Frankfurters as the MAIN culprit of what went so wrong in white America and Western society. Frankfurters wouldn’t have had such an attentive and willing audience if it weren’t for what happened in WWII. Frankfurters and the Left in general earned tremendous moral capital and advantage over the Right because of the massive crimes of Nazism. Therefore, it must be understood that the main force that opened the gates to the Frankfurt Trojan Horse was none other than Adolf Hitler and his vile crimes against humanity. To be sure, even without the rise of Nazis or WWII, there would have been a powerful and influential radical Left as many leftists tended to be first rank intellectuals and were well-funded, especially by successful Jews and progressive WASP types. But, what really gave the Left an overwhelming ideological and moral advantage was WWII instigated by none other than Adolf Hitler. Why and how did this happen? Let us consider how Hitler unwittingly did the greatest favor to the Left.
By intimidating, bullying, conquering, humiliating, enslaving, and killing millions of white Europeans, Hitler undermined the appeal of the Right. This is all the more tragic considering that many European victims of Hitler were actually rightists or nationalists. Most of the Resistance in Poland belonged to the Polish Right–and were even accused of ‘antisemitism.’ When Mussolini stupidly attacked Greece, it was ruled by a right-wing regime sympathetic and admiring of National Socialist Germany. Tragically, Hitler was never for white or European power but only for "Aryan" power. Non-Aryan whites were seen as less noble, even less human. In time, even right-wing elements in nations under German rule came to hate the Germans. Northern Italy under German occupation was overwhelmingly anti-German. Even in fellow ‘Aryan nations’ under German occupation, people were none too happy as people generally don’t like to be ruled by a foreign power. Thus, Holland, Norway, and Denmark had little love for Nazi Germany. Finland was pro-German, but this had more to do with their troubles with the Soviet Union.
At any rate, the GREATEST Nazi crimes against whites took place in the USSR. Though many Soviet peoples initially greeted German invaders as liberators, it was soon apparent that Germans hadn’t come to free but to enslave and kill people even worse than the communists had. Communists had been arch-hypocrites in regions like the Ukraine, where they preached justice and equality but forcibly starved millions to death. Even so, there was nothing in the communist ideology that said entire peoples were less-than-human and should permanently turned into human cattle. But, this was precisely the ideology of Hitlerism where certain peoples were nto even to be treated as human–even if they were white or European. Though Hitler hated communism and hoped to wipe it off the map, it was for all the wrong reasons. It didn’t upset or sadden Hitler that communism has killed millions of Ukrainians or Russians. He couldn’t have cared less. The only communist mass-killings or deportation he really despaired over was the fate of Volga and Baltic Germans. Hitler hated communism because it meant Jewish power or an imperial power to rival that of Germany. He also saw communism as transforming Russia into a mighty industrial power, thus difficult to conquer at a future date for the sake of German lebensraum. Hitler had little MORAL justification for hating communism. WWII brought out the worst in the German people and their allies. They went into the Soviet Union and committed crimes so unspeakable and massive that whatever moral rationale for Nazism vanished–except to psychotic hardline Nazis and those getting all their info from German propaganda
Stalin and the Russians, who had welcomed the prospect for a long and peaceful partnership with Germany, turned their entire energy and resources toward not only fighting back but utterly destroying Nazi Germany and the ideology of fascism. Prior to the German invasion of Russia, it was almost as if the Right had it all. Most European nations were either rightist, right-leaning, or neutral. Even the communist USSR had come aboard, diplomatically and economically if not ideologically. Also, most Americans prior to Pearl Harbor had no desire to enter the war on the side of UK. Prior to 1939, many people around the world–even on the left–admired what National Socialism had done for Germany in terms of economic recovery and national pride. Also, despite horrible crimes committed by Germans in Poland in 1939, Nazi mass murder in the USSR and the Holocaust had not happened. Also, because of the Nazi-Soviet pact, leftists around the world were pressured by Moscow to oppose ‘war-mongering’. Indeed, many progressives in the US toed the Moscow line and smeared FDR and Churchill as craven, capitalist-imperialist war-mongers hellbent on instigating a bloodbath in Europe. Had Hitler maintained the peace between Germany and the USSR, most of the world would have been either with him, neutral, or accommodating. In this political climate, how far could the Frankfurt School have gone with their influence? If Germany hadn’t invaded the USSR–and convinced the world that the fall of the USSR was imminent–, would Japan have attacked Pearl Harbor? Would Germany have declared war on the US? No and no. Japanese were emboldened by Germany’s lightening victories in Russia. Japanese were convinced that the Nazi Empire would stretch from Europe all the way across Siberia. Japan felt SAFE and SECURE as an ally of Germany. Japan thought that US would be intimidated if attacked by a close ally of Germany.
But, Hitler’s massive gamble didn’t pan out. Soon, Germans were sinking into a quagmire in summer and getting buried with snow in winter. Japan’s attack on US and the subsequent German declaration of war on the US finally turned majority opinion in the US for war and against fascism and rightism. Eventually, US and USSR became allies and won the war, and a GRAND NARRATIVE was developed in both countries of a noble war against total evil of the radical right. Russians called it THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR and Americans called it THE GOOD WAR. It was in this climate that the Frankfurters gained much ideological and moral capital. Not only did Germany lose but its massive crimes were exposed for all the world to see. Soviet Union and communism got a huge boost in Europe for having defeated the great evil of Nazism, and for awhile–especially in Western intellectual circles–, it was conveniently forgotten or ignored that communism too had been a massive criminal enterprise. As so many nations had been invaded or traumatized by the Germans, the era of Nazi Germany came to seen as the darkest chapter in human history. Of course, there were good many collaborators in Nazi occupied nations, and that too became a reason to bash everything associated with Germany, fascism or Nazism. The French, for example, had collaborated more than most, and therefore created the myth of the Resistance in the post-war era to assuage and even bury their guilt.
The fact that the horrible crimes of Nazism were predicated on racial ideology also gave the Left an easy opportunity to smear ALL ideas about race as ‘racist’ and evil. Since racism got equated with the Holocaust, it became impossible to discuss the reality of race or racial differences even in purely academic settings. And since Western Imperialism still dominated much of the world when WWII died, all European peoples became smeared with the sin of ‘racism’. The crimes of Nazism and their political/moral significance made it ever more difficult for whites to argue for maintaining their power and way of life around the world. Thus, Afrikaners in South Africa were accused of something akin to Nazism since Apartheid took race into account in politics and governance. Since racial ideology had been ‘discredited’ by Nazi crimes, everyone had to agree with the fiction that ‘all races are equal’. And, Europe and US were pressured to get rid of race-based immigration since that too was ‘racist’ and Nazi-like.
There would have been a Frankfurt school in exile even if Hitler had maintained peace with the USSR, but its influence couldn’t have gone very far. Jews earned tremendous moral capital because of the Holocaust. It was the Holocaust which turned every Jew into an automatic saint and immune to criticism. (The Holocaust also gave the Jews a special right among ‘Western nations’ to set up a nation-state based on racial ideology). It was the Holocaust which armed Jews and their allies with the ammo to shoot down any critic of Jewish power as an ‘antisemitic crypto-Nazi’. It was the Holocaust which made conservatives and rightists everywhere so slavish and sensitive to Jewish interests as though a conservative is morally suspect UNLESS he proves himself 100% free of any ‘antisemitic’ feelings.
Prior to the Holocaust, there was no great stigma attached to criticism of Jewish power, influence, or ideology. Indeed, it was as acceptable to criticize Jewish power back then as it’s acceptable for us today to criticize Arab, Muslim, Chinese, Hindu, Christian, Russian, Turkish, or French power, character, values, influence, etc. Without WWII and the Holocaust, we could all be freely and openly criticizing Jewish power without being threatened with blacklists and censorship.
It’s very possible that even without WWII and the Holocaust, Jewish power would have rose to great heights, especially in the US. After all, Jews are very smart and creative. But, we would have greater leeway to SPEAK TRUTH TO (Jewish)POWER than cowering before them with fear lest we be associated with Nazis and their crimes.
The Frankfurt School devised its own ideological concepts, BUT it was the radical right which served it with the MORAL advantage. Just as Soviet communist repression came to discredit the radical left in Eastern Bloc nations in the postwar era, Nazi crimes came to discredit the radical right around the world. Not only did the radical right in Germany invade and oppress people in Eastern Europe but it sided with Japan and encouraged it to attack the US.
Of course, Hitler had committed major crimes prior to the invasion of USSR and the Holocaust, but he had moral cover and international support for some of them. Also, the crimes had been balanced by real achievements. After all, Austrians had wanted to merge with Germany. As Sudetenland was majority German, there was a half-decent rationale for its annexation by Germany. Hitler’s taking of the Czech nation had no moral justification, but the major powers had grudgingly accepted it as fait accompli, thus serving as accomplices to the crime. There had been numerous vicious and despicable attacks on the Jewish, but prior to the Holocaust, it couldn’t be said that German treatment of Jews was markedly worse than how Americans treated blacks or Chinese or how the British or the French treated their subjects in their vast empires. The invasion of Poland was utterly evil, but as Hitler had brought in Stalin as a willing partner, the Left couldn’t squeeze any moral superiority out of that stone. Germans invaded France, but France had declared war on Germany, not the other way around. So, until the German invasion against the USSR, Hitler couldn’t be seen as particularly worse than other leaders around the world. And, the ‘crimes’ of Germans up to that time were no worse than the ‘crimes’ of others. Who were the Americans, who practiced legal racial discrimination, to preach to Germans about the evils of white supremacism? And prior to the German invasion of the USSR, the communists had killed many more people than the Germans had–and many commie Jews had been complicit in these mass murders. Across Europe, there was a vibrant and confident intellectual right to do battle with the intellectual left.
It all went to pot when Hitler invaded the USSR with an agenda to wipe out tens of millions of Russians and reduce the rest to a permanent race of helots to serve German masters. Though Hitler and Himmler ultimately failed, millions of Russians and others got enough of a taste of Nazism to see it as an evil that it was. And, then there was the Holocaust, a truly monstrous form of genocide. Communists had killed millions but hadn’t devised a plan to wipe out an entire race in the most heinous ways. The Holocaust made racial policies and oppression in other parts of the world seem like a picnic by comparison. Finally, the Nazis lost, and thus all their crimes got to see the light of day.
So, the real culprit for the fall of the Right and the rise of the Jewish Left was none other than the radical rightism of Adolf Hitler. The habit on the white right is to feign amnesia and blame EVERYTHING on the Frankfurt School for the decline of white power in the US and Europe. This is disingenuous, cowardly, and pitiful. Such white rightists are no better than black power idiots who blame all problems in the black community on whites, Jews, Arabs, Asians, Mexicans, etc.
This isn’t in any way to let the Frankfurters off the hook. It is only a way to put their ideas in proper historical context and understand why the white right became so reluctant or afraid to boldly take on Jewish power. Criticism of Jewish power became associated with the vile crimes of the Nazis. Guilt-by-association may be unfair but has always been a powerful psychological reality.
If anyone should know this, it is the Christian West which maintained moral superiority over the Jews on the notion that the Jews killed the Son of God. Jewish association with the murder of Jesus filled the Christian West with the moral ammo to target Jews, distrust Jews, attack Jews, isolate Jews, etc. In the first half of the 20th century, the rise of Jewish power and Jewish role in communism gave the white right even more ‘moral’ justification to take on Jewish power. Prior to the ghastly Holocaust, Jews had no special moral privilege over the whites. Indeed, many Jews joined in the criticism of Jewish power on both the left and right. Though communism did get tagged with Jewishness, Karl Marx hated capitalist Jews and the power of finance. And, many secular Jews despised traditional and tribal religious Judaism. Not all Jews felt a compulsion to ‘stick together’, and one of their favorite sports was Jewish self-loathing. Sigmund Freud didn’t only diagnose the presumed psychological maladies of gentile society but of the Jewish society. Most Jews were not even interested in Zionism and sought to assimilate into Western society. True, there were many radical and vile elements among the Jews, and they had to be countered. But, they were being healthily countered prior to the rise of Nazism whose antisemitism was so excessive and deranged that it gave any opposition to Jewish power a bad name. (Similarly, the drunken, clownish, and bullying excesses of Joe McCarthy gave the noble cause of anti-communism as bad name.)
Today, Muslims are causing lots of problems in Europe, and there are many courageous critics of rising Muslim power and demands. Despite PC, why is it acceptable for Europeans and Americans to criticize Muslim power and peoples in the way they aren’t allowed to criticize Jewish power and people? Because the West never committed mass genocide against the Muslims. But, if whites were to kill 6 million Muslims in genocidal madness, they would lose the moral justification or rationale to criticize Muslims as well. It is the BURDEN OF GUILT in a free conscientious society. Collective guilt isn’t rational but it is politically powerful and is used by all peoples. Even today, we guilt-bait the Japanese for having attacked Pearl Harbor. If the deaths of 3000 US military men has become so symbolically, nationally, and morally important to us, then just consider the significance of a genocide where 4-6 million Jews were indiscriminately killed in a few years.
Of course, Jews are not without modern political sin. In the USSR, they committed comparable if not equivalent crimes during the Leninist-Stalinist era. It is a shame that no one talks about hunting for Jewish communist mass murderers. It’s a shame that most people don’t know about the special role played by Jews in the ‘Russian’ Revolution. It’s a shame that so many Jews in the Free West aided and abetted the brutal and murderous regime in the USSR. This is partly due to the intellectual and media domination by the Jews in the West, but there’s another reason. Again, it’s the crimes of Nazism–WWII and the Holocaust. Because the Holocaust has become such a worldwide religion, few people dare to even open their mouths about the Jewish role in communism. Indeed, the only respectable scholars who dare discuss aspects of Jewish role in communism are Jews themselves. Being Jews, they have cover for their historical inquiry.
But, there is another problem. On the white right, many who discuss the Jewish role in communism tend to be Holocaust Deniers or Holocaust Revisionists of the Whackjob School. History is nothing without revisionism, but a lot of Holocaust Revisionism smells like Holocaust Denial through the backdoor. There have been honorable and decent men like Robert Conquest who detailed the mass killings of communism in the name of telling the truth. Sadly, many on the white right discuss the evils of communism with ONLY ONE PURPOSE in mind: To make Jews look bad and Nazis look good. They have no real sympathy for the victims of communism; after all, they are apologists for the Nazi invasion of the USSR and mass crimes committed by the SS. Their moral outrage about communism is utterly bogus, like the Nazi expression of shock and disgust over what Stalin’s henchmen did at Katyn. Nazis were doing the same thing in Poland and made a big stink about Katyn ONLY to delegitimize the USSR than out of any sympathy to the Polish people.
Finally, there is one thing to learn from the Frankfurt School. They had the courage to admit to the failures of communism, criticized the failure and illusions of the left, and creatively sought to forge a new set of principles and ideas that would better understand society and its problems. We may disagree with their diagnosis and proposals, their method of critiquing and reformulating the left in order to take on the right offers lessons to everyone. Frankfurters salvaged, redeemed, and retooled Marxism than sticking to old dogma. We need a critical and creative right that doesn’t doggedly cling to Old School fascism but finds ways to revise and retool it for the future fight.


  1. I agree with your main point, i.e. the idea that Nazism is the reason why the racialist/nationalist Right has been discredited in Europe and America.

    However, I disagree with your opinion that "Jewish power" is a huge problem that has to be fought against.

    You're saying:
    "Today, Muslims are causing lots of problems in Europe, and there are many courageous critics of rising Muslim power and demands. Despite PC, why is it acceptable for Europeans and Americans to criticize Muslim power and peoples in the way they aren’t allowed to criticize Jewish power and people?"

    It doesn't appear to be "acceptable" (in the eyes of the media and the political elite) for Europeans and Americans to criticize Muslim power and demands. Anybody who criticizes Islam is labelled "islamophobic" and a racist (even though Islam is not a race but a religion).

  2. There are also a couple of factual errors I would like to see corrected in your article:

    1.) You write: "Even in fellow ‘Aryan nations’ under German occupation, people were none too happy as people generally don’t like to be ruled by a foreign power. Thus, Holland, Norway, and Denmark had little love for Nazi Germany. Finland was pro-German, but this had more to do with their troubles with the Soviet Union."

    The reason why Finland was pro-German was that Finland was never occupied by Germany. Finland was allied with Germany in the same way as Britain was allied with America. Therefore, the Finns had a positive attitude toward Germany for the same reason why the British had a positive attitude toward America.

    You neglect to mention the fact that Finland was not an occupied country like Denmark and Norway and Holland. Life in Finland was totally different from life in the occupied countries.

    Finland was politically similar to Britain and America whereas the German-occupied countries were ruled by authoritarian dictatorial regimes.

    Finland was politically independent and was not economically exploited by Germany, whereas the German-occupied countries were run as German colonies and were not only politically subjugated but also economically ruthlessly exploited through a combination of extra taxes to support the German war machine and artificially low currency exchange rates to subsidise German purchases in the occupied countries at the expense of the taxpayers in the countries in question. The cumulative total of this economic exploitation reached about 1000 billion euros according to calculations published in Götz Aly's book Hitlers Volkstaat: Raub, Rassenkrieg und nazionaler Sozialismus.

  3. 2.) You write: "If Germany hadn’t invaded the USSR–and convinced the world that the fall of the USSR was imminent–, would Japan have attacked Pearl Harbor? Would Germany have declared war on the US? No and no. Japanese were emboldened by Germany’s lightening victories in Russia. Japanese were convinced that the Nazi Empire would stretch from Europe all the way across Siberia. Japan felt SAFE and SECURE as an ally of Germany. Japan thought that US would be intimidated if attacked by a close ally of Germany."

    This is certainly not true. Japan attacked Pearl Harbour because of the threat of an American military intervention to stop Japan's conquest of China and Southeast Asia, and because of the oil embargo on Japan. Germany played no role in this. Japan never expected Germany to conquer Siberia.

    Germany declared war on America because America had been supporting Britain for quite some time. This means that America had de facto been involved in the war against Germany long before the de jure declaration of war on America by Germany.

    The reason for the de jure declaration of war was to make it legitimate according to international law for Germany to attack American ships bringing weapons and other supplies to Britain.

    America could have avoided the war with Japan by not threatening to intervene in the war in China, and America could have avoided the war with Germany by not giving military aid to Britain against Germany (see Lend & Lease Act).